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  1. Gotta read between the lines, I guess. i.e. Don't be such a dick to sportswriters. And fans.
  2. That's about all it does (LOOKS LIKE) vis-a-vis a tomato. I was jonesing and sometimes one gets lucky with a winter tomato and it tastes a little like a tomato. Not this one!!
  3. One big mess o' chirashi. Sockeye salmon and halibut, poached. Blue crab, picked. Ikura. Avocado. "Tomato." Gari. Nori.
  4. who said they did? But the fact that the BBWAA vote for the HoF makes it simple; Bonds and Clemens were dicks to sportswriters; Papi wasn't.
  5. Julia Louis and Jason Alexander? Audrey Meadows and Jackie Gleason? Laurel and Hardy?
  6. joethefoodie


    But aren't the unvaxxed, provided they haven't previously had Covid, more likely to strain the health care system, such that it is?
  7. joethefoodie


    Or that Elio's is a terrible restaurant.
  8. His crowd certainly fasted; any number of times a year.
  9. Just to show what a horrible cabal it was, his "spokeswoman" is Judy Rapfogel, wife of William (?) Rapfogel, who was convicted right along with Shelley. And see who else she worked for... https://forward.com/tag/william-rapfogel/
  10. NY State's illustrious Speaker of the House. The Lower East Side's favorite gonif. Rest in infamy, thief.
  11. Yeah - I mean not healthy for the long term. Mahomes rushed for close to 400 yards during the regular. Allen rushed for close to 800 yards! Sure is a great weapon to have...but the risk is crazy.
  12. I should add - with King Arthur bread flour. Overnight fermentation (12+ hours), practically no knead, and no proof for the pizza. The focaccia spent around 45 minutes in the pan before baking. The no-proof thing was nice except I had trouble stretching the pizza dough; it kept wanting to shrink back.
  13. The hydration was right around 73%, but no olive oil in the actual dough. Just coated the baking pan with olive oil when I put the portion of dough for the focaccia in it, and then poured some on top as I smushed the dough out. None in or on the pizza at all.
  14. Celebrating an upcoming championship game... Meatballs and sauce with Parmigiano. Some green things. Focaccia, and check out that crumb! And @voyager - this was as close to Liguria Bakery's focaccia as I've gotten in a long time. Pizza. Both made from an almost to the recipe Jim Lahey dough. No knead, overnight ferment, very little proof.
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