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  1. Orik


    NY is so speciest... I can raise 100 chickens at home if I want to, but not a single ortolan. @joethefoodie likely gone by Friday but there'll be other good stuff.
  2. Orik


    If everything goes well, there will be some percebes this Wednesday.
  3. Is that supposed to be hebrew? A recurring theme - @Sivan orders a G&T in some club or grubby concert venue, complains it's terrible, I remind her she always says that. (like covering sweat with deodorant, I think) If you fly SAS business I recommend whatever lovely gin they have with some seltzer.
  4. Imagine you're with three friends under drinking age, or a family with kids and you want to get your really bad food at brunch time without the drinking commitment. At least that's what I tell myself about the lines.
  5. Orik


    The crew or the rabbits?
  6. Orik


    I hadn't considered that.
  7. Orik


    Thanks! One of the things I'm happiest about is creating a Japanese standard fish and seafood supply chain, but not through the sushi vendors. Everything is direct from the fishery, all the fish either full ikijime or at least bled, seafood either fresh or iqf on boat just to last the trip. The bass was caught Sunday and we got it Monday, stiff as a plank, and set it to age. By Wednesday it was very good, when I had the last tail after Saturday's service it was even better. This week we're supposed to get some Splendid Alfonsino (a more fun name than Kinmedai or Virrey) which I think wil
  8. Orik


    I'm told a good night out is what they're all about. It was terrific, thanks
  9. Orik


    On the bright side - the rabbit had ears so the crew knew it wasn't a cat. But seriously - why is this an issue?
  10. I just had to move something from today to tomorrow because it turned out to be in the wrong Brooklyn following an event in the right Brooklyn.
  11. Orik


    Right now we opened just this week, we'll probably do two weeks at a time for a while.
  12. I thought the building stands where that weird PC Richard once stood, but I could be wrong.
  13. The Chinese name brings up many references, although entirely irrelevant ones
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