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  1. Obviously a certain conference (hello PAC 12) took advantage of the Friday afternoon news dump....
  2. And, as a (very long) ps: The SEC had just decided today during the weekly virtual meeting to wait as long as possible (aka late July as the earliest-but possibly early August) to make decisions re the start of the season. And whether to seriously consider conference only. That was a change from last month. Nothing like having decisions made for you (presuming other conferences go with the B1G 10) 😡. Absolutely no harm to wait on a final decision. G5 schools are going to suffer the most. Granted there's extreme SEC bias here--but there are some opponents in the P5 schools who originally had scheduled 'tough' out of conference games (I won't mention any names- USC, Texas, OSU- who are absolutely thrilled to dodge those probable early season Ls. All said, I am just hoping there can be a season. But only if it can be safe (a therapeutic) for the players and staffs. Otherwise, shut it down. [end rambling rant/]
  3. There is one bright spot if everyone cancels OOC games and goes Conference only.😈 Notre Dame would be hosed (sorry if there are any ND fans/alums on here).
  4. Changes are coming 😪. Looks like there will be an announcement next week. The "good " news is, the season (as of now) is still a go... Best hope is for therapeutics doing well in Phase 3 trials to keep from shutting everything down.
  5. Tonight's cocktail is the Nevada Daiquiri...cause, well, you know 😉 Nevada Daiquiri 2 oz. Navy Rum 1 oz. Pink Grapefruit Juice 1/2 oz. Lime Juice 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup Shake with ice. Strain and pour into chilled glass.
  6. Since I love Gosling's Black Seal Rum--The Black Daiquiri was perfect for me. 1 2/3 oz. Gosling's Black Seal Rum 1/3 oz. Pink Grapefruit juice 1/3 oz. Simple Syrup 1/2 oz. Lime Juice Shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.
  7. Admin note: This is slowly edging towards politics.
  8. I am a frequent guest at HB&G. I have my fingers crossed Frank will guide her through a cookbook. Her desserts are so good.
  9. Fingers crossed. It sounds like a cocktail I'd enjoy. Keep hoping for some figs to show up soon here.
  10. How about this recipe from The Guardian for a template?
  11. I really enjoyed it. Will likely have another one over the weekend.
  12. The Division Bell: 1 oz. Mezcal 3/4 oz. Aperol 1/2 oz. Luxardo 3/4 oz. lime juice Shake with ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a grapefruit zest twist.
  13. Nevada 😡 All those damn drive over tourists from the hotspots - Utah, California and Arizona . We were doing so well before they reopened the casinos with "suggestions", rather than mandates. Which, had they had a mandate for mask wearing, likely have kept the spike up from being so steep. The infection rate is 6.2%. Up from the June 17th bottom of 5.2%. Guess we are going with reacting, rather than having been proactive. The mask mandate went into effect at 12:01 am Friday. At least reports are that the compliance rate seems to be pretty solid.
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