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  1. I used the leftover striped bass I had taken home from Foxface Natural... and made... some of the best fish burgers ever. Combined with a can of good wild sockeye, bread crumbs, onion, egg, mayo, lemon, herbs, spices, they came out really good.
  2. I like Utopia Bagels, and often have the minis in my freezer. Never tried the rainbow ones, however. This guy, who rolls the bagels at Tompkins Square Bagels, is a riot...
  3. Now I'd like it more if someone were maybe overseeing the kitchen (though as walk-ins at 8:15 last night, there were plenty of seats). Our view of the henge from our bar seats. Two of the 3 dishes we ordered last night were so over salted that I literally could not eat them. Certainly not without risking the wrath of my blood pressure. Who the fuck sprinkles chunky sea salt on top of peeky-toe crab? Best thing we had was our shared burger. Yes, it's once again available in the restaurant - off-menu. I guess they change that philosophy of offering the burger every few wee
  4. "Deconstructed" Neapolitan ice cream service: Scooping skills still suspect. Vanilla and strawberry were both excellent; chocolate was merely good. These are all Philadelphia style ice creams, using some Modernist Pantry wizardry. I was actually surprised at how good the strawberry is, considering I bought the berries from my corner guy. Obviously, no problems yet. I think the blade might be somewhat indestructible. The motors - we'll see. The canisters are decent quality, and keeping all this stuff out of the dishwasher can only add to its lifespan.
  5. We certainly had a good night out, dining at Foxface Natural this past Friday. Not unexpectedly, the product sourcing is first rate, and the cooking matches it. I'll post a few pix here, with a little explanation; hopefully, @Orik will jump in to add to my half-baked descriptions, as I failed to take pictures of either the menu or the wine list, and my memory is sometimes a little hazy (especially as the night wears on). We started with the excellent house-made sourdough, served with gorgeous cultured butter and a few of those wonderful pickles (green tomatoes, ramps, radish).
  6. I had all sorts of grandiose ideas for breakfast yesterday. But as we all know, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry... The batter I made was (theoretically) for waffles. We can see how those turned out. I should have known there might be issues when I checked the temperature of the plates inside that old Toastmaster waffle iron. Even though I set it at 375℉, when I checked the plates they had heated up to over 500℉. I cooled off the iron to what I believed to be the correct temp, and tried the first batch - results above on the left! Then I figured, use the batter to
  7. These have been, and remain on the menu, since the opening of Jack's Wife Freda all those years ago.
  8. Green dinner... Penne with ramp pesto. Asperges beurre moussant.
  9. To bad he was...a murderer...
  10. joethefoodie


    Yes - he's a lot of fun. Old '97s will be touring their 30th anniversary later this year - I don't see local shows yet, but imagine there will be some. Also - the bastard has great hair!
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