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  1. Cuts out the middle man!! (Well, except for the guy on the truck).
  2. Little goodies plate. Castelfranco salad. Marinated artichoke heart. Avocado. Olives. Poached wild shrimp. Cheese ravioli tossed with butter and Parmigiano. Needed a simple dinner last night, and this worked.
  3. I was actually at the Algonquin for an event in the Oak Room; being a little early, we had enough time to grab a drink at the bar. The event was great; hosted by Thurston Moore, an interview with the author, readings, 4 Velvet Underground songs played by Lenny Kaye. Many people left from that era were there...I felt young. The author, Ignacio, had seemingly unprecedented access to the VU and to Lou, who actually liked him...well, as much as Lou might like someone. For this book: https://t2conline.com/linger-at-the-algonquin-hotel-with-rock-n-roll-legends-the-ve
  4. That's a gorgeous looking restaurant - except for the bar stools! I dunno - how many chances does one chef get - might as well grab for the ring. (At least he's a nice guy).
  5. We're celebrating a big birthday (what birthday isn't, at this point?) for Significant Eater and will hopefully be going back to Le B. Nah - they're just good.
  6. I suppose I ought mention the places we ate (mostly dinners), not including the aforementioned garbage at Mercato Centrale. Trattoria Cammillo La Cucina del Ghianda Adagio Trattoria Sabatino Osteria Antica Mescita San Nicolò Trattoria La Casalinga Ditta Artiginale - Via dello Sprone 5R (daily coffee, breakfast or light lunch) Other than the coffee place (always chock full of exchange students using the free wi-fi), we were pretty much the only non-locals dining at some of those restaurants, as they're mostly off the beaten path. Nary a clunker in the bu
  7. Question for @Orik. I'm pretty sure this topic has been discussed elsewhere here, so forgive me my indulgence here. Take a look at these... I'm presented with the check (s), with the one on the left on top. Note just a subtotal, with a line for a gratuity and then the total. As I look underneath, I see the other check, with an 18% "auto gratuity" and a line for an additional gratuity. I thought (and I believe it has been mentioned here) automatic gratuities were a no-no? It pissed me off so much that the $10 gratuity I would have left...fuck that. I mean, the a
  8. This is right next to where I "grew up." Their high school team always kicked our high school team's asses in sports.
  9. This one hits close to home, as I spent many (during my formative, welcome back to NYC years) a Saturday night with Black 47 (probably losing a bit of my hearing) here. I even recall walking out the door with Larry Kirwan one night, hearing the birds sing. Paddy Reilly's last call - Iconic NY Irish pub to shutter this spring I'll raise a Guinness to you boys.
  10. Also: https://vinoshipper.com/shop/hickory_hollow_wine_cellars/field_blend_white_3_rs_42255 https://hickoryhollowwine.net/#home
  11. Simple dinner... Stir-fried shrimp with broccoli. Jasmine rice. A paean to Eileen Yin-Fei Lo.
  12. All true - but I still contend that sometimes one wants to go to a bar just because it's a bar. To see people. To maybe watch a game I don't get on my TV or million devices at home. Or maybe I want a draught beer? The question on my mind though, is - if people stop going to bars because the prices are so high, has raising prices really served its purpose?
  13. We're not allowed to ask where, right? How much does that bottle retail for here is a safer question?
  14. I wish I could count the number of times I have ended up cutting myself, even on just the packaging of so many damn things. But then I'd be really aggravated.
  15. Bitter greens salad. White beans, rebaked with olive oil, Parmigiano, bread crumbs, more olive oil at table. Spaghetti with red clam sauce, from a can (the clams, not the sauce).
  16. AT 85 - RIP Long ago living in California, I was teaching myself to cook; starting with Chinese food. Her books were always a great resource, and as I started to explore more regional styles, this one was especially useful... Not the first of my Chinese cookbooks (published 1988), but certainly one I turned to often back then. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/23/dining/eileen-yin-fei-lo-dead.html
  17. I think that's what @Sneakeater was referring to.
  18. And, guess what? My partner is married to a great cook - why even bother thinking about going out?
  19. This was one of my dad's (RIP) favorite breakfast things.
  20. Right. And I don't know about anyone else , but sometimes there's just a need for me to see other sentient beings than myself, my cat, and yes, even my wife. Although I perfectly enjoy going out with her, she's even more able to stay home in post-covid times, which comes from her territory of being an introvert.
  21. Yeah doesn’t that mean waiting to order and waiting for food with nothing to drink?
  22. $34 was the duck and all its accompaniments. Also, the cocktails at Majorelle are $24 and that's just insane. No more outdoor tables at Katja - they've taken down their set up. Two different experiences - I like fun and somewhat noisy.
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