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  1. Good read. Thanks for posting the link.
  2. The Modern 1 1/2 oz Scotch 1 1/2 oz Sloe Gin 1/2 oz Lemon Juice 1/4 oz Simple Syrup 1 Dash Absinthe 1 Dash Orange Bitters Shake with ice. Strain into chilled coupe. Very well balanced cocktail. Really liked it. Might have another tonight.
  3. The saying I've heard is..."water in the door, water on the floor".
  4. Evelyn


    They can always morph into toasted and / or seasoned bread crumbs in addition to croutons.
  5. JTF-How about Anson Mills popcorn? It's good!
  6. Nope. The University "schooled" us on COVID and I took the Johns Hopkins contact tracing class. 2 days is normally the earliest time people begin to show enough virus for the tests to detect. And why contact tracing early is SO important to stop the spread. The average is 3-7 days. It can take up to 14 days for enough virus to trigger a positive, but that is extremely rare. That's part of how the Gators ended up where they are. Some of their players had symptoms late in the week. But they thought it was allergies, and they (evidently) didn't tell their coaches...so the virus had ple
  7. As the CDC guidelines say, while it might help, wearing a mask is not for protecting yourself, it is for limiting the chance you will spread the virus to those around you in case you are ill. Everyone has to mask up, practice social distancing and wash their hands to help avoid COVID. Our players have been outstanding about following the mask, social distancing and hand washing rules. Everyone connected with Football tests daily (and have since mid-July). We've had single digit positives among players and staff since then. Once you leave the bubble of people who do those things cons
  8. Evelyn


    That looks really good!
  9. Are eggs the only thing that stick so far?
  10. I dated winery owner/winemaker for almost 7 years and still have lots of friends in the Valley. Meadowood was where we met during the Napa Valley Wine Auction. My heart is breaking for my friends and for a place I love and know so well. So far two have lost their homes. Another lost their winery.
  11. Evelyn

    NFL 2020-21

    I was so sad last night. I was supposed to get to go to the game until the Raiders decided all fans, or no fans ☚ī¸.
  12. Evelyn


    @Daniel your eggplant breading looks really nice. And that it would work well with softshell crabs. Would you mind sharing the recipe?
  13. Unfortunately the smoke has traveled over the mountains to Las Vegas đŸ¤Ŧ😡
  14. Thanks! I'll stash that away. I thawed the peaches I had in the freezer. And found out they were actually formerly a cobbler, rather than just macerated peaches. So the sherbet will have to wait.
  15. @joethefoodieBy any chance have you found a peach ice cream recipe using the corn syrup method?
  16. While the odds of me leaving at this point are slim, I have been investigating the British Virgin Islands.
  17. I hate those damn worms. In normal times when I was traveling a lot, I'd come home to tomato plants stripped clean. My revenge, since the plants were basically destroyed, was to wait until maximum afternoon sun/heat and drop the worms on the raging hot pavers. And yes, just like an egg, the pavers are hot enough to cook a worm 💀 Oddly enough, this year I haven't had a single one.
  18. So which Michelin starred place IS serving canned cocktails?
  19. Sent you both what I see on the phone app and laptop version, since they are slightly different.
  20. I bought another Cuisinart when I heard they were discontinuing them since the one I had was showing it's age. That was quite awhile back. My original one is still going strong. I'm lucky I live in a house with a garage- aka the current residence of the backup. It's still in its original shipping package awaiting its call up to the kitchen 😋.
  21. Evelyn

    Death Pool

    I have been to Blackberry Farm. But, it was for a couple of guest chef events. So, other than breakfast, I didn't have "their" chefs' cooking. But, I can say from speaking with the chefs and other guests who had, that the dining is excellent. And I can vouch for their spirits (especially whiskies) and wines. It's a great property. The rooms are great.People and service are top notch. And, if you can't relax here, you can't relax anywhere.
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