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  1. That is so scary! Is your blood pressure back to normal now? I'm glad you are all safe. Yikes! I missed the original post of this and wondered "What fire" late last night when you were talking about the crockpot. Glad you, Mom, and Kitty are safe and not too much damage. Was that an electrical fire or ?
  2. tsquare


    I'm here reading (and drooling) but have no experiences to share.
  3. Tiny bit of a drizzle despite forecast for sunshine. The heater is on even though the house got weatherized over the past two weeks. We are quite a bit more cozy. Some pretty spectacular leaves on the sidewalks and streets, but few trees aflame. Squirrels are still busy, most of the yard is put to bed.
  4. I was tempted by the bag of assorted gory body parts. But they weren't very interesting. I think they were gummy candy shaped like teeth, noses, ears, with scars or something.
  5. M brought home the October/November 2011 issue of Garden & Gun - it's all about Southern Cooking and tons of restaurant recommendations, mostly from chefs. Might be of interest. And who can resist the name of this magazine? Pretty good content as well.
  6. This sounds acceptable. Please send me a pm of how to go about acquiring the key and when said apartment is available for our use, Thanksgiving or Christmas 2011 are proposed. I take it there is no doorman nor private transportation from the airport.
  7. I've pretty much turned the kitchen over to M, so the rounder in the corner base cabinet is a hodgepodge of bags, bottles, boxes, and cans of pasta, rice, beans, canned foods (few) and grains and the upper cupboard to the right of the range is a mix of bottles, jars, and bags of oils, vinegars, spices etc. In days gone by, I would house sit for a few people - really cat sit - but two were on houseboats and one was in a penthouse downtown. No one ever said anything to me, but when I left, they no longer had two of anything open, and all like things were stored together. I always got asked b
  8. tsquare


    Chicken pot pie soup. M made the soup, I made a half recipe of crust that we broke up like crackers in the soup.
  9. Mezcaleria is open and it's delish! The space is really great with a lot of front of the house being given to the bar. Big communal table in the back as well as 2 and 4 tops. Some La Carta menu items are there but lots of new stuff including a smoky goat. and of course a good selections of mezcal. too bad it's not open for lunch as I see this being insanely busy and doubt I'll get in again for months! Oh yay! I was suppose to get invited to the previews. Guess they had plenty of closer friends. (Just an acquaintance.) It took awhile for La Carta to open for lunch - maybe that will h
  10. Thanks. The beans accidentally got scorched. I had nothing to do with that and they were salvageable, but not for me. I had plain rice with a little leftover kao soy gravy. And that ice cream sandwich. Feeling better today.
  11. They are sized for all those jumbo pillow top, fluffy ultimate luxury, comfort "sleep environments". If you have a normal old fashioned mattress, the fitted sheets, aren't.
  12. And Rami just opened another place in West Seattle on California, just North of Admiral. I think the Burien place is family, but not the same owner?
  13. There's a pot of beans in the oven. Rosa de Castillo. Unfortunately, right now they are making me not feel so good. I'm a real pain in the you know with food lately. No to onions and garlic, but not all the time. Maybe I just need an ice cream sandwich.
  14. He is not an indoor cat either. He still likes a little fresh meat - this year it was mostly moles rather than rats. Really, we don't live in a dump, but we do have a small hillside behind us covered in ivy and blackberries.
  15. Ouch. Copious amounts of alcohol, unless you need pain killers too. Try aloe on the scraps - or tea tree solution (not straight!) if you don't go straight for the anti-bacterials.
  16. Yesterday, I'm sitting at my computer and the cat comes into the office. Weirdly, our dryer lives in here too, about 3 feet away from my desk. The big ol' cat is standing next to the dryer and looks towards the food bowl 4 feet away. He falls over. Sits down, stands up, and falls over again. I panic and think he is having a seizure or something. No idea what to do. If I reach out for him, I'm likely to get bit or scratched and I can't risk that. I get close to him and start talking to him to see if he will respond. He sits quietly and turns his head to look at the dryer. I realize he has caugh
  17. Neither does Sears. I purchased a replacement radiant burner for my stove and the ceramic part had cracks. I don't know if that would affect the performance or not, but they sent another one out with an extra layer of bubble wrap and we installed it. The other one sits in a box in the basement. My brother bought a bunch of filing units on line (not sure who from) - some came slightly dinged. They did not want those back either. He sold them on craigslist. What's p-touch tape?
  18. This sounds good (too much $, too much food): Monday November 14th 6PM 3rd Annual Wild Beast Feast at Lark This is our third Wild Beast dinner, we'll be serving a multi course family style feast of wild game! Everything from elk, venison and wild boar to quail, wood pigeon and grouse. Bring your appetite and your own wine, as is our tradition for this dinner, there will be no corkage this evening, raid the cellar (don't forget to send a taste to the kitchen!) and make some new friends. $150 per person includes dinner and tax.
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    Daniel, Is there an illustration in the back of your pantry? I was wondering if pot brownies meant they were cooked in a pot - like a slump or grunt? That might have worked well. Yes, to frozen spinach and artichoke hearts around here as well. Peppers too.
  20. tsquare

    Steve Jobs

    Is no one talking about child labor in China, or that Apple has been notorious in its lack of philanthropy? Any word on Jobs estate? My first Apple product arrived the same time as my cancer dx. Maybe that was the source?
  21. And here I was going to post that you just sound so sane. haha Those would pass for shoes in Seattle. No questions asked. We need to see bunny ears or something if you are going to make a statement.
  22. And here I was going to post that you just sound so sane.
  23. And don't confuse this with Marche on Bainbridge, also to open soon, under the hand, eye, and taste of Greg Atkinson.
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