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  1. 44? Care to explain? Not 48, not 12, but 44? I would have to store them in the basement and then, would never use them! And we can't fit 44 people in the house - especially not sitting down with a "hot" dish! www.nybiteclub.com. we cook for lots of people regularly.. Thanks.
  2. This is on Rue La La today - if anyone needs an invite to join, send me your email: Staub Ceramic 2pc 7oz Mini Round Cocotte Set was $36.99 now $24.90 These appear to have coated pot knobs, not metallic like the ones Daniel shows above. In case that makes a difference. $9.95 shipping for all items ordered within 30 days. If I understand that right.
  3. 44? Care to explain? Not 48, not 12, but 44? I would have to store them in the basement and then, would never use them! And we can't fit 44 people in the house - especially not sitting down with a "hot" dish!
  4. My friends (at least two households that I can think of) have gas tankless water heaters that heat not only two bathrooms, kitchen, washer, but also in-floor heat! We don't have your temperature lows and rarely lose power. I looked into it, but my house is all electric and an electric version does not cut the mustard except as an inline heater for an individual space (like if you added a bathroom to the far end of the house and didn't want to run a long line from an existing water heater.) I think both houses had specialists help design their systems and then did much of the work themselve
  5. A friend of mine owned a Mini Cooper for close to a decade and.... Well, I'll use his own words: They come in 4-door versions now. Ack! My ex-neighbor bought one about 10 years ago - saw her driving it last month, still looking very happy. I was surprised by how roomy it felt when she took me for a ride.
  6. Those are crude attempts at the artistry shown in Sicily. I'm sorry to say I did not take pictures. I mean, those tangerines, you'd want to pick off the fine white strings, and check for soft spots! Really took some close examination to decide what was marzipan.
  7. I did not eat any of the marzipan though we were intrigued by some that looked like partially peeled tangerines. Some pretty spectacular work with that stuff. I did get one bar of Torrone Siciliano Classico by Torroncini della Madonie Fiasconaro. Many bars of chocolate from Bonajuto and other Modica purveyors. Some Croccantino al Pistacchio. A big bag of Bronte pistacchios too - those are almost gone.
  8. While we were gone, someone stole the change (ash) tray out of my car, along with the handful of dimes and pennies. They missed the other compartment of quarters. They also took my Dad's broken cheap watch that I hadn't tossed yet. Thankfully, no broken windows. I can't imagine the car was unlocked - how'd they do that?
  9. We're back. And we had a very good time. Biggest problem was a re-route on the Seattle-Amsterdam leg through Detroit due to a navigation backup system failure. We lost a day of the trip and were "stranded" overnight in Amsterdam - put up by the airline and fed, but completely dotty. Also, one bus on island never came and we waited 3 hours for the next one; the rest were prompt and efficient. Not as nice as Mexico though. All breakfasts were included in B&B - some in house, some at a nearby bar. I prefer the nearby bar as the espresso tends to be better and the options (sometimes for a
  10. Ragusan DOC - anyone seen it in the USA? Fresh ricotta baked and then cut up and sprinkled with EVOO, oregano, and smashed garlic.
  11. booking.com worked very well. Not necessarily deeply discounted, but no problems either.
  12. We went last Saturday and the place was packed. Glad we had reservations. Salad cheese was azul p.... something, and there were pistachios too. But it took 45 minutes to be delivered! We had the porchetta and the scallops, along with a side of cauliflower. A bit on the salty side all around for the hot food. Bittersweet chocolate torte for dessert. No drinks and we were there just over 2 hours. That's a lot of time these days.
  13. I'm not sure if we run away from the dinner itself or the probability that dinner means making nice nice with relatives, friends, or strangers. But once again, no T-day around this house.
  14. Yes, I am a little afraid of that - but had Taormina and Etna in mind. We can move along if we find it uninteresting.
  15. We will spend approximately 3 nights in each city. I realize the distances between Catania, Siracusa, and Ragusa are not far, but I think the locales will have enough variation to make it interesting. We will be staying at nicer B&B's in each city. I take it, it is blood orange season! I have been reading about lemons quite a bit and wondered if citrus would play a big role at this time of the year. Unfortunately, we won't be spending time in the Nebrodi and Madonie areas - is black boar available in Ragusa as well? And what is the appeal of almond milk as a beverage? Is Ristorant
  16. Wrong assumption oh Chambolle. We will travel by train or autobus to other parts of Sicily including Catania, Siracuse, and Ragusa. Perhaps day trips from these locations to other towns as well. When I originally posted, I did not have that much of an itinerary, now I do, so I don't need to hear that we must go to Trapani, Marsala, and the Aeolian Islands. And of course, Agrigento (we may.) We are not fancy eaters - I am no longer able to eat multicourse meals and sadly, even wine is taken in minimal amounts. I just read that the alcohol consumption in Sicily is lowest in Italy, despite t
  17. I've heard about spleen - I doubt I will try it, but M may. Last year we were in Mexico and the mercados - can't imagine markets any more real! So, the ankle supporting hiking boots might be a good idea for Sicily, even if we stick to the more urban areas? I left them home for Mexico - Central Highlands, but urban areas only - and was fine.
  18. Well, it's going to happen, second half of this month. All I know is we are flying in and out of Palermo (some day I will get the hang of returning from another city. Maybe not.) We've got Lonely Planet and the internet. The two recent NY Times pieces (Addiopizzo article and Almond Granita sidebar). No car. Nope, not doing it. Had a line on a private tour guide, but that would double the cost of the trip, so we'll take it slow and easy and miss a lot. Recommendations welcome.
  19. My Dad retired at 63, 69, and again at 74. He's 92. I've got good genes - or so his doctor told me last week.
  20. you're not a vegan, are you? Vegan shoe store in my old neighborhood. Funny thing, they also sell chocolate. Some appear to be milk chocolates, but I think not. Oh yeah, I want to see this movie.
  21. Best present a godmother could offer. But did you light the tp on fire or something?
  22. Was about to hit the buy button last night for some plane tickets. When I moved to the next screen, the prices jumped substantially. Just after 9 pm here meant it was now Thursday on the East Coast. Ouch. Thought it couldn't be worse today, but it is much worse price wise - and my favored route is gone. Bite the bullet and pay too much or wait to go another week or two? (Is this when complaining is really bragging?) Very annoyed.
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