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  1. Baby back spareribs, braised with fermented black beans, garlic, ginger, light and dark soy, Shaoxing wine, pork stock, bell peppers, onions. Lack of scallions = use chives. Snap peas with fresh shitake mushrooms. Pick a too-small serving bowl, and it looks like this. Lack of scallions = use chives.
  2. Anyone interested or been to Urban Hawker?
  3. Corner Bar last night - actually have to say that the service, sitting at the bar, is really nice. Significant Eater really enjoyed her burger - $24 - and comes with...nothing half a pickle. The (now) $15 fries were overcooked; I should've sent them back, but didn't. My (now) $45 Sasso chicken (delicious) seemed to have been butchered a little differently than pictured in my earlier post - no bone to be seen. And maybe there was one chanterelle. The crème brûlée was really nice and shareable - it's quite large. Easily surpassed $200. Current menu on line, though on the cur
  4. This kinda makes me laugh? I'd love it to only surpass $100 at my neighborhood spots. Not if Martinis are $21, and fries are (now) $15.
  5. And if they were sterno fired, all the better.
  6. My preferred fat for popcorn, but mixed with a little butter. I'll often salt the corn when it goes into the pan, as I think the popcorn maybe gets evenly salted that way, and then supply a small salt shaker if anyone (i.e.: Sig Eater) wants even more salt.
  7. Current menu, and I'm here to say... That I think for some things, Wu's is better.
  8. Mise... Meal... Szechuanese chicken thighs with the vegetables you generally get in an NYC Chinese restaurant when ordering chicken with mixed veg. That is - onion, carrot, celery, red and green bell pepper, fresh shitake (which you probably don't get).
  9. Whatever happened to platters? Did they morph into boards?
  10. Don't forget... I actually just like to point my guests to the kitchen, and say help yourselves to whatever you might find. Makes entertaining not only humble, but really easy!
  11. I don't know how many shows or who you've seen at the Garden, but whether it's a hockey game, a basketball game, or music, ear protection for a youngster seeing something at the garden is a good idea. Our old ears are already damaged, so Lizzo might not do much more, but starting someone on the right path to wearing ear protection is not a bad idea.
  12. This is interesting, because I definitely recall Bayless charrring everything he put into one of his salsas, on a TV thing way back when TV things counted (at least, when food tv things counted, and weren't all competitions). He'd "roast" or char them on top of the stove, on a griddle, comal, or cast iron pan, till they were blackened all over.
  13. YES - absolutely needs ear protection, and I wish I'd used it from the first show I ever saw! I moved away from foam a while ago, as they never really fit nicely for me. There are a couple of types I currently use... These ship with different tip sizes so you can make sure they fit correctly...and they'll probably look cool to a kid: https://us.loopearplugs.com/products/experience-pro I also, on occasion, use etymotics.
  14. I have their first 3 albums - but not the EP. Do you have a favorite of their LPs?
  15. Between visits this year to Portland, Northampton, Boston, etc. my edible supply is in no danger!
  16. On our drive home from Provincetown yesterday, I took a tiny detour (it's like 5 minutes from an exit off I195) to this place: You know, the whole "tinned sardine" phase the world appears to be going through got to me. If a place like this was here, we'd be kvelling for sure. First of all, there's this walk-in... Filled with nothing but salt cod. I didn't have a ton of time, and I wasn't with someone who enjoys spending hours looking at sardines, but... They have a lot. Some of my haul, after another 4 hours in the car... Do
  17. What!?!? You didn't read Hannah's piece in the current NYer... https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/10/03/newish-jewish-at-kossars-and-beyond
  18. No argument here…and it was a really bad year for the Baltimore teams.
  19. I'm wondering if that has to do with the fact the we came of age (cooking age) in the same era as Marcella; Boni was really a bit earlier. And to my knowledge her canon was 4 books, whereas Marcella's was about double that. I am now keeping an eye out.
  20. Do not sell Richard Olney short, either.
  21. The pre-Marcella Marcella!! Great books.
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