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  1. The pre-Marcella Marcella!! Great books.
  2. Do you mean as a food item? Or...something more nefarious? I'll bet the stem is good once it is peeled.
  3. Yeah - how about $14 for the fries at Corner Bar?
  4. See, once you break it out like that, are the prices really that outrageous? I'm guessing more like $25 for a good chicken sandwich and hopefully good fries. Using ketchup or mustard (which I'm assuming they have and is "free").
  5. It's funny but I was going to (should have) asked @Sneakeater for the breakdown. $13 beer $10 fries $16 sandwich???
  6. Like you, I don't eat much in fast casual places; oh sure, I'll grab a slice or two of pizza (and believe me, $5/slice aggravates me as much as it might shock your mother). I've never set foot in a popeye's, hence I don't know what that's all about. So I don't know what aggravates me more; your type of experience, or the $21 they (currently) charge for the Plymouth Martini I had the other night. On the one hand, I KNOW I can make the Plymouth Martini at home, and it will be the same (or better, because I'll have some snacks with it - an olive even) than the one served to me. But I al
  7. My 3 favorite seasons coming up; so no complaints here.
  8. At least no one was clipping their nails (I only see that on the subway and in Seward Park).
  9. Fuck it - I decided to be a little cranky. Corner Bar is (currently, at least) the kind of place I'm pretty sure @Sneakeater has talked about before. Like, you know, most of the crowd just no one you would ever choose to dine with, much less hang out around. For instance, on either side of me at the bar... This guy, who has no idea that, you know, maybe take off your stupid fucking hat inside a restaurant. And on the other side, the classic... Hair twirler, while I'm trying to eat my dinner. What's with people who can't leave their hair alone while at a bar or in a r
  10. Try drying some with the hang upside down method - see if it retains its potency.
  11. joethefoodie


    The shows go to tend to be in places where it's not so much that they have to start on time, but they have end by a certain time. Some of the shows I saw this past summer (outdoors) were at places that had 10 PM noise curfews, so the 7 PM starting time was adhered to quite vigorously. When I went to a show a few weeks ago at Brooklyn Made, it was doors at 7, and 2 opening acts. I got there around 8:30 - asked one of the door people what time the headliner was coming on - 10 PM...went to a bar down the block, sat myself down, and didn't go back to the venue until 9:45. It started at exa
  12. I once tried growing a bit of it in the window on the air conditioner. It was knocked over within 20 minutes.
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