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  1. When he's not in the kitchen at Manresa, Manresa is still there. As is, most likely, his CdC, et al. I'm excited to see/taste as well (then again, I'm excited to go to Katja at this point); but I've set my sights a bit lower after experiencing one or two meals at Intersect in the style of their (insert name here) flagship restaurant, after dining at the flagship.
  2. joethefoodie

    Pio Boffa

    At 66. Of Covid. https://www.italy24news.com/News/22189.html
  3. And you know, now that you mention that I mentioned it, I think you're onto something. though I can't find any stories about it.
  4. Without the shot, how much can he actually bill insurance?!
  5. Is Kinch cooking? Had he gotten here a few days ahead, he could have foraged the Rockaways.
  6. So here's the thing...how long is Kinch here, from the start of Manresa's residency? And is it really Manresa (lemme answer - no, of course not) w/o Kinch here, and w/o access to (probably much of) the product they use in Los Gatos? I mean, sure we'll have some nice spring produce, but we're still 3,000 miles away from SJO. Does it matter?
  7. Only tried the Wan Za noodles dry style, so they hadn't quite moved into the pap stage yet, though I can see how easily they might. Definitely find noodles from many Chinese restos as not even close to al dente. I don't even know if those types of noodles can be cooked al dente. They're either raw or...done? Really like the tofu skin salad too.
  8. I got a deuce, in the dining room. Fine for us.
  9. Finally got to try Public Village (twice) the past week or two. Grab and go and brought back to the apartment. Considering I never liked (nor could I understand all the hype ) Kopitiam, it was way better than I expected. Great dumplings. Fine noodles. And I had the spareribs yesterday, which were also very good.
  10. PLENTY OF THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR KNEES...before replacing them.
  11. Other than onions, potatoes, garlic, shallots, tomatoes and fruits which need time on the counter to "ripen" (e.g. avos, bananas, etc.), I tend to refrigerate everything else. In my apartment environment, it certainly lasts longer this way. And everything is bagged separately, with herbs and other delicates, unwashed, wrapped in plain paper towels. I can push chives, parsley, etc. to 2 weeks with only minor deterioration. My refrigerator is a bit annoying, as it sometimes has frozen delicate greens. They now go on a deep door shelf.
  12. You know, I think it happened when I picked up a rather large, older wooden tray. One of those that can sit on top of a square ottoman and almost function as a table top. Possibly from Crate & Barrel, so surely some weird wood. All I know is that it hurt like hell when the splinter went in; almost as much as the lancing did.
  13. Not 100% sure, but I did give myself a splinter a while ago; thought I had done a decent job removing it and cleaning the area up. It was almost under the side of my nail. Then, with all the cooking and hands in water and gunk, maybe it wasn't as clean as I thought? X-rays yesterday showed nothing, but wood wouldn't show anyway.
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