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  1. Rather than having stuff delivered/shipped to me, I decided to do a run and make a few pickups. All that money saved on shipping costs could now be spent on gasoline and tolls! (TBH, I took no toll roads - WAZE is my friend). And really, anything to get away from the apartment while Significant Eater is at work, because sometimes what I hear doesn't make me that happy...in other words, we're doomed. Evidently, when you order 3 lbs. of Bordier butter (no, it's not all for me), you get a cute, free bag. This was my first pickup, in Mamaroneck. And on my way home, a stop to pick
  2. Yes, and they've got a little grocery area. Excited to buy some of their stuff...believe they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
  3. The Russian supermarkets in Brighton Beach have aisles dedicated to barley (and buckwheat). The grains of oppression.
  4. Looks so much prettier than mine! Have you ever used the dashi tea bags as opposed to the powder? I was brought some form Japan, and they only contain kombu and Katsuobushi - and no cleanup! If you really want to substantially change the texture and flavor - use BARLEY! Pasta e fagioli. Garbanzos and a few orphaned ayocote negro beans, screaming from the fridge to be used.
  5. I have my mother's old Sunbean Mixmaster! Would that be donatable? Mid-century modern!!
  6. And also why I barely go anywhere, much less fly. They SUCKED before, and with any sort of normalcy, they'd actually try to be better now. But that ship sailed.
  7. At the Russian supermarkets in Brighton Beach, I'm always amazed at the amount of pickles (though I rarely buy anything anyone else has had a chance to pick through, even with tongs or a spoon - I've seen too much weird shit). But it has its equal - when I lived in San Jose, the first Mitsuwa opened practically down the block from me. They had a whole ferment department, staffed specifically so no one could touch anything, as well as to give samples. It was great.
  8. I think that's a pretty great price. Lucky me - I have an old one - made in the USA!
  9. Just watch out for the overpasses! I think there was an era of subway surfing on top of subway cars, until a few people got decapitated.
  10. For sure - some of (many of?) Leos' creations are just superb. And some great names as well!
  11. I miss the Nomad Bar, but boy could that place be a shitshow. However, really good food to accompany some great cocktails made it a once-in-a-while fun stop.
  12. Let's talk about thick soups. Inspired by @mitchells... Made my first-ever congee. Thai rice, probably 50/50 just made vegetable stock and water. Happened to have a cooked pork chop from the night before, so I threw the bone in to cook along with the rice. At the end, sliced up some of the chop, threw in some cooked mushrooms and onions, and topped with chili oil and scallions. Quite good. To accompany... \ Scallion pancakes. But not the Chinese style knead the dough and then shallow fry. These are more based on the Korean style (pa jun) and are made with more of a p
  13. Whaddya know, a person who actually had something to do with food. A lot actually. A fairly innovative restaurateur, as a matter of fact. At the nice, ripe old age of 100! RIP! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/28/dining/cecilia-chiang-dead.html NPR Obit
  14. Well, you could always lean out the window...
  15. What type of rice do you use for your congee? I had some broken Thai rice that is allegedly good for congee, but I think it's gone, though I have a dozen other rices in my pantry.
  16. The sauces are pretty exemplary. This fish is pretty high quality. The wine (Aldo!) suggestions are spot on. It's also nice to eat in a classy place every once in a while. It's our favorite special occasion place here. I don't know what the current pricing model is, but it's also not insanely expensive. Compared to what can be insanely expensive here.
  17. Great sentiment! I especially support the support of local farmers/butchers/small businesses. However, I've eschewed all Grade B syrups and now only use amber or dark... I'm an syruptarian (that's a joke, everyone). Chirashi. No matter what I do, the plating is rather, ummm, disgusting? Anyway, there are poached shrimp, poached scallops, ikura and some wild Sockeye salmon I smoke roasted in the steam oven. A pickled ramp and avocado too!
  18. The real sad part is we're basically having this same discussion some 6 months in. With no real solutions offered, other than complete isolation by everyone.
  19. I believe N-95 (and even KN-95) masks are as effective, provided they're properly used, replaced, etc. etc. But constantly touching them, pulling them down and then up, and all the other things I see people doing with their masks - not so good.
  20. So I'm looking through my bookshelves and I have a few cookbooks on Indian food. I find this one tucked in the back... Gifted to me from one of the first people I worked with (as a headhunter, no less!) when I moved back to NYC to go to cooking school. This is a few years post-graduation... Nice handwriting. We're still friends, though she moved to California like 15 - 20 years ago.
  21. I cooked these up last night... After an overnight light dry salt brine. Good.
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