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  1. Right. I would imagine kitchen staffing is one reason things aren't fully back at LC, while the Frenchette menu is a story of current nyc dining - still very slow Mon-Tue (esp. for high ticket items), but Fri-Sat are back to before with the additional pressure from outdoor dining which means the kitchen is slammed even with a smaller menu. (and ingredient prices, etc.)
  2. Surprise! Obviously things were different during covid.
  3. For reference, the very same CA product is selling for $6.99 in nyc.
  4. Unlikely, they're pretty terrific. More likely it helped the bum bum ciao slurp and run business model.
  5. It's definitely an old school thing. I don't really know the logic.
  6. The only time I got sunburned over the past 15+ years was SF
  7. Ok it turns out Musk will be the weirdo flashing you outside Twitter HQ.
  8. The menu is current since covid but they only update it around 5pm
  9. It's not large, but it is terrific and I assume even better if it comes without bits of saran wrap in it. The pigeon, as mentioned elsewhere was exceptional. Actually all the food was excellent both for ingredients and technique, even though I couldn't even make it all the way to the bathroom to throw up at 3am (Of course it could be a virus). This did make me thankful that there was no side of spaghetti, which I was kind of wishing for during dinner. I feel sort of conflicted but I feel like they'll get their stars and it's not going to get any better and the menu will never c
  10. The surcharge was for waking up at 3am to throw up.
  11. But yeah. Not compelling environment. Also I didn't appreciate the plastic wrap embedded in the pate.
  12. But dude the pigeon at l'abeille is spectacular
  13. Maracaibo resident shows off figure after cutting down on the local sandwiches.
  14. And they all taste the same! Short one Drouhin, buy five Barthod and you'll have change for favas.
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