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  1. It's nice that they're killing the android app altogether. I suspect some restaurants are now holding tables back until after the cancellation fee deadline.
  2. Well the hotel kept Le C going even when there were no guests (and spent heavily on outdoors seating, although exactly a year ago it was still freezing cold) and their menu is shorter than before although still very long. I think everyone from Maialino found a job elsewhere so I'm not sure when and if it's going to reopen.
  3. I spoke with the owner of Nema last week (where Suvir's restaurant was supposed to open). 60% occupancy despite 3 months free rent on a 12 month lease vs 95% before, with no leasing activity. The only thing making nyc look not absolutely screwed is SF.
  4. Orik

    M. Wells Steakhouse

    I think Jeff Teller is the one who /operates in Frenchette.
  5. Orik

    Le Crocodile

    The veal chop is large but not gigantic. Big hungry guys like me have no problem finishing it (not to mention @Sivan)
  6. Orik

    Le Crocodile

    The hotel room is a hotel room.
  7. I just figured the last time I saw a tablecloth in a NYC restaurant was November 2020 (Aska) whereas practically every place in Madrid (ex DiverXo) has them.
  8. It's the interaction of the surroundings and the food. The way places we like to mention as serving fine dining food in casual settings generally get away with it is that they're very small so that intimacy and personal service make up for the lack of haute signifiers.
  9. But they would minimize the gap between shucking an oyster and shucking, then gently poaching, then putting it in a jelly of its brine over some cream with a bit of caviar and tweezing oyster leaf on top.
  10. Fradei is like Frej - it's not a real nyc business and can either eventually grow (which necessarily will be accompanied by more fine dining trimmings) or vanish.
  11. It's all about focus. At some point the environment makes it impossible to appreciate food that would be terrific in a fine dining setting.
  12. That was great fun, and obviously everything about Intersect is more suited for The Bywater than for Manresa... maybe they can keep it going and just segue into Compère Lapin.
  13. That's what we have Michelin for, isn't it?
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