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  1. I would think the wine room would go in the basement!
  2. Is it a walkin? I imagine one could install a commercial unit in a house, or maybe even hack a consumer unit and put the compressor outside? I know there are ventilation hoods where u can choose for an in-line, in-duct or remote (external) fan. Which would be really great, I think - nice and quiet.
  3. Spaghetti cacio e pepe (how I'm cooking pasta, in my kitchen, in this weather, is beyond me). The peppercorns are lightly toasted and smashed in the mortar and pestle, which makes a lot of difference in the finished dish, in one person's opinion. I think green beans on the side.
  4. Our home-based lunches skew towards very healthy; certainly healthier than dining out, even for a non-working stiff like me. Because even non-working, I often indulged in lunch out, be it at Wu's (where I overate) or Katsu-Hama (where I overate) or Katz's (where I overate) or Scarr's (where less said, the better). No - at home it's more likely to be: Chicken salad, salad, a few housemade pita crisps, half of a lonely pickle. I really miss pizza. Good pizza.
  5. The new giant breaker box in (fortunately) our hallway, is also a few feet lower than the old one. Evidently, that's "code." Same with any new wall light switches they installed.
  6. In my opinion, fridges really need to be full-depth - counter depth cuts down on storage way more than one might think. I suppose 48-64" wide could help. I think the less said about fans/vents integrated into over the range microwaves the better.
  7. Man, what I would give for 100 amps! I think we have about 60...on a good day. I saw some flickering lights this morning, with both air conditioners and the espresso machine running.
  8. I said, by myself, kaddish (I'm going to hell).
  9. Braised pork chop, steam roasted vegetables, and an orzo pilaf that, for the first time, I made properly! Pan sauce, too. Made with a spicy red pepper jelly, too.
  10. Fucking contractors. And their subs. But I will say the electrical sub did a pretty good job with dedicated circuits, though it involved a giant new breaker box, which is currently hidden behind an even larger framed poster. The plumbing sub - let's just say I actually made my contractor come back, after 2 years, to fix a shitty part of that job...a few minor threats did the trick!
  11. Kinda surprised this hadn't been posted yet. At 91, creator of some fairly iconic designs. Founder of NY Magazine. DC Comics Logo. Dylan poster. I LOVE NY. etc. OBIT But what really kinda blew me away...I was, as I do daily, looking at a cookbook for some ideas - and the cookbook I pulled off the shelf was this one.. All well and good. And then... RIP - one of a kind.
  12. joethefoodie

    Hugh Downs

    It appears as if Hi Mom was a TV series from 1957 - 1960, but had nothing to do with Hugh? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0828216/
  13. Since we have a non-ducting (i.e. recirculating) hood (and I imagine on ducted hoods as well?) with steel-mesh grease filters and inner charcoal filters, I throw the grease filters into the dishwasher once a month. Even in a month (especially now) they get pretty disgusting.
  14. The road to sanity is long, and far away. (At least we each have our own seating area - 800 square feet grows smaller every day!)
  15. Is that the road to sanity? Because I might be looking for that road, after spending 24/7 with my (admittedly lovely) wife and (admittedly lovely) cat. For the last 120+ days.
  16. The other night, donabe rice with mushrooms, ginger, mushroom stock, sake, soy, sesame oil (no dashi necessary). Halibut and salmon from Great Alaska (I really ought to portion the filets before cooking, but...) just mellowly roasted, and spinach in a sesame/miso dressing.
  17. I was ecstatic with the fact the I lost only one, yes one, to leaky filling. I learned after folding the first few using less water on the edges to make the seal is much better than using more water on the edges.
  18. Give everyone bags of potato chips and pretzels, along with (they make much more than Pinot Noir, so)...
  19. Hey -- I used to do this at the movies! Great with popcorn.
  20. I want to congratulate myself, because while they're not perfect... I followed Kenji's instruction as to how to fold a wonton, and for a first attempt, that one looks pretty good. This experiment was certainly challenging... as the need to pan fry some of the "wontons" was also present. Actual dumpling shapes not so much. But... with a couple of different sauces to go along with (ginger/scallion/hot oil and soy/vinegar/etc. etc.), the wontons and pan fried dumplings were both delicious. The stuffing in both consisted of fatty ground pork, scallions, chives, sautéed shitakes, soy, ginger, garlic, rice wine, sugar, and pepper. I'm certainly never going to be able to make these with the speed or consistency I've seen when I've seen these being made on a table in the back of Wu's, but I'll keep trying - they're worth it.
  21. That, back in the day, was such a fun place. Even to learn.
  22. Now that I "know," not so glad I asked. I think the cork thing was an old wives tale? https://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/05/dining/05curious.html
  23. I guess i shouldn't say it, but rot in hell. While RIPing.
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