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  1. I'm not opening anything labeled "viral". Ends right there for me.
  2. Wish I wasn't booked (and tired): Arcade Lights Friday night, after hours at Pike Place Market - benefits the Market Foundation.
  3. tsquare

    Steve Jobs

    Pancreatic cancer in 2004? He did pretty well. That's a tough one.
  4. I'm not sure why I didn't think of Costa Rica for this trip. Thanks for jogging my brain. If we do go there, maybe I could stop into our facility there for a few hours and expense part of my trip. Just last week had an offer for some discounted nights at either or both of Coppola's places in CR Belize. We stayed at the sister place in Guatemala (2006) and it was very nice, but not ritzy. Okay, now I see they have a place in New Orleans too. Must investigate (30 day minimum, too bad).
  5. There are two men spending three days in my house sealing ductwork, blowing insulation into the correct places (so far), and replacing my bathroom fan to one that is quieter and works better. Thank you feds and the city.
  6. Wow, looks like a Mexican autumn. Queen Anne, Fremont (times two?) Wallingford.
  7. tsquare

    Bert Jansch

    Time to plug in the record player and get out my Pentangle LP.
  8. You makin' fun of my language skilz?
  9. The edits of him actually smiling and happy rather than grumbling and mean really helped. But was the disco top really something anyone liked besides the judges? I did not get that.
  10. Very nice - is "we" your school or another organized group of good souls?
  11. I'm so old I was in the audience of the "TV talent show" that brought Sly and Family to some prominance. We were there to cheer on some friends, more in the Peter, Paul, and Mary style and we thought they got robbed. When Sly and company came out, half an audience of new people came in to cheer, and then left after their performance. It was rigged. I don't think our acquaintances were heard from again - back to their day jobs. Wish I could recall the name of the show or the year. Must have been pre-'68?
  12. crazy like a fox. do you know how expensive ciggys are now Probably worth a lot in trade at the home. Like in jail. Or so I am told.
  13. Rainstorm, windstorm, tomatoes have ripened, plums have been picked. Heater went on a few nights ago. Mid 60's during the day, 50 at night. Trees are starting to color. But we still have earthquakes and horrible consensus politics.
  14. And you can taste some goodies from nightscotsman: The Book Larder is opening October 12 and here is the first line up of guest authors.
  15. oh yes, rice crisps are in the ingredients - missed that twice! Between my rate of speed and the US post office, that package likely won't arrive until after those blood tests.
  16. I was trying to think how Top Pot, Frost, and Mighty-O donuts would travel! So no Theo chocolate bars for you either? BTW - Wunderbars? That may the one I find myself craving. I wunder how they make that crunch?
  17. Frito restaurant in Disneyland, circa 1966 (probably there from the start) - you bought your chili and then had the mechanical bandito throw you a bag of chips. Not sure I ever ate the chili. Anyone else remember that part of Frontier World?
  18. Oh, sorry, I meant, that I like them a lot (and really hope they don't become a craving!) - but really, I can't think of anything to compare to them to. Definitely far tastier than Tootsie Rolls, and easier on my teeth! I like that they are not too sweet because they have such a high peanut ratio. Of course, I have not tried every candy on the market, so I may be missing something similar.
  19. Doesn't everyone? How else will they stay all neat and tidy? (the artichoke leaves that is?)
  20. Sweet package of Canadian candy bars arrived by post. Coffee Crunch makes a good breakfast starter. Eat-More is truly unlike anything I've seen or tried. Thank you!
  21. I had an acquaintance do a cross country trip via Amtrak this spring/summer - 7 weeks. His only serious complaints? The 12 hour lay-over in Buffalo that had an added multi-hour departure delay, and his night in Grand Forks. He found the people unfriendly and the city uninspiring. He renamed it "not so grand forks".
  22. Skirt steak marinating - hoping M will grill it so I don't have to smoke up the house. Watermelon/tomato salad is likely.
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