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  1. I so wish I could find those in LV. But it seems I must be the only person who wants to buy them 😞
  2. Rain for the first time since March 28. An early beginning to our 'monsoon' season. Which generally provides most of our rain for the year.
  3. I fell in love with it at Allison on Dominick.
  4. Totally agree with your points re Haneda and Narita. We think alike with the Asian carriers. I've never flown Cathay. Have always heard good things though. I don't do much European travel these days. But hopefully that will change this coming year. And of course, fingers crossed Japan truly reopens. Watching the exchange rate, and not being able to take advantage is driving me nuts 😵, And definitely thank you for the pad link. Looks like a real winner. That is one of my gripes about Delta. No mattress pads. And the seats have so little padding. It feels like you're sleeping on the sidewalk 😡.
  5. Now you've got me thinking about his lamb shanks. SO good...I've got the recipe. Might be time to dig it out. But I usually only cook them in the winter. Hard to want the oven on that long when the temperature outside is over 100.
  6. I guess the "good news" is that's a relatively short flight for you vs flying them to Asia from NYC. Fingers crossed you have no flight interruptions. I absolutely despise them for international travel. Their product is inferior to other international carriers by a wide margin. They are my domestic airline because their routings to/in the Southeast work the best for me. But for international, no way. This will be my 11th international flight on Delta. I opt for Singapore, ANA, JAL, Air France, Virgin Atlantic or Lufthansa for those. You fly internationally a lot. What are your favorites?
  7. Los Gatos this weekend. I have to share a story of egregious pricing by Delta. I am going with Alabama Basketball to Barcelona and Paris in August (yeah, great timing-I'll be asking for info on what might be open in the micromanage threads--but, I digress). I booked my ticket in April. Business Class was reasonable at the time-about $4K. Not bad since I get reimbursed for the coach fare. I looked yesterday, thinking with all the travel disruptions that I might want to try to change my flights out of Las Vegas to the day before the flight to Barcelona with the team to (hopefully) avoid any
  8. There's always a champagne cocktail. Or how about a gin or vodka collins? Light and refreshing at the same time. I garnish either with mint, rather than the old school orange slice and cherry. Or, a mojito.
  9. Admin Post: Please stop the politics.
  10. Admin post: Yes. Please stop.
  11. As someone who grew up owning/riding horses--that is something I could NEVER eat. Would be the same to me as eating a dog or cat
  12. Evelyn

    Momofuku Ko

    Have to admit I enjoyed seeing a couple of his restaurants here in LV close last week. He is so easy to dislike.
  13. Useless trivia. Alan Hunter (one of the original MTV DJs) was my next door neighbor. And yes, I had a huge crush on him.
  14. Evelyn


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