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  1. The whole Resy thing is bizarre to me. And scam-ish. There was something coming up (or came up ) at Rock Center recently (or soon). I was interested, but of course sold out. Put my name on the wait list and as the dinner approached, I got texts every day informing me of tables. I know you can’t double book on Resy, but one can sure double or triple book using different methodologies. I don’t know that this counts, but we drove up to Burlington today. I usually never start driving vacations on a Friday. There was a shitload of traffic, like until I got to Vermont. Maybe eve
  2. And it may be that no one really wants to eat a really nice meal any more? P.S. I didn’t post any pix of last night’s meal so as not to spoil any upcoming dinners.
  3. joethefoodie


    The neighborhood it’s in leads me to believe that it can only become…well, let’s just say that I think if you want to enjoy it for the food, go now. Hopefully I’m wrong, and it is great, will remain great, and it will be possible to eat there. cause otherwise - a cluster show. A shitfuck? You know, just so annoying that even if the food is good, you won’t want to bother.
  4. Oh - they prepare pasta (which maybe appears on every menu) better than almost every other restaurant I've had pasta at in the city.
  5. We had the new menu last night, the one that everyone will have until the guys go on vacation (I think mid-August). Wow - it was very good. And no sharing necessary, which may make me like this place even more. 5 courses plus the amuse - just about the right amount of food for us. I did ask them to pick wines by the glass for us; since the meal bounces around a bit, I figured that would be better than ordering a single bottle (also, I got drunker). Not a bad choice. Why this place isn't packed from open till close is somewhat of a mystery to me. Other than many people probably
  6. Orange Glou is the new wine shop on Broome Street, between Allen and Orchard Sts. It's been getting (as was the Orange Glou wine club) a fair amount of press. Purportedly the only shop in the country selling exclusively "orange" wines, it evolved out of the wine club. Good for Doreen! (She's a friend). Curious About Orange Wine? There’s a Subscription Box A Glou Up for an Orange Wine Purveyor Wine Clubs, Now Uncorking Fun - A new school of subscription wine mailers offers quirkier wines, comic-book tasting notes—and an unstuffy air A Shop That Only Sells Orange Wine Ju
  7. Right, sorry. Sweetness from apple maybe? In either case, those potato salads like the potatoes...really cooked.
  8. Pretty sure the guest chef thing is temporary. They do have a few irons in the fire, so to speak - getting Una back and running might be one of them.
  9. joethefoodie


    If you cook it, they will come! Looking forward to what @Seth Gordon has to say; however, just from the location, I gotta think...shit show in a few months.
  10. Kinda classic for the Japanese potato salad though.
  11. joethefoodie


    The place, as much as I loved Kyo-ya, sounds as if it’s gonna be full of bromakaze wanna kaze bes. and you!
  12. joethefoodie


    You, my friend, are a hell square denizen..
  13. I can’t wait to go. I’ve actually been wanting to try his bagels forever, so even though I loath brunch, maybe that will work ona weekend,
  14. I went to a dinner at that pre-pandemic. Was good.
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