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  1. Oh, I'm certainly passing judgement on them. First the meat room, now this...
  2. Orik


    I asked and they did bring them in this fall.
  3. In a market where tipping is common, service-included restaurants won't be able to reduce FOH pay and won't need to increase BOH pay. What they will certainly do is pocket as much as they can from the service charges.
  4. Orik


    Is anyone importing game birds or hare this year? I haven't seen any.
  5. It's brilliant - nobody can complain that they have a pre-existing Tock reservations and prices are being raised without notice as the restaurant can always say tips aren't mandatory.
  6. Chambo dear, we are not discussing generic luxury goods here, of course you are right about those. Japanese vanity fruit (esp. packaged as you've included in your post) exists exclusively for gifting purposes. It offers the recipient perfect knowledge of how much was spent / wasted on them, which is very important for some Japanese reason. It is also inherently perishable which is also very important for some Japanese reason. This does not mean there isn't expensive fruit meant for consumption with price (supposedly) based on quality or demand, but it's just not that fruit. For ref
  7. Right, and chambo is missing that fact. The recipient knows how much $$$ was wasted on them, and that is all that matters. Nobody is buying this for their own consumption. The positive aspect is this supports highly specialized agriculture, packaging and delivery systems that might not survive on commodity business alone.
  8. Factory farmed berries.
  9. Understood. It's just that with current sushi fish and express shipping prices anything below ~$150 is going to involve some painful compromises (worse fish, less fish, kicking you out in 30 minutes, etc.)
  10. Ikumi is a bit more (160 iirc) but a lot less than 400.
  11. Who knew public sector employees would be first to figure out how to weaponize coronaviruses?
  12. The steak for two at the Tokyo location is 29,000 yen
  13. So can Puck speak English?
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