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  1. I see it differently. If there were a place We could get into without jumping through hoops, and they made superb roast chicken and fries and didn’t charge $100 or more, I might be there once a month. Especially in the warmer months, when my oven remains in the off position.
  2. And it took an extra day, which as @Sneakeater may attest to, only makes it better... Meatballs and gravy with casarecci. Peas and carrots too.
  3. Remember; the Pacific, even in Santa Barbara, is quite chilly.
  4. It wasn't because I read the post about Bamonte's, but... Some of this production may be for dinner tonight. Beef and pork meatballs, with a "Tuscan-style" meat sauce.
  5. Lovely display, however. Is it even local asparagus, or is from Mexico?
  6. Since we're telling worst sunburn stories...moved to Santa Barbara in 1976. Santa Barbara has a famous nude clothing optional beach, More Mesa. We couldn't get there fast enough...by the way, from those pics, there was a lot more beach back then., but don't fuck with the sea. Anyway, there are body parts, not normally exposed to the sun, which get very burnt. And very painful.
  7. They don't make 'em like him any more...RIP.
  8. Crab cakes. Served with RRRRRAAAMMMMPPPPPP pesto potatoes. House made cocktail sauce. Salad alongside.
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    San Jose's tiny little Japantown is quite great... http://gombei.com/ As is the OG Mitsuwa.
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    Trust me, that whole area was a bitch on weekends...30 years ago.
  11. This is the supplier from whom I purchase various rices...
  12. Doesn't an otter live in water? Like...real water?
  13. Nah - even my large 2 cup OXO (plastic) fades after a while...in yours, possibly the alcohol helps too. These are kinda cool, but don't offer the precision of those cheapo Oxos... https://www.cocktailkingdom.com/all-barware/jiggers
  14. You Huns don't make fancy cocktails, which are as exacting in their proportions as is bread.
  15. If my memory serves me correctly, the pliers were used to pull the skin off.
  16. Similar to the pliers technique, and there's the nail!
  17. Yeah, it's post our grade-school era, but...Bohack!
  18. I'll bet @Sneakeater et al. remembers a bunch of these...https://www.longisland70skid.com/long-island-70s-supermarkets/
  19. When I was in high school, worked in meat, fish, and deli departments of various local supermarkets in a supermarket chain, back when various local supermarkets had those departments well-staffed. (It was the Hills chain, for those who care). Around Christmas, we'd start getting eels. Sometimes alive, sometimes not. All I know is that the preparation process, for customers who wanted them prepped, involved hammers, nails, and pliers. And lots of rags.
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    The others are the good branches!
  21. I've definitely tried these, and over the years, the dozen or so other ones which came before. My optho was always quick to hand out samples and/or scrips. I've come to rely on single use drops such as Refresh, and splashing cold water in my eyes if available...I find they work just as well, and none of the potential side effects.
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