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  1. Last night's adult beverage was Bees Knees.
  2. As of today, the current time frame for a decision as to whether the season starts on time is projected to come by the 2nd week in July. Mainly due to the logistics of having to get everything ready. So that could change. But that is the goal right now. Alabama is very lucky in that University of Alabama at Birmingham is one of the top research hospitals in the country (and the developers of Remdesivir) is part of our state system. They are also a part of helping in the University's decision making process. Including how many fans might be allowed to attend games in our 100,000+ seat stadium. Also seeing how the NBA workouts go will be a guide in regard to if there is a positive case, how wide the spread might be (or not). And how to proceed re quarantine (or not) for those who test negative but have been exposed. There are a LOT of possibilities. As of now, the hope is for a full schedule, as scheduled currently. If that can't happen, some of the options (but certainly not all) are starting the season later (possibly even the winter); a "conference games only" schedule; and an 8 game only schedule - then conference championships followed by the Playoffs. Our AD is the current President of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics. So he has very good insight into who is thinking what in regard to the season. Including that there are some schools that (as of today) are not planning to play football this year. But most are in and chomping at the bit to get going.
  3. This article from The Athletic is a good read. The sample is small. But provides a decent window into how the players are thinking about the return (or not) of football.
  4. Just buy the cheap appliances YOU control 😱🙃😬 Just kidding. I just don't leave anything that involves an heating function on when I leave the house. Everything else is fair game. If something sludges my house, that can be cleaned up/replaced. If it's something that has an heating element, that's a different story if things go bad.
  5. I'm the same way. As a child, our clothes dryer caught on fire. Had we not been home, and seen the smoke coming from the A/C vent, the fireman said the house would've been engulfed within a very short time. We were also very lucky the fire station was only about 1/2 mile away.
  6. They are very popular on brunch menus in New Orleans. Which was where I was introduced to them many years ago.
  7. I was on the Corpse Reviver #2 train too last night. Blovie, there are quite a few Corpse Revivers to choose from. I occasionally make my own version-the No.2 with a half a barspoon of Amarena cherry juice added-and a cherry.
  8. The Corpse Reviver No. 2 is another of my favorites. Tonight, The Midnight Stinger.
  9. If you want some gorgeous tomato plants, give Laurel's Heirloom Tomatoes a try. I've had very good results for the last 3 years. She is a pleasure to chat with. And more than happy to give you tips and suggestions about what does well in your area. While I'm at it, I have sworn off ordering from Burpee's. Ordered 6 herb plants on 4/1 since I was quarantined after having flown in March. All herbs in stock. Credit card charged. Since the pandemic was going into high drive, I waited until 4/15 to contact customer service since the order was still showing as "processing". No reply. I send another email (because they're not answering the phones). Finally get a response. Oh, sorry, we forgot to put it in the queue for actually filling the order. Seriously? So, another 4 days pass, and the order is still "processing". Another email telling them that if their customer service should put the order at the front of the line and expedite shipping. No response. The order is finally filled 3 days later. No expedited shipping. Herbs finally arrive the first week in May. And are some of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. All plants save one basil have since died. They've beaten me into submission though. Unless I break my promise to myself not to over drink some night, and don't step away from the computer after doing so.
  10. My 1/4 cup measuring cup likes to hide in the oatmeal or flour containers. The 1/2 cup lives is stationed in the cat's dry food bag--but at least I know where it is all the time 😅.
  11. Later today will give the daiquiri No. 4 a try. Thanks, Sneak.
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