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    Jon Langford and probably a few Mekons today (for sure, Sally Timms). Steve Earle's annual fundraiser for autism and The Keswell School, next week at Town Hall. Los Lobos at City Winery week before Xmas. Some Patti Smith shows the following week, between xmas and New Year's, including Lenny Kaye's 75th Birthday at Bowery Ballroom, and Patti's birthday at the Cap, in Port Chester.
  2. Paella. Chicken, mushroom, chorizo.
  3. Ahhh - right - I was thinking of Colandrea New Corner.
  4. Our trip last week brought us to Charlottesville, VA for 2 nights, then on to Greensboro, NC for 3, and then a long drive home, with views of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains for a good portion of the trip (anything to stay off the heinous I-95). Monticello, the long-time home and plantation of our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson, is in Charlottesville, and we toured it, both self-guided and with a guide for the Mulberry Row portion, which was where much of the activity on the plantation was centered. Why do I call Jefferson ignominious? Well - because he owned a lot of slaves! And
  5. Isn't there a classic old-skool Italian place there as well (Mike's?)
  6. The Blue Ridge Mountains really are all that... Caused by isoprene released from trees. The drive down wasn't bad, since it was broken up by 2 nights in Charlottesville. The drive home, from Greensboro, took close to 11 hour; the first 8 were fine, the last 3 covered a grand total of about 75 miles, and thank god for edibles.
  7. Back in the kitchen after a week away, eating mostly food I'm still recovering from. Coho and sockeye salmon (via Wild Alaskan) over stir-fried bok choy, carrots and shitake. Rice. The two salmons were both cooked in the steam oven, low temp/steam for about 11 minutes. Still a little rare and juicy. And I keep forgetting to remember to slice the salmon before cooking it, so it doesn't appear as if it's been ripped apart. The only two ways I've found to keep this salmon from getting too dried out when cooking are in the steam oven, and by poaching.
  8. For freshly killed chickens (and other critters), LaPera Brothers...https://www.laperapoultry.com/
  9. Nathan earns his place next to Michelangelo and Barack - I figure he figures he's as important a figure as the two of them.
  10. If you were a caterer, you knew Sylvia. Indeed, the time has come to pass the offset spatula to the next generation... Sylvia Weinstock, the ‘da Vinci of Wedding Cakes,’ Dies at 91
  11. Since we’re in Greensboro, NC, the turkey was brined and smoked (not by anyone in my family, however). The breast was so moist and juicy that it demanded the turkey be first semi-carved (by someone in my family - i. e. me) so the legs and thighs could go into the oven for about 20-30 minutes to finish cooking to everyone else’s liking. A damn good bird. my nephew did lightly smoke (4 hours) and braise a brisket, which was also super moist and juicy and delicious. On a kosher table, no butter was harmed. The sweet potatoes and carrots were called tzimmes. A variety of Beaujolais were op
  12. Merci, and Happy Hanukkah, el chamboreeno!
  13. I always cook in shorts. But sans apron.
  14. What I’ve seen people use to make mango sorbets and ice cream is a specific type of canned mango pulp. I’ll see if I can find which one.
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    I wonder if they sous vide the duck breast before it gets its final treatment. I would guess that it can be sous vide-ed to just below medium rare, held for a while to tenderize, and then finished to crisp and bring up to temp.
  16. Certainly looks like his rhythm stick. Book has been on my nightstand since it came out…and I’m still only half-way through it (but that’s me, not the book necessarily).
  17. Are you dining in the People’s area? Or moving to another spot; I don’t necessarily remember what their area looks like.
  18. A: Hope he's okay. B: Hope he didn't get blood all over the car!
  19. Sounds like it was a fucking nightmare for her. And perhaps why a rib eye took an hour (size notwithstanding)...
  20. I imagine a Blentec blade will take your finger off if one is dumb enough to stick it into a running blender. But there is no way either that Oster or Bamix can deal with many things that a Vita/Blendtec handles with aplomb.
  21. They all seem to do slides, as cooks and other kitchen personnel move on. Wu's has worked in waves for sure. But their most reliable stuff has maintained, similar to how Great NY Noodletown's has as well.
  22. He really did. Between him on Staten Island, and Richard Thompson in New Jersey, we're loaded with old timers...or...were.
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