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  1. Evelyn


    It does not. I cook it quickly over high heat.
  2. Evelyn


    While it wouldn't work for your chirashi, here's how I've been making using riced cauliflower as a side dish a bit more interesting: saute some chopped onion in evoo. Add 10 oz. riced cauliflower, edamame and about 1/3 cup chicken stock. Reduce until almost all stock is absorbed. I season with whatever La Boite spice mix interests me at the moment (last night it was Chios). Finish with some shredded parmesan. Kind of a (very) bastardized risotto style.
  3. Evelyn


    Fried dill pickles are popular in the South..
  4. Evelyn


    I'd don't order without a "no shipping fee" special either. I've got to think Regalis (and Fossil Farms, along with others) could make shipping more cost effective if they so desired. Bryan Flannery worked a deal with all his shippers a few years ago. This is Flannery's (very reasonable) shipping chart: Cart Total GLS Ground 2nd Day Air Standard Overnight Priority Overnight $0 - $170 $10 $30
  5. I do the same. But use a metal bowl instead.
  6. I am with the mister. A dear friend with hips that were majorly damaged by arthritis (and abuse from years of sports) just had his 2nd hip replacement on Wednesday. He's had multiple major back surgeries (including fusions). The first replacement made an amazing change in his quality of life. The 2nd went perfectly. The surgeon was thrilled with the results. So as long as my friend does the pt etc. he should be back to being able to have a normal life. And as an fyi-I'm sure he is much older than you. And, over the course of his life abused his body way more than you have.
  7. Evelyn


    I love that book. And have always had good results with the poolish.
  8. Then Vegas will be $300 easy. And everyone with a comp will be happy to order it (and a bottle of whatever nasty, overrated, overpriced cabernet the sommelier recommends) to stick it to 'the man', while thinking about $100K in markers they owe the house 😁
  9. Coming to Caesar's Palace. The press release didn't mention where it will be located in Caesar's. But I would be amused if they are taking over the space formerly occupied by Rao's. I can't wait to see how ridiculous the menu prices are 😳 😋
  10. Nawwww. This year’s team was “different” (as you have likely heard) same goes for this year’s basketball team 😬. I think it came from a not small subset of the parents being their children’s bffs, rather than being a strong at discipline than parents in previous years. But, that’s another story for another day. Next year’s team is loaded with talent. And their overall temperament seems like the team will be more like teams before this current one. We will see. No excuses. UGA beat us. It happens. Not often, thank God. And while I am mentioning God, I am praying the Jaguars or the Pant
  11. Since college football started in August (and basketball in October) I have been tested numerous times due to my proximity to coaches, staff and athletes (at last announcement 95% of whom are vaccinated and boosted). So far, I have not tested positive. Vaccinated and boosted. But, I have to think I've had COVID due to number and duration of probable exposures. Hard to tell due to air travel between the desert and more moist climes, my sinuses are always reacting to some type of allergen or climate change. Since I am always surrounded by a gym or stadium full of Southerners. Of whom, I wou
  12. They are still quite popular in the South. Especially Alabama and Louisiana (New Orleans especially). And of course, here in Las Vegas. They never went away here. But when pot was legalized, I noticed a number of places added them.
  13. Evelyn


    Add in Fossil Farms too. I am not a chicken fan. But theirs is pretty tasty.
  14. Flannery is the best. David Kinch introduced me to them many years ago (15+). They spoil me. I won't order from anyone else.
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