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  1. Powdered sugar works too (especially with sour cream)
  2. Cooking a Fossil Farms pork chop in one of my Mauviel shortly. I love it. Never tried it on induction. But it works great on a gas cooktop.
  3. Oatly is my backup when Califia Farms (the original version) is out of stock. And that is not an infrequent occurrence.
  4. I have a friend in Vancouver who did it almost for free by signing up for a rewards credit card with no fee for the first year (Delta gold card I think). Lots of credit card companies and airlines are offering bonuses for spending various amounts for new users during a set time. And lots of airlines have their award tickets going for less miles than usual. You can check the offers out on Nerdwallet.com
  5. In this mornings emails: The Willows Inn 2579 West Shore Drive Lummi Island, WA 98262 Phone: (360) 758-2620 Toll Free: (888) 294-2620 Email: info@willows-inn.com We are so saddened by the stories from our former staff that were published by the NYT last week. It has been extremely difficu
  6. I have to say being in NOLA for almost a week, and now Tuscaloosa has been very interesting. Two meals (lunch and dinner) each day, consumed in restaurants. The restaurants are very serious about following the local COVID rules/restrictions. Especially masking when moving around the restaurant. The patrons, not so much. But most comply without argument (eyerolls excepted). On the streets is a whole different matter. Many, many without masks-even though the are mandated. Have to say had I not had both shots + 14 days, I would have been uncomfortable in NOLA on the streets. I expected Birmingham
  7. Evelyn


    I am a huge fan of the BAT, or BAAT (bacon, avocado, arugula and tomato. Many arguments with the SO about having to have iceberg lettuce 🙄
  8. Currently in NOLA for the Zurich Classic. It is SO quiet in the FQ. Reminds me of being here about a year after Katrina in a lot of ways. Obviously no physical damage. But remnants of the eerie quiet at night. And lots of empty store fronts. But, all that said-from talking with friends in the bar and restaurant worlds, there is the start of a recovery. It is very slow. But getting better.
  9. I wonder how many nonstick pans he destroys each year using the metal forks for omelets...
  10. Yes, it's the tower where the Wine Angels fetch the bottles.
  11. No surgery, no hospital stay, no anesthesia (except self administered stress/pain reliever 😉)...all things considered sounds like a W to me!
  12. So, what did you do to the finger to end up needing the lancing?
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