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  1. I'll see your peanut butter and mayo, and raise you with NyQuil Chicken More proof that there are a LOT of idiots in the world. At least peanut butter and mayo isn't possibly dangerous. (and who comes up with garbage like chicken and NyQuil 🤢)
  2. I am just sorry I was late to this...because I for sure would've been your enabler. Glad you didn't need me 😋
  3. I modify the recipe to use a pork shoulder (saving my beef allotment for Flannery ribeyes 🥰). It also works well with lamb shoulder. @Sneakeater I do not leave anything high voltage on that might possibly short. I am probably overcautious...but...when I was a child, our clothes dryer caught on fire (lint build up) and would have burned the house down had we not been home. We only noticed it because smoke was coming through the A/C vents. No flames or smoke from the dryer at that point. Luckily the fire department was about 2 minutes from our house. That was followed by a former college ro
  4. Oh joy. Halloween decoration commercials on tv. I guess I should be happy this is the 1st one I've seen. Especially since the Walgreen's by my house had Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and cards out in early August 🤬
  5. He doesn't need any pages out of Royal's playbook. He's got 5 former Alabama coaches on his staff. One of those is one of the very best d line coaches anywhere. Another is an excellent QB analyst turned coach. A third is a very good special teams/TE coach.
  6. Evelyn


    PS-You too @joethefoodieand @small h and @Sneakeater
  7. Evelyn


    I've got to say @voyager, the variety of dinners you make is spectacular. Other than "requested favorites", you always come up with new and interesting meals that I would enjoy ⭐. It make me realize how lazy I can be at times. Thank you for kicking my butt into gear via the internet 👍
  8. Color me shocked that Mack Brown said this. Bama living rent free in UT's head (T=Texas. Not Tennessee-who hasn't beaten Bama since 2006).
  9. Add meritage to the list. I dated a winery owner/winemaker who was one of the group the coined the term. It drove him nuts when he would do wine dinners around the country and he heard it mispronounced. I cannot tell you how many times he lectured somms and "wine pourers".
  10. If Colt hadn't gotten hurt...🙃
  11. You're preaching to the choir of those of us who (used to) write up restaurants outside of NYC.
  12. I needed to get some bloodwork done. Get in with the phlebotomist. Tell her I have really small veins and she needs to use a butterfly needle. She informs me she's been doing this for 30 years. Okay. She jabs the absolute hell out of me. Worst ever. And, of course collapses the vein. Tries again. Fails. I ask if she used a butterfly. Answer-"no-I've never needed to before". Seriously?!?! Next poke (in the other arm 'cause hey) works fine. Pardon me--but, stupid bitch 🤬.
  13. I'd say you and the Missus should go. I've said this many times. But I will say it again. If I only had one more meal in my life, it would be at Manresa. It would be a shame for you both to not enjoy this incredible experience one more time if you can figure a trip out.
  14. Shouldn't this be in the complaining/bragging thread? I wish I had 6 burners instead of 5.
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