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  1. Together they appear to have published around 20 books. I only have a combined 9 or 10 books from the 2.
  2. Wow - over a year since the last activity here. There are literally reservations available here every day, at any time. Go now!
  3. We had this discussion a little over a year ago, I think?
  4. I don't know about stir-frying brisket? Buy a regular flank steak, portion it out, and freeze it in 1/2 lb. portions. The other oft-used cut might be something like a top sirloin.
  5. Totally what I was referring to. The Bayliss and Kennedy books (and there are a lot of them) are fonts of info.
  6. I don't know if it's a good sign that the shutters have been pulled down tightly on the East Broadway location of Tipsy Shanghai.
  7. I hope so - at those prices. I've had some good luck with Rick Bayless.
  8. That's certainly what I thought I'd find...but I got to the one on Sullivan after 2 PM, and while there were a few people inside eating their sandwiches, there wasn't a line to get one. The one near Times Square is probably mobbed. Oh yeah a Providence thing. Or Rhode Island signature dish.
  9. She's had a lot of experience writing these. I really liked what she said on her IG: This is morning thinking about Tom. Grief is not an affliction, but a privilege.
  10. To pile on, the picture of the baked clams is captioned "Monte's stuffies." Which they're not. "Stuffies" use much larger clams than the littlenecks he mentions in the review. And the clams are chopped up with a bunch of other stuff (usually including sausage), which is placed back into a half shell and the whole megillah is then baked. Probably not Sietsema's fault, but annoying anyway. In other news, I was a block or two away yesterday, trying a place Sietsema liked: All'Antico Vinaio - Greenwich Village. I think once was enough. The sandwich ($20!!) however, was enoug
  11. And probably got them fresher!
  12. I'm pretty sure that mine was culled from her small collection of cookbooks, as I was cleaning out her house.
  13. Probably won't do it. Then again, I've never vacuum sealed a lime, as that would mean setting up the vacuum sealer for something I can get on the corner for like 33 cents. It only comes out of it's hiding place for bigger projects. My "trick" with avos (and it only works for a day or two) if I have a half to keep, is to keep the half with the pit in it, and wrap in plastic wrap, making sure the wrap is right against the exposed flesh of the avo.
  14. This is interesting. Our first Miele was 13 years old when we finally renovated the kitchen. It was in perfect condition, and I was able to sell it, along with some IKEA cabinets and a Bosch range. Another Miele replaced it. My friggin' Miele vacuum cleaner is 20. They make good products, especially when taken care of.
  15. Also - the stands look so empty! What time do the fans start arriving?
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