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  1. Yes, and just a bit prolific as well.
  2. joethefoodie


    I loved The Gates so much.
  3. Perhaps as close to Roman pizza bianca as I've gotten so far. Now, if I only had a few slices of mortadella. For the proofing, I did a trick I learned from an instructor at the Italian Culinary Institute... Mix a little salt water with the olive oil and schmear that on the dough while it proofs.
  4. Well, do you make risotto Milanese to eat with the veal? Another reason to open that bottle of white for cooking.
  5. Do you mean in an existential way? Cause we're kinda showing you what lunch is.
  6. Found a little dough from my last focaccia effort, hiding itself in the fridge; so whether it's 72-hour or even 96-hour, made a pizza with it. Topped with another fridge stowaway, the tomato sauce, some mozzarella and parm. Was quite tasty.
  7. My deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday loaded me up with lots of product. And with no real room in the freezer, I'm cooking like crazy. I wanted something easy Thursday night for dinner, and had gotten scallops. So I made a ramen-like soup, with lots of vegetables, and poached the scallops in the broth as well. I prefer them pan seared. Last night, I got fancy and made what might even be considered, in other times, two dinners, or at least a primi + a secondo; here, instead, one was served as a side dish... Asparagus and ramp butter risotto, with some nice local asparagus. The highlight though... A heritage chicken from my friends at Ends Meat...their bird may be as good as Joyce Farms', but that's all subjective I guess. Braised in white wine, chicken stock and various aromatics, enriched with crème fraîche, with the fresh morels and porcini added back in at service. I'm worried, cause I'm starting to cook like @Sneakeater with the sauces and morels. In any event, this was really good.
  8. Sometimes, I'll even use the instant read to make sure it's properly chilled.
  9. Mine too...cracked good ice and proper stirring and a coupe out of the freezer ought to be able to handle the task.
  10. Actually, I almost wish I hadn't even read this.
  11. Sure, sure - but nothing tastes like when something is grilled over wood or coal.
  12. I think our whole family was lucky my grandmother never got her hands on a food processor.
  13. I was rearranging closet space in order to make more room in the apartment for current needs, moving stuff downstairs to my storage cage, when I came across a box I'd put there years ago. In said box, a set of 3 wooden bowls ( yeah, I know this is only two of them), might've been my grandmother's. I oiled them last night...they're gorgeous and have a million chop marks from making, no doubt, chopped liver, egg salad and other weird chopped things. And today for lunch, I made endive alla Romana for the 2 of us. Perfect size, and well - just perfect. Here's a question for @Orik or @bloviatrix or someone who might know. When they made chopped liver or egg salad back in those days, they used something like this... I think my mother might've called it a hoch meister - does that make any sense in Yiddish at all?
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