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  1. Still a great place - and the restaurant folks are flocking there too - how is it they can leave their own places the week before Christmas? So much laughter and warmth. And a butterscotch pudding that is for adults only.
  2. Are they going to be open? (Still can't go.)
  3. That's about the same time my friends got food poisoning there - they won't be eating the salmon there again! But it could have been anywhere or anything really. Years ago, we went to Oliver's at the Mayflower - now Andaluca - it was one of the nicest Thanksgiving dinners I've had. On the other hand, one of the worst was at Charlie's on Broadway, or maybe my own personal hell (food poisoning) at the defunct turkey place on 85th.
  4. And more recently, loved the chicken leg confit (in duck fat) and ricotta dumplings. The smoked chocolate puddin' with graham cracker and homemade marshmallow was swell too.
  5. Quinces are in at Frank's Produce this morning.
  6. In case you are in the market to outfit a kitchen - and want to help raise money for Boomtown: http://www.boomtowncafe.org/btcassetsale.htm
  7. Serious Pie is open around the corner from Dahlia. The pie is good – nicely charred, lightly topped, excellent ingredients. Also, salads, appetizers, and desserts including cannoli, beer and wine. Open 11-11. Tom and Eric were helping cook and finish the pies. Slightly below grade space of heavy beams, little slate wall tiles, wood tables, cushy stools (with backs), and iron details shares space with the bakery ovens. Yes, the bread is back!!!
  8. We went - it was great! Portion sizes on the tasting portions could be upped a bit but what they said about the mini duck burgers was spot on = delicious. I also liked the pork belly with yellow beans. Wine list is short but enough to choose from. I would be interested to hear what, if anything, others have thought. I thought the small portions were generous. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=93115
  9. Bought some lovely fresh pasta at Wallingford's Farmer's Market Wednesday. Vesuvious? They had ravioli along with unfilled.
  10. I've spent too much time there. Try Laguna Beach Eats here: the other place Went back to Tabu this year and it was very good. Also to a hole in the wall mexican place on South Coast Hwy - Aldolfo's Place - where tongue tacos where a big hit, along with whatever it was I ordered. Also, a nice brunch at Clear Creek - but there are better options. Staying at either place you mentioned would be great. They have the most beautiful pool areas. I prefered my meal at the St Regis to my meal at Montage (I had high expectations). Haven't dropped in at the Ritz. Stayed at the Surf and Sand
  11. I'm betting they mentioned Cafe Campagne and the eggs with fois gras sauce for weekend brunch? You could happily enjoy cocktails at Lola, at your hotel - or maybe go to The Pink Door and sit on the deck. Union for dinner?
  12. Paella on the Plaza 5:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. Join us for a festive gathering with authentic Paella from the Paella King, who will be dazzling us with perhaps the biggest Paella Seattle has ever seen. A fiesta-in-a-pan of rice, beans, vegetables, saffron, chicken, chorizo and shellfish with a selection of delicious Spanish wines from Classical Wines from Spain plus a sampling of cheeses from Spain! Tickets on sale now: $20.00 in advance, $25.00 day of the event. Reserve early as space is limited. For more information contact: The Cheese Cellar 100 4th Ave North #150 Seattle, W
  13. Geraldine's in Columbia City. Lola's
  14. What did you think of the antipasta platter from Ethan? That one meat was kind of stringy and strong. Also, he might be accused of marjoram abuse, no?
  15. I had to register to disagree here. I don't know about Zoey's (the catering company) but Kouzina's was seriously a bad experience. Heartfelt, but amateur in a bad way. Dinners arrive one or two at a time. Burned potatoes, canned beets complete with ruffle cuts, dry lamb shank and souvlaki, rubbery, tepid shrimp, undrinkable coffee. One of the few times I have apologized to my tablemates for suggesting a restaurant. Everything was also underseasoned, including a lack of salt. They actually offer field roast for vegan versions of some dishes. "Would you like veal or vegan?" The wine was fine
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