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  1. It really just depends on how long the subject can hold his breath.
  2. Do you know if they're gonna' have chicken fried bacon this year? If so I'll certainly make a visit. It's more convenient than schlepping through College Station.
  3. That's actually a very good sub.
  4. This sort of reminds me of the whole roasting a chicken project from another site and another poster.
  5. Howard Kurtz He's right. It's self-inflicted. Edit: Jarvis is right too.
  6. Lyle


    Source for the above quotes. I agree. Print ops are done and nobody outside the industry itself invests in them. The NYT really messed up a few years ago with it's new printing industry.
  7. Lyle

    Top Chef

    I got distracted... ...really "pretty".
  8. I forgot to take pictures. Of course, all was picturesque.
  9. We're cooperating with friends, who are cooking two small turkeys and a couple of dressings. We're bringing: Spinach pie, walnut, feta Smashed rutabaga w/pear roast brussels sprouts, bacon, shallot, walnut "mock porchetta" ala zuni, w/ a few changes lemon and some sort of sweet cookie Ginger Cake Pumpkin Cheesecake A pie of some sort (tired of apple) I feel prepared. I soon won't, though. The rest is supposedly brought by guests. We'll see.
  10. The kitten wink, and the knowing nod.
  11. Yes he is (this is how he thinks he's hidden when he's scared/annoyed). Now on to food photos...well...gotta wait for Thanksgiving.
  12. test Sparky and Jinx Never posted photos before.... Sparky Jinx Lazy Jinx Edit: It worked. I'm not quite the idiot I thought I was.
  13. I, in the minority, believe the market rate for those mortgages is now below their future realization. But, politically, that's not a selling point. Nor is it market based. I'd, soon, be long on those positions. At least where they're currently priced. But alot of that now depends on the other markets recovering a bit... avoid panic
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