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  1. Wait - there's more...I don't for a walk for a day or two, and all hell breaks loose... Going into the space where Randall's Crappy (sic) BBQ once pretended to be. Kind of an eclectic menu, only missing crabs.
  2. Serious question here. We like the occasional beer (i.e. we're far removed from the days when Significant Eater had a part-time Friday night job at DBA; back when it was the game in town - so like, late 90s - very early 2000s). In any event, I like to have a minimum of 2 beer choices in the fridge. One of them always tends to be Guinness - the stuff in the cans - Draught Stout. The other is where I vacillate between beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Steam, Duvel, et al.; that is, we (I) don't wanna be challenged too much with beer, as I tend to slam one when I'm cooking, or when
  3. Monday night... A nice black sea bass, simply roasted, with lemon, olive oil, scallions. Another pan had cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Did a bunch of stuff yesterday. Starting with 2 lbs. of baby artichokes... \ Quartered, braised in stock, olive oil, white wine, garlic, lemon, herbs and a touch of saffron. A favorite. Some fancy bean club beans, and Significant Eater said that black bean soup is a favorite of hers... I live to serve. She really likes this soup as she remembers it from New Mexico, with avocado and sour cream. These are Rancho Gordo's
  4. I think DespaƱa was the first place I saw and tried these from. Good.
  5. These places could be decent if they didn't fuck around too much. But the product is mostly meh, I'm guessing.
  6. Glorious Foods was a good one. But we did endive too, both at Showstoppers and Bread & Circus. However, the showstopper at Showstoppers was (were?) Bette Davis Eyes. Don't tell anyone the deep dark secret of catering; when doing an event with both kids and adults - the grown-ups love pigs in blankets and you'll need more than you think! (Also, never leave shrimp on a buffet unattended, because one person will come over and take like 100 of them). Oh @small h - I have found clams to be somewhat harder to open even than oysters. But a dedicated clam knife will help the cause.
  7. Crab du Jour certainly an established chain I'd never really heard of...https://crabdujour.com/about/
  8. So I'm out for a stroll yesterday, and magically, these two places have appeared... On East Broadway, next door to the shitty Thai, which isn't the new shitty Thai, but the older shitty vegan Thai... And on Grand St., in the old La Flaca spot (La Flaca lied, said they were reopening)... So evidently, we've become the center of the crab universe. Why and how - I don't really understand. And are there really that many crabs?
  9. Wow - no Chinese?! I think with Thai/Chinese it's all about what's ordered. And maybe how much cornstarch they're using.
  10. https://chefcollectivenyc.com/collections/dairy-and-eggs/products/vbc-butter-lightly-salted https://www.gourmetcargo.com/bordier-butter - (insanely priced, but most def worth it). My next order I'll let you know, and perhaps you'll hop on the wagon. I actually went up to pick it up, so saved a bunch on the shipping.
  11. Sure, in some coffee peoples' opinions. @Sneakeater - next time you are running low and at Union Market, see if there's some single origin Counter Culture or Intellegentsia recently roasted. I think you'd enjoy those much more than any blends. Also, I don't know exactly whose beans they carry, but the Union Market on Houston certainly has a shit-ton of beans. I've actually solved my inventory problem discussed before. My subscription is Counter Culture, and it's aided by an order from George Howell every couple of weeks. Some of the Howell medium body roasts really work well either a
  12. Right, although I did hear something interesting; like the DH is part of the game until the starting pitcher is removed, but I wonder how that could work? I hate the DH. I enjoyed watching pitchers who were able to bunt, and even occasionally hit. You know - athletes.
  13. The only tolerable deliveries, in my opinion, are pizza and the stuff @small h discussed. If it's pizza, it's only going to be from a place I know the pizza is good, and I crank the oven with the permanent steel inside; it gets reheated/crisped/whatever, and is practically the same as if I were eating in the pizza place (after all, is "dining" in at Scarr's or Joe's that great?) Patsy's is only to go, the one place where dining in is fun is Louie & Ernie's, and that's a schlep, but they do have a nice backyard. (By the way, the also now offer their pizzas frozen, and I've heard Patsy's mig
  14. I'm kind of in agreement with this, though I probably don't (didn't?) go to many bars with food menus.
  15. Yes, exactly. And it's what I have too. Or had...until now. I mean, the Nordic ware he recommends is like $20. Of course, once on the Nordic Ware site, I couldn't resist and added a few things, which got me free shipping and a 20% discount. I now have a 1/4 sheet pan with a lid, which came in surprisingly handy as I made focaccia in it, and with the lid, I didn't have to mess around with plastic wrap to let the dough proof! Cool - what are your favorite blechkuchens?
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