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    Top Chef

    How'd I miss that? And yes, couldn't imagine Colin making it far.
  2. Ghostie and Rail Paul - Phew! Glad to hear from both of you and not too much worse for the the storm. We've got a rainstorm coming down with wind attached. I assume some in the area will lose power tonight - hoping not us.
  3. A true gentleman. Wishing him great success with the new hip.
  4. The first to go were the mini bags of seasoned broad beans from Jing Jing market. I don't think they knew what they chose - the bags just looked different from everything else. The rest were standard mini bars.
  5. At any time did everyone come out of the kitchen for introductions of all the staff, describe where each morsel of food was grown, and tell you which house made products were available for sale? I hope the seats were comfortable?
  6. tsquare


    Pork belly in a pretty brown gravy (I saw Tamarind paste go into the marinade, no idea what else), pilaf made with brown rice, vermicelli, panch phoron, and ?, just cooked carrots - super sweet local ones. And lots of interruptions to hand out candy. We got hit hard. There was a private haunted house/block two streets away.
  7. That means you can say hi to my friend. She lives in SF and has been trying to live tweet a bunch of it. She even went to Oakland. And Wisconsin last winter.
  8. Raining at a 45 degree angle, in bright sunlight, so of course, a bright rainbow to the east. 50ish. Some really pretty leaves, especially blueberries and Katsuras.
  9. My girl. Even if I am not "that girl". I don't think there was one piece I could wear. Still, I was surprised after she choked so badly during their weeks away.
  10. Okay you two - haven't I taught you anything? Stay away from those places. Don't expect the music on the headphones to sound like much (and no, it doesn't block out the weird banging noises the machine makes, nor does it soothe you.) And get over whatever ails you, please.
  11. I had to play. Restaurant Zoe, currently closed because they are moving. Given 1 star. (I am a big fan of this place, right from the start and through my last meal there.) Gotta love the fine use of language, spell check, and well, are they saying the squab and the pork belly tasted alike?
  12. tsquare


    It was lunch, but late enough to count as supper: Chicken nuggets (brined chicken, coated in panko) with tonkatsu sauce. Nori seasoned skinny fries with wasabi mayo An excellent chocolate shake (the remains were still good from the fridge late last night.) Okay, that was eaten out - Katsu Burger. M had the port katsu burger with bacon and cheddar. Just kind of sounded like similar wavelength.
  13. Somewhere, anywhere. We need to run away for about two weeks. And soon. But someplace easy. Not Hawaii, that's what everyone suggests.
  14. Did you hear about what happened in Ohio this past week?
  15. tsquare


    Funny Daniel - it's not like you look like you might not speak English. Those people are a bunch of toads. They missed out on a great opportunity. I'm glad you've found some good company to dine with. Now, about the celery dish...I always thought celery was a Western addition as a vegetable, but at a few more authentic Chinese restaurants I've been too in recent years, it played a big part in a number of dishes. Anyone know if it is traditional in a particular region or cuisine?
  16. The church 6 blocks away had a sign board out last night welcoming all to their "Bible Prophecy Seminar". I was wondering if they might have something to say about this. There were a lot of lambs sacrificed for today - it's Lamb Jam in Seattle! I went last year and couldn't do it justice (too much food and wine.)
  17. Or if you ever get sutures in the doc's office, those nice long (6" or 8" I think) tweezer like instruments are quite nice - and while stainless steel, they are considered disposable (too much effort to re-sterilize) and can be taken home for kitchen use. At least my nice surgeon told us to help ourselves on a couple of occasions. Maybe it helped that he works within a hospital. Also have some of the handled snippers - blades are too small anything that I can think of, besides sutures.
  18. tsquare


    Now, not so much wanting to be where you are. You are a good sport.
  19. Oh - slipped right past me! Hope you had fun in Seattle.
  20. You've got two old reliables. Where's the adventure?
  21. Was that housemade cottage cheese or just a good quality version (like Nancy's)? Or plain ol'?
  22. Gluten Free Girl was there for a bloggers conference recently. You could just follow her lead. (Ducking.)
  23. I have a lot of those type mugs as well, as well as a nice set of 4 from Portugal but a gift from someone I somedays want out of my life. I've considered smashing them all to get out frustration some days. Then I could buy new mugs, any I want (or unpack the ones I made 33 years ago that didn't get unpacked in the last move.)
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