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  1. Amazon actually had the 3 cup NS-LGC05 for $106.29 vs the 149.99 on the Zojirushi site yesterday. I bought one for my petsitter's Christmas present
  2. Thank you. During my most recent visit to Japan last December I took a sushi making class in the home of a chef from a well thought of sushi restaurant. He mentioned how "exact" the rice cookers cups were. Of course he showed us how to make "real" sushi rice. But also said even he occasionally uses his Zojirushi. Sigh. I would be on my way there on the 9th, had the world not gone of its axis 😪
  3. Which was how much/how long? I've got some basmati that needs to be used.
  4. @Bloviatrix Did you find/replicate the fig cocktail you enjoyed?
  5. You sound like me after I bought my Zojirushi 😅. They really are great appliances.
  6. Today Las Vegas marked our 200th without rain or snow. Before someone says "you live in the desert"...The previous record of 150 days was set in 1959. The good news is we might get at least some rain on Sunday.
  7. I asked you in another thread if you enjoy eating this food. Your answer was basically no, but there was a lot going on in your life (don't have time to look for the posts right now). I understand you want to make the world a better place. And I applaud that. But, may I just say, if this doesn't give you pleasure, find other ways to make the world better. Life is too short not to be enjoyed.
  8. Apologies in advance for this rant.... I just completed my 5th flight of a total of 12 which will span 20 days. Currently in the Atlanta airport awaiting the next flight. How I am not in jail could be a certifiable miracle. While I haven’t seen anything like some of the videos of travelers punching out flight attendants yet, I have never seen SO much selfish, ignorant behavior. I have seen passengers telling FAs COVID is a hoax. I have seen passengers tell FAs their freedom is being encroached upon. People intentionally encroaching on those who social distance to make them uncomforta
  9. Good read. Thanks for posting the link.
  10. The Modern 1 1/2 oz Scotch 1 1/2 oz Sloe Gin 1/2 oz Lemon Juice 1/4 oz Simple Syrup 1 Dash Absinthe 1 Dash Orange Bitters Shake with ice. Strain into chilled coupe. Very well balanced cocktail. Really liked it. Might have another tonight.
  11. The saying I've heard is..."water in the door, water on the floor".
  12. Evelyn


    They can always morph into toasted and / or seasoned bread crumbs in addition to croutons.
  13. JTF-How about Anson Mills popcorn? It's good!
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