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  1. I had more or less the same symptoms (extra funny when big right toe stopped hurting and big left toe replaced it) for 3 days. Sivan got up to 102 but cleared it in a day. Lots of fun.
  2. Arak with khat will hug you in ways that are nsfw
  3. You can use locast if you care about local channels in places where antennas don't work very well (nyc). I think it's about $5/month
  4. Orik

    My Amplifier

    There's no difference between listening to an mp3 on your lousy laptop speakers or your earbuds and listening to an LP being played over FM radio, as almost all the mp3 crappiness is above 15 khz and as FM dynamic range is only around 50 db, plus in the real world FM listening you'd often choose mono over reception noise. In that sense kids today aren't rejecting quality in favor of portability / convenience in a different way than we were rejecting it, and that the case then and today is that ubiquity is a good, practical reason for that rejection. Ghost kitchens were always here. That'
  5. Orik

    My Amplifier

    Doesn't matter. It's not as if the original distortion wasn't random. Dynamic range is clearly more important to classical music and perhaps some acoustic work than to most pop music. While it's true that there's no reason to choose suboptimality, there's obviously a balancing act involving money, portability, and angry neighbors that increasingly doesn't end up with a serious hifi installation. p.s. I could write at great length about amplifier design from around 1986 (when I started building gear for DJs and pirate radio for spending money) until the early 90s and compared
  6. Orik

    My Amplifier

    I remember the good old days when everyone was obsessed with THD and clipping so that they can hear the hiss from their tapes and scratches and dust from their LPs more clearly.
  7. It's a one liner - make gras double in the usual manner, then schnitzel it.
  8. I know someone going to Sardinia soon, I'll see if I can get him to shuttle some back.
  9. Other interesting points from the (not yet published, and from a brief scan won't pass peer review as is) Israel Pfizer paper: - 81% of infections there are now from the British variant. - It looks like just over a third of infections are symptomatic, much lower than previous estimates.
  10. The funniest one was down the block from us. It was a ghost sushi place and after they closed last year I spoke with the owner who told me they had some corporate clients but basically just one client that mattered... WeWork
  11. You're probably just seeing more produce from hot houses or from "family" owned farms down south because there's less available from storage than in a normal year. (Late start to the season + labor shortage + obviously people planted less)
  12. Convince them it already came and this is what happens after.
  13. Nice. Btw, have you tried Partybus Bakeshop?
  14. I remember when it was 17 after three weeks below zero and we decided it's a good day for a walk around the lake. Israel is now issuing green passes for the fully vaccinated (one week post second shot, initially good for six months) and recovered (good until the end of June) that allows them to enter a variety of businesses and events regardless of limitations imposed by their traffic light system.
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