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  1. But they don't lose money on each one! At the same time OT has been growing rapidly abroad. I guess they figure Resy's terrible client data handling will block them from EU at least.
  2. Stickiness. Not free anymore but every cool restaurant has it. They've also been working on pos / kitchen integration which not surprisingly make it as expensive as opentable
  3. Maybe Vox are hoping Amex will buy them too. How did Resy win NYC? Free service for two years.
  4. Orik


    I think the dish could only be improved by grating some Cantabrian anchovy chocolate on top.
  5. Right. Ascorbic acid has the advantage that you need very little of it (and it's less acidic to begin with) so it doesn't impact flavor.
  6. A tiny amount of ascorbic acid is the cure for avocado issues, and it's good for you. P.s. I haven't tried vacuum with plain old limes but yuzu and makrut limes seem to keep their color. In fairness this is with a chamber sealer that doesn't try to suck all the juice out.
  7. Many years ago we were hosting a couple of American technicians who came to service some mega million piece of equipment they thought was good for us 20 year olds to play with. Their brief said we were taking them to an Oriental restaurant and boy were they surprised when it turned out to mean that orient where a spread of salads is followed by kebabs, and not the one where things are sweet and sour.
  8. Maybe the truck from Georgia dropped some off there on the way to Hunt's Point.
  9. Curation or not, when the cost of a glass poured is over 12 times what the winemaker gets, we should be at least somewhat concerned.
  10. Not only did it not stick, but when I went out around midnight that day, it was in the 60s (which as far as I'm concerned is short sleeve weather)
  11. It's in a hotel, so it is allowed.
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