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  1. Is it possible that's a split-top bun?
  2. joethefoodie


    @Orik - I couldn’t believe it! Not only that, every 5th street is a detour or something. Orange cones abound!
  3. joethefoodie


    I just need to post this before I go any further: 1) At every restaurant we dined at this trip, the staffs were incredible. Friendly? Sure. But I was blown away by how knowledgeable about the menus everyone was, to say nothing of the wine lists. It's pretty cool, when coming from here, where half the time you want to smack your waitperson. Or at least I do. Friends in the business here might be a little jealous. 2) I don't recall seeing this policy here, but giving one wine list and one regular menu to a table of two - how fucking silly is that? And at every place, I asked for seco
  4. I guess I gotta get to the market so as to make this again... Sour cherry soup with vanilla ice cream and Bing cherry sorbet. A cold mess, but delish.
  5. Right, exactly - and doesn't that make the stars more egalitarian in a way? A former restaurant critic with whom we used to dine, would often ask after a meal, would you send your friends here? With a 3-star such as Coszcal, I could pretty much answer yes without a thought. For a maybe 3-star Francie (I don't know how many stars Francie has, or even if it has any), I'd have to qualify that response.
  6. I think this is just what the stars ought to mean. Like I wish he had starred Forever Jerk, which is in my mind, compared to any other jerk I've had here, a 3. Although i have to say, the music sucked.
  7. Well, at least in my opinion bad, because the homogeneity of the then society (of readers, at least), allowed it.
  8. We’re doomed… https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/23/technology/0-5-selfie.html
  9. joethefoodie


    Yes, I know. Schwartz’s is the place. But… Snowdon’s was damn good. The matzo ball soup wasn’t bad either.
  10. Right, and (NO) one would get hit with flying pork fat or chunks of chicharrones.
  11. joethefoodie


    Do I still see a stupid orange Vespa-like thing, made popular by the miserable bastard who used to be involved?
  12. joethefoodie


    Since I figured it would be good to eat some vegetables after steak frites the night before, and a big ass sausage for lunch, LvP did us well. Some local snap peas and scapes. Quite good, even if they don’t (weirdly, in my opinion) string the snaps. I always do. These were served with a yougurt based dressing, to dip in or pour on. We dip. A really great dish of morels and peas in a fantastic brodo. Dessert was a serving of the best Carvel ever. Many more dishes were consumed; just no pix. And we drank wines by the glass…maybe a lot of them.
  13. joethefoodie


    Oh, also right across the street from… Which makes Montreal bagels that much better.
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