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  1. Evelyn


    I think your cabbage could be the first cousin to riced cauliflower (and that's a good thing IMO).
  2. If you have friends or family hunting for vaccine appointments (or doing like I am-stalking various Walgreens at the end of the day for the odd lot of leftover vaccine because I am at the end of the line for a dose since I am relatively young and healthy) I have found two great sites. vaccinespotter.org which shows all available appointments at various locations. The data is scraped frequently each hour. This site is really good for us stalkers 😎 vaccinefinder.org Just shows you where vaccines are actually available at the time you check. The advantage to this site is being able to
  3. @Sneakeater--where did you get the collars? I'm prepared to be disappointed when I hear somewhere in your neighborhood. I just bought a large amount of sablefish fillets from Browne. Would love to have had the collars too.
  4. Is this what you are looking for?
  5. What brands do you like? I've used Tutto--and it's available on Amazon for around $14.
  6. So. My petsitter is learning to cook meals at home. She also needs to lose some weight (medication for migraines and a brain tumor have made for a serious weight gain). The good news is, she is loving cooking her own meals. And she has a good eye for recipes. She asked me for some good 'starter' cookbook ideas-and I came up blank since I've been cooking since before she was born 😵. Some suggestions would be most appreciated.
  7. Evelyn


    Next time you go to NOLA, give the turtle bolognese at La Petite Grocery a try.
  8. Any data out on how quickly subjects reached full immunity?
  9. J&J, or an additional one? Their trial results are due (hopefully) by the end of this coming week.
  10. My KA is going on 33 years old. It survived many years of restaurant use. And now lives a retiree's life in Las Vegas. Being used less than once a month 😅.
  11. My favorite King Cake. I order one from them every year. Mine's coming next week 🥰😊
  12. Welcome to the Cult of Flannery! David Kinch indoctrinated me almost 15 years ago 😍. And while it's not really relevant to the product-an added bonus is that Bryan and his daughter Katie are two incredibly nice people.
  13. Anyone else watching Your Honor? Bryan Cranston on Showtime. I like it.
  14. Evelyn

    NFL 2020-21

    Yes, I am easily amused sometimes. And I have certainly needed a few laughs...
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