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  1. I'm so disappointed that the ACC bailed out ND. Would have been great to watch them flap in the wind after so many years of insisting they are too special to be part of a conference. Not that any of it matters if the season isn't completed.
  2. tighe

    Foie gras ban

    you don't say. Isn't animals getting chewed to death while still alive a fairly regular occurrence in the wild?
  3. 🤣 Tom Douglas pizza sucks, even by Seattle standards, so...
  4. Is everyone in NYC excited about going to spin-offs of Seattle restaurants at the new Nordstrom flagship store in Midtown?!
  5. The format would be even better if one could actually get in. When did you go? I got there around 6:30 on a Wednesday, put my name on the waiting list and ended up being seated around 8:15. Had a drink and a plate at Oxalis, a drink at a place next to Oxalis, and wandered around a bit to kill the time. Just had an app and a drink to tide me over until a late dinner that night. Chose the carrot rillettes, which was tasty enough, but eluded me in what sense is was "rillette," since it seemed like diced carrots. The cocktail just wasn't very interesting, especially given the ing
  6. Dinner with said friend never materialized for a variety of reasons, and my dining choices for the week ended up being mainly driven by what was close by, interesting and available at meal times (or family members choosing). So the run down was, including some partial meals: Margon Tomino Toloache Oxalis (Brooklyn) Maison Yaki (Brooklyn) - fantastic format for solo dining Aria The Modern Red Rooster Barney Greengrass A few regrets in there, but overall enjoyable eating.
  7. These are the kinds of people that necessitated the concept of a Veblen good…
  8. $23 for two lengua tacos at Empellon Taqueria? Yeah, I'd say my budget would be blown long before the typical number of tacos I eat. While acknowledging that I'm from a backwater city, that's stupid.
  9. I guess it depends on how much you plan to drink... that can be half the $$ sometimes, I've found. If you're light drinkers: Atoboy - the three dishes for $46(?) is a good deal for the quality. Good beer selection, too, if you're into that. Llamita could be fun. No idea if you've any Peruvian places in Seattle. Estela or Crown Shy might be doable. You could probably do one of the Raij/Montero places - Txikito, Quinto Pino - tapas can start adding up depending how much you order, but a light meal is certainly doable. Are you sharers? Empellon, maybe - start with the queso fundido o
  10. Coming to town later this month for a conference, and looking for recommendations for a place for dinner with a friend. Some loose parameters: Manhattan, mid-range price (<$100 pp all in), ideally something that is not readily available in Seattle, reasonably conversation-friendly noise level. Appreciate any guidance you have, thanks!
  11. Ale Kaho, a little payback by sleaze bag Tosh Lupoi against his former employer. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/former-5-star-ale-kaho-days-after-being-granted-his-release-from-uw-huskies-to-play-for-alabama/
  12. Does it include the coaching on how to feign a family crisis so you can get released from your LOI to go play for the Tide instead?
  13. tighe

    NCAA 2017

    Looks like this is going to get even uglier than I thought And I thought it would get pretty ugly. Hopefully one outcome is to create a path to professional sports that doesn't require spending time pretending to be a student.
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