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  1. That green dye won't hurt you! (neither will covid-19)
  2. This machine seems to be selling at a very low price - either a mistake or who knows what?Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker, 27-Pound, Metallic Silver
  3. My first try at... Japanese curry, not made from a purchased curry brick or purchased curry sauce. I did, however, use the S&B curry powder, along with home made roux, and stewed the other ingredients (carrots, peppers, onions, turnip, chicken thigh) in both dashi and stock. Over Japanese short-grain brown rice. Soon, will use this stuff in lieu of the S&B powder to make the curry powder and bricks...
  4. I think $40mm of that is for guys who didn't play...David Wright, Cespedes, Strohman, Syndegaard. My point actually is about spending money wisely.
  5. It has been a very entertaining series so far - I have no skin in the game, and the Dodgers did happen to beat the team we really loathe the most. I don't like the Dodgers for other reasons besides bragging rights with a best friend. They spend all the money, while the Mets sit on their asses and bank accounts. Here's hoping that will change on that front. I wish more baseball was played like these two teams play the game. Small ball. Big ball. Like - can the Mets get the batting coach from the Dodgers? 7, 8, 9 pitch at bats are just great. And look how productive they are. Shortstop
  6. If there's room, I'd put in freezer - that keeps the stuff from hatching. What type of chilies were they, might I ask?
  7. Don't buy chilis...or mattresses. I just ordered more of those Hatch dried red chilies. Uh oh! I do check everything that comes in farily diligently, but...
  8. Also, I'd love to just bomb our apartment with something nuclear, but the presence of a cat precludes that.
  9. I have this sneaking suspicion that by increasing deliveries of, oh, everything, by like a million percent, there are definitely hitchhikers coming along for the ride - and to their eventual death!
  10. Trust me they take up a ton of usable freezer space in the bottom drawer as well. the problem is finding a unit without any of that stuff. I’m sure they exist at a price.
  11. Looked like he was falling to me. Anyway, arguments aren’t productive.
  12. Last night's semi-monthly paella.
  13. I probably have the same, or a very similar fridge, with a bottom freezer drawer. I put ice cube trays on 1/8 sheet pans to freeze - helps with the balancing act. maybe at some point I could get around to removing the hardware in the freezer compartment that's set up for the ice maker, but I'm kinda afraid to fuck around with that stuff. Katom
  14. One of my best friends (and his 2 brothers) is a lifelong Dodgers' fan - don't ask. But come on - let's not chalk up that loss to bad calls - that's sour grapes, and you know they go both ways over the course of a game, a series, etc. And with annoying replay, the bad calls are so much less than they once were. But, your team was in the perfect position to win going into the bottom of the ninth. As a matter of fact, still in a position to win with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter. And they fucked it up.
  15. I have a number of points. I think we do try. I believe there have been changes made for the positive; I try shopping from and via small farms for much of my produce (as opposed to where the lettuce and tomatoes and "stuff" on and in that Impossible Burger at Burger King come from). I try to source good, properly raised meat/poultry. I only buy wild, sustainable seafood...ain't no tilapia, farmed salmon, farmed shrimp, branzino et al. on our table. I now try to incorporate one or two meatless days a week. When meat is on the menu, it's smaller portions, and I try hard to buy non-giant co
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