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  1. I like Chinatown in the winter for this specific reason.
  2. And you're worried about frozen lobster ?
  3. Deal...but I can't "continue eating" This Little Piggie since I haven't even started eating there. That's why I proffer no opinion on it. Yet you seem to opine re: Luke's without having ever taken a bite.
  4. Are you basing this on one visit, or multiple visits to Luke's where your lobster rolls were disgusting? That's sort of a minority of one, at least in this thread. And it costs most places less than a dollar for a bottle of Brooklyn, let's say, yet they charge $7!
  5. What? They have bellies on the upper east? Yes, it was Black Pearl - in the back of the bar, right?
  6. Oh yeah, he's a character. But I think he toned it down when his investors got wind of some of his blog posts...especially that second one you quoted. BTW, I'll take the Momo buns over his any day.
  7. I agree with you both, and I wasn't trying to imply that the food was any less special for "unkonwns," but perhaps a little bit extra special for friends.
  8. I think Devi's food was really special when someone was a friend of the house.
  9. Liuke's also has the quite delicious, imo, shrimp roll as well as crab roll. Trying to remember - is it celery salt they use, or Old Bay?
  10. joethefoodie

    Burgers in NY

    I do like the loose, hand-moulded patty. Not sure that I prefer the flavor to Royale. The main reason I don't use Black Iron is actually a ventilation problem. My early visits, I felt coated in ambient fat by the time I left. Maybe they've improved that, but the fatty smoke (Zak Pelaccio, be my guest) used to permeate the room. Totally agree, Wilf. Much less troublesome when the griddle isn't packed, so I try to go at less crowded times.
  11. joethefoodie

    Burgers in NY

    Also like the Black Iron Burger for its "style," which I believe to still be a hamburger. And good fried green tomatoes, too.
  12. joethefoodie

    Burgers in NY

    no fries, and their awful fries are 4.75. And for the sake of comparability I believe it is a much smaller patty then most of the other places in this thread. Well, they're not french fries, that's for sure, but sometimes, fresh out of the fryer, they're OK. I don't agree that it's a much smaller patty, either...probably 6 oz., but I didn't think it was an ounce to ounce comparison.
  13. joethefoodie

    Burgers in NY

    Not including transportation, J.G. Melon.
  14. That's fucking worse. Means the shucker didn't know what he/she was doing.
  15. When does LaFrieda run out of beef? And sneak, while it's a travesty that you were served less than pristine oysters, why order them in the summer? I always think it's just asking for trouble.
  16. Trust me, that was the service method at Good World as well. That is, when they almost recognized that you were there.
  17. link You shouldn't accept free stuff in a significant way if it's your job to write about that same sort of stuff. If the fact of the matter is that "everybody" does it (except Richman as we already know, and quite a few others) then "everybody" should stop doing it. Right - "everybody" doesn't do it. I've been out on more than one occasion with a well-known critic. There has never been a meal accepted as a freebie. Checks have been sent back to add items to the bill. "Friends" of said critic get no free passes when it comes to review time. And when a "comp" is sent out from the kitchen, be it an extra course or something not on the menu, full disclosure is made. I think we've proven the point that Ozersky is a bit of a shill. And so is eater.
  18. It's too bad. He's such a good cook.
  19. That's the place (Red Farm) that was mentioned in the Ozersky piece.
  20. Joe Ng knows his shit. And I'm pretty sure they have some lunch specials where you can get out for a bit less dough.
  21. I think you're being a little rough on it. Understand, I'm not a huge fan of the place (especially the physical plant), but there are plenty of delicious tiki cocktails to be had; some of them are even a proper 4 to 5 ounces in total. But just because we don't love it doesn't mean there isn't a market for it. And, as in most bars that don't include the D & Cs or PDTs of the world, there will be douches. Actually, I think I've seen the occasional douche at both of the aforementioned serious cocktail places, which I don't think are in any danger of going bye bye.
  22. Of some import, from dmanburger: Newly knighted Executive chef David Santos, now in power of 5 and Diamond Restaurant, introduces a new 5 item all $5.00 teaser menu starting on June 22nd – 5.30pm-7:00pm- for those after work- pre-dinner-“need a fix patrons” .Santos took over the reins this past week from then consultant, Ryan Skeen. The much gossiped about shift came after a confusing faux-pas by a noted New York foodie publication,”They then issued a retraction” says the relaxed Santos. Menu looks good, too.
  23. joethefoodie


    Yes - or Acme, R & D's supplier. And it's nowhere near raw, just has that texture. Fully smoked.
  24. joethefoodie

    Burgers in NY

    Certainly. Comments on other food based boards seem to indicate a "not-so-bad" burger. And there's a full bar, so I can arrive early; as long as they have some decent bourbon and bitters, I'll be set. Plus. it was either this or Brother Jimmy's across the street.
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