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  1. Are you kidding? Mold is what keeps @Sneakeater happy!
  2. Yep - pretty much the technique and recipe I used - but I cut the sugar in half. Still sweet enough.
  3. Hot diggity dog ramen. With Brooklyn Cured franks. Pickled cabbage with the leftovers of braised cukes and celery atop. As Jewish delis used to do in New York (and possibly elsewhere) with coleslaw and pickles, some Chinese restaurants would put out a small plate of pickled cabbage to nosh on (Significant Eater and I used to go to a place on 2nd Avenue in the 70s, whose name I've long forgotten; it purported to be, if memory serves me right, Shanghainese, and did this), while perusing the menu and waiting for food to arrive. This is a version of that.
  4. Lemonade? Sage butter with lemon juice? That sounds like you're following a recipe exactly.
  5. I trust you, and that's more about where you are than what you can procure here. I've had clams, mussels, scallops, tuna, striped bass, crab all out of the water less than a few hours - in Provincetown.
  6. Caviar, chips, chives, crêpes, créme fraîche. Lazy person chicken wings. On a sheet pan, tossed with duck fat, sweet potatoes and red bliss creamers.
  7. You know, I'm gonna take a wild stab here and venture a guess that it's really not too hard to get most "cheffy" ingredients. And I'll also guess that, in certain cases, we can get better stuff.
  8. https://shop.yamaseafood.com/market?q=Uni https://www.carolinescooking.com/spanish-black-rice-paella-arros-negre/
  9. The anti-paradox, for me, is that I have more to work with than I ever had before. And believe me, I'm glad he, and anyone else who minds, minds less...
  10. Maybe tmi, but not a problem I've ever had...except on heavy opiates! It's not like that's all we eat. Cooked a batch of the 50% milled last night - very tasty, might need a tiny bit of tweaking in terms of how much liquid I used.
  11. We've had the same rate for years. I don't believe they can change your rate if you're grandfathered in at a specific rate, unless you decide to change your plan. Now my cable provider I'd like to kill. At some point I'll figure that out, but ain't happening till post-pan.
  12. 2021's band is getting put together, I guess. https://pitchfork.com/news/new-york-dolls-guitarist-sylvain-sylvain-dead-at-69/ RIP, Sylvain Mizrahi.
  13. Bass player. Vanilla Fudge. Beck, Bogert & Appice. Cactus. 76 - RIP. https://search.blabbermouth.net/news/vanilla-fudge-and-cactus-bassist-tim-bogert-dead-at-76/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCwzCQcjC0M&feature=emb_logo
  14. Yes, we still have it. And since our phones are paid off, my bill is: Due Jan 25, 2021 $89.60 That's for both of our phones, unlimited service, anywhere. My phone works anywhere I can drive to. Or fly to, when possible again. Just for an experiment, I had taken my iPad Pro with me on a drive somewhere. I easily tethered the iPad to the phone, and the iPad worked just as it does at home, on Wifi.
  15. Cows are smart! My guess is that it's also because it's a shared hunk in a steakhouse, and the sharers can each get some of their favorite part?
  16. A bit of a rush job yesterday, wheat flour crepes - the batter had rested overnight in the fridge. 2 savory - filled with scrambled eggs and ham. Folded one just spread with some June Taylor marmalade - yuzu/Meyer lemon.
  17. I'm more interested in the new crop rice, but whatevs. And not to worry - I won't be buying any home mills...the people I know who have mills at home have had them for way longer than the kids, and they mill other than wheat. Interestingly, restaurants don't especially love the new crop rice, from what I read. Too hard to cook and hold consistently, I guess.
  18. Delivered from The Rice Factory yesterday. What they've received of the 2020 rice crop, milled the day it's shipped. I bought some at 50% milled, and some white. Along with some umeboshi, and a sample box of a few other rices. If you're local, there's not necessarily a need to order online...Ni Japanese Deli (in the Essex Market) stocks some of these rices, though obviously they will not have been milled on the day you're buying them. They stock others too; great little shop.
  19. Significant Eater was/is feeling a bit under the weather; so even though this is generally considered a breakfast food, I made it last night for dinner. Congee of Thai (jasmine) rice, I believe known as jok. With pork meatballs, scallions, Thai chili pepper and chili oil to punch it up.
  20. The funny thing about this book...even though I have dozens of tins of every imaginable size and shape, bundt pans, springform pans, tiny pans, giant pans...I don't have the one tin (or couldn't fine the one tin) the title refers to. Ah well - it's ordered and was under $20.
  21. Chicken paella. Chorizo too. Broccoli/mushroom sauté on the side.
  22. More salads. Pasta all'Amatriciana.
  23. Our two favorite French salads. And I keep upping the mustard component as well. Tasted through a couple of batches of carrots to find the best I had. Roasted chicken thighs, baked potato, escarole went with.
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