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  1. Yeah, I don't see that ability on those sites.
  2. Received a nice delivery yesterday morning. Picked lobster from 3 lobsters - yield just about 1 lb. after the bastard picking the lobster had some unauthorized bites. Shells busted up and cooked in a little olive oil and ramp butter. Mirepoix (included some fennel), white wine and bouquet garni added. To make stock. Yield about 1.5 qts. on the right. On the left, slightly less chicken stock, made with the bones, backs, giblets, etc. of the poule au pot bird. Dinner... Lobster rolls, cole slaw and mac salad. Only used 1/2 the lobster, expecting to use the other half + stock for risotto or pasta or ???
  3. Chicken salad from poule au pot chicken, vinaigrette dressing with mustard, capers, shallots, celery, chives, red peppers. Macaroni salad, mayonnaise + oil/vinegar, lightly cooked add-ins.
  4. This wasn't for dinner, but because deliveries were on the way and needed to make room... So Poule au Pot it was. An interesting method - forget the skin via this method, but it yields lovely, moist meat. With the breast was made chicken salad; the back, skin and bones made stock and the leg thigh meat will undoubtedly be used in a chicken noodle soup/ramen/udon thing. Stove top, super low heat.
  5. Possibly not - what ingredients are you trying to work with?
  6. Kinda interesting...survey of 511 epidemiologists about when they will feel okay about doing certain things... https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/06/08/upshot/when-epidemiologists-will-do-everyday-things-coronavirus.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  7. Difford's is good. I also like Kindred Cocktails and CocktailDB
  8. There might be some cursing going on.
  9. Noodles in chicken broth, with some sliced leftover pork and a pickled ramp. Donabe rice cooked with dashi, last of the same leftover pork just put on the rice to heat it up after the rice cooked, shitaki, carrots, ginger. And a piece of wild Columbia River salmon, simply steam roasted at low temp.
  10. I think it's more troublesome that beef shanks are being used for ossobuco, as opposed to veal shanks.
  11. My sometimes Friday night dinner, made Wednesday... Chicken thighs and wings. Broke in my new 13" paella pan!
  12. Yes - I was thinking ice cream or sorbet if they're not going to be worthy for out of hand.
  13. Yeah - setting the bar pretty low. I did get (like a week ago) some organic Driscoll's that were surprisingly edible, and didn't even have to throw away like 1/2 the box...they were in good shape, too.
  14. I'm worried, as I'm getting some from Fellow Farmer tomorrow...trying both Norwich Meadows Farm and Phillips Farms...hoping that the rain hasn't fucked with them.
  15. Nah - I use one and they help only minimally. Better to actually use a lid, but still not a huge help.
  16. Anyone have any experience with this place in Boonton? Fossil Farms They appear to have some interesting stuff, that's for sure.
  17. Might Saxelby, Jasper Hill Farm et al. get cheeses/other dairy to you in the quantities you want, in good shape, overnight? They appear to ship for free at a certain, very reasonable spend amount.
  18. For lunch the other day, with a tossed salad... Tumminia busiate (made from an ancient grain in Sicily), with a less than traditional pesto. In Sicily, and for this pasta specifically, the traditional pesto, called Pesto Alla Trapanese, is made with basil, almonds and tomatoes, much different than a Ligurian pesto.
  19. When I used to garden, and when I had a garden, I was fairly adamant about organic gardening. (Fuck, I even subscribed to the magazine). Anyway, aphids were a problem, slugs were a problem, hornworms were a problem, everything was a problem. One spring, I read about the brilliant idea of using ladybugs to control aphids and other crop damagers. I ordered a few pints of ladybugs, and per directions, kept them in the fridge until it was time to set the killers loose in my garden. I think it took about 10 minutes before they all flew away. You know, once they warmed up.
  20. Earlier this week...time flies... I braised these lovely globe artichokes. It's a good thing they're lovely, cause they cost like $4 a piece! (I remember, years ago when living in San Jose, getting big artichokes at 4 for $1!!) But then again, when I used to be able go to restaurants, and said restaurants had artichokes on their menus, and said artichokes were like $16, I understood. I wanted to make it easy for Significant Eater, so I butchered the artichokes before service... Significant Eater, no yogurt lover she, was in love with the dipping stuff. Whereupon I had to confess; yogurt based, a little mayo, horseradish, pimenton, lemon, garlic powder, olive oil. And 4 perfect artichoke heart halves. That was the fancy part. The main plate - reheated everything. Fried polenta (what a fucking mess that makes), leftover meatballs in sauce, leftover mushroom ragout...
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