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  1. Challenging for the least photogenic dinner (along with its weirdness)... Baked potato topped with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Bitter greens.
  2. Have you ever had (why am I even asking this?) a Marconi Wireless? Quite good. (only because when we were on the cape last week, we hiked the site of Marconi's actual radio installation in South Wellfleet). I'm still trying to remember the drink Alex made over a decade ago at D & C, with Laird's Bonded, and garnished with an apple slice. I suppose I should crack open the book.
  3. I realize there has always been a fair amount of discussion (fairly, for that matter) about dining out, and what we can cook at home, which might not exactly equal what we're served in a restaurant, but with the high quality product available to we home cooks, can come close. Here's how we might come even closer, after Eater reveals the 13 best places to eat out of a can... 13 Places to Crack Open Tinned Seafood in NYC I can pretty much guarantee that I can do this at home! Maybe even better, with more comfortable surroundings, than in any one of these places.
  4. That's what is great about a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. No unused drains ever.
  5. Merci mon ami. I was wondering where Pilgrim Tower went - especially after remembering how aggravated I was climbing the thing. Nice snaps - it's a pretty nice place to visit, as they say...
  6. East Village on a Saturday night and you're expecting...pleasantness? Knife work when drunk is a good test of skill!
  7. Very high on my list. Like this week high.
  8. Ends Meat is in Brooklyn, but also right down by me in the Essex Market (downstairs, aka Market Line!).
  9. They're pretty good - from Fresh Direct! Though Ends Meat also makes some great sausages. Browned first, then cut into pieces and added to the tomato sauce just to heat through before tossing the pasta in the sauce.
  10. Jones Beach? I'm never up in the air (at least not to my knowledge) over the cape; I'm more grounded at this level... I did try to drive right up to Hopper's old stomping grounds in Truro, but the road is now private and closed. So - are you MAYBE up over Provincetown and Wellfleet?
  11. I don't think it's actually been posted anywhere yet.
  12. I'm pretty sure this, for my first dinner cooked back at home after a short vacay, would be an @Sneakeater approved meal. Everything already in inventory, so that's good. Started off by browning a couple of hot Italian sausages... because who doesn't want that fond? Removed the sausage and added a pint of Marcella's tomato sauce from the freezer, scraping up the fond. Sausages added back after the sauce reduced a bit, and the pasta had just started cooking. The vegetable side had already been on the stove for an hour +... Dinner... Marcella's smothered ca
  13. Quite a classic five-gamer, in my opinion. Great managing moves by Dave Roberts, et al. And Webb (once again) pitched well enough to win; you just gotta score some runs.
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