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  1. The truck trick? What else? The opening shot of Gotham City (aka Chicago) for one. Pretty much all the skyline/cityscape stuff is spectacular.
  2. There's definitely some V in this depiction of the Joker. And also some Saw. I really liked The Dark Knight though it was too long (or not long enough) and I highly recommend seeing it in IMAX if you have the opportunity. The film's big setpieces were all filmed specifically for this format and look amazing (not just the size, but also the resolution of the image). You don't often get to hear a collective gasp or "whoa" from an audience but it happens a least twice here.
  3. I realize this is really too obscure to count, but you haven't heard bad till you've listened to David Hasslehoff's "The Night Rocker" 0jIxjNfBqds "We Built This City" and "Seasons in the Sun" pretty awful. There was this new wave song called "Escalator of Life" by Robert Hazard that is up there too.
  4. bonitobroth

    Mamma Mia

    Lots and lots of Americans (straight and gay, square and hip) danced, and still do, to ABBA. The first single I bought as a kid around 1980 was "Take a Chance on Me" (M's "Pop Musik" purchased the same day)... their singles are great, pure pop. (Well, not all of them... but a pretty good batting average.) Dramatic, kitchy of course... but the hooks are undeniable. That said, there's no way in hell I'm going to see Mamma Mia, even though my friend had this to say about it: "It is HORRIBLE. I saw it twice."
  5. bonitobroth

    Mercury Prize

    I would think the race is between Radiohead and Burial, solely judging on how this usually plays out.
  6. I liked the whole thing but the first 40 minutes are probably the best thing Pixar has ever done.
  7. bonitobroth


    The movie is apparently way toned-down compared to the comic, which features characters bragging about raping celebrities. To each their own, I thought this was garbage.
  8. bonitobroth


    You're definitely right... it's aimed at 12-year-old boys despite being a very hard R. But I think Shoot 'Em Up was a much better, tongue-in-cheek, example of the exact same thing. Not that I'd want to watch that again either. I guess I was more bothered by the crassness of the first half hour than anything else. It takes the same amped-up approach to office scenes as the action, which is a little hard to watch. I also didn't need the f-bomb every third word. Again, I'm no prude but it was just sort of graceless I thought.
  9. bonitobroth


    I hated this movie with just about every fiber of my being. The mindless violence didn't bother me (though you can only see so many curving bullets before it gets old) -- but the crass, cruel, mean attitude and contempt to the audience, women, you name it, did. (And I saw Fight Club four times in the theater.) But I realize I'm in the minority on this, though I'm a bit dumbfounded as to why. The Guardian review pretty much sums up my feelings on it.
  10. There were hordes of women lining up outside the 3rd ave / 10th St. theater yesterday afternoon, all dressed-up as if they wanted to be *in* the movie. And people make fun of the kids who wear costumes to Harry Potter... ridiculous.
  11. Ditto on feeling like Lucas is responsible. In addition to CGI monkeys, add CGI gophers, "tarzan-ing", and horrible, horrible dialogue like "knowledge is their treasure." I didn't hate it, but honestly... C+ at best.
  12. My experience... good, but I like Ssam Bar better in every way possible. I was stuffed -- stuffed! -- by the end.
  13. good question - it really is BBQ season or will be soon anyway. I walked by the new P&Ts location yesterday and peered in the window... it was empty. We're still a ways away.
  14. Well I just watched the DVD and I'm happy to say that Walk Hard doesn't suck, but I don't think anyone's going to bust a gut laughing. Very much a parody of Walk the Line/Ray/Great Balls of Fire/Etc... pretty spot-on. So in that way closer to a Zucker/Abrams/Zucker movie than yer typical Apatow production. (Though it features all the Apatow regulars.) Despite rampant nudity, drugs, language, violence, the humor is very gentle. Songs are very good, actually. Worth a rental.
  15. Going for the first time ever this year... can't wait. Looking forward to the food as much as the music.
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