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  1. Gotta love it when a flight attendant says to you you as you are boarding your flight "wow, you look really tired" 😡. Bad news was, she was absolutely correct 😞.
  2. I kind of chatted my way into making my own menu from the tasting menus. They like the surprise thing. I explained I didn't. So My waiter and I came to an understanding, which did involve supplements for some dishes. Another note re Partage. They rented the space next door. And are opening Grand Cru by Partage. It too will have tasting menus. But also have a strong focus on more "serious" wines. It is supposed to open in February.
  3. Kabuto is my go to. Yui is #2. Can’t help you with that question. But if you decide you want kaiseki on one of your visits, I suggest Kaiseki Sanga (sister of Kabuto).
  4. Evelyn

    NFL 2022-2023

    Keeping my fingers crossed he decides to play another year…Preferably with the Raiders.
  5. Evelyn


    The dryer catching on fire happened in our house when I was about 8. Luckily we saw smoke coming out of the vent in the den (the room next to the laundry room). Had the fire department not been less than a mile away, one of the firemen said the house likely would've been engulfed in another 10 minutes. Thankfully we dodged that. Since that happened, I never leave any appliance on when I am out. I don't unplug anything except my phone charger though.
  6. I shouldn't...but...62, without a cloud in the sky today. With about another 4 days of the same. Oddly enough, I wish it was cold for Christmas.
  7. I tried that strata too. Once. This is my go to for breakfast/brunch...John Currence's Day Old Croissant and Sausage "Bread Pudding".
  8. Evelyn


    Happy Anniversary!
  9. Evelyn


    I was following it too. And so hoped the injuries wouldn’t end this way 😢 There has been a mountain lion very near my neighborhood. I keep my fingers crossed that it either finds a new habitat. Or they can capture it, and rehome it 🙏🤞
  10. My kittens (aka The Heathens), and I wish you and yours Happy Holidays too!
  11. Evelyn


    Do you make your own miso broth? That look very tasty 👍
  12. Evelyn

    Mike Leach

    I was down on the field pregame during his first visit to Tuscaloosa. He was talking to anyone within range. Which included me. I hadn't had time to get to my hairdresser before game day...and my white roots were showing (I have black hair). He starting telling me about his wife's roots. And then he tells me my root / color combination reminds him of one of his favorite things--black & white cookies 😋 (I was thinking it looked more like an oreo 🙃). And off he goes to correct a MSU player doing a drill incorrectly. Listening to some of his other conversations that day had me giggling. I onl
  13. Evelyn

    Mike Leach

    Head Football Coach at Mississippi State University, at 61. One of the funniest, nicest guys in the college football world.
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