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  1. TKG Tai Chazuke (if that doesn't end up being your favorite thing in the world then I dunno) Any variation of marinated tuna on rice Or if you've got some thinly sliced a5 beef around the house then this erotic presentation
  2. Orik

    Fresh GOGO

    Similar concept, I think gogo is a bit stronger on produce.
  3. Our NP-VC10-TA Induction Zojirushi cost $110 in Japan and I'm amazed to see that the current equivalent costs exactly twice as much here. Definitely too much, and I assume Sneak's pressure cooker model is double that for marginally better rice. It takes 53 minutes to cook white rice, which is (I'm sure by no accident) precisely the same time it would take you to cook the rice in a donabe (including soaking, cooking, and resting)
  4. I have the Marathi book, maybe I'll actually cook something from it.
  5. They list 9 books: https://penguin.co.in/?s=essential cookbook&filter_search1=book Obviously there's at least one missing.
  6. Both FD and Regalis retail have 2+ lb lobsters for $17/lb This is new to me and I haven't used it yet, but looks promising: https://www.e-fish.com/collections/all
  7. I wonder what will happen when all the people who adopted covid pups will suddenly remember they like to travel.
  8. Orik

    Fresh GOGO

    Just don't let it loose in the house.
  9. I've got so many Charmin bears I worry they'll gang up on us at night.
  10. Nope. Often you can rent a mini fridge or burner from the management company. One quality step up (mansion) will typically include a fridge, a couple of burners and a fish grilling drawer, while the equivalent of a luxury condo will have a full western kitchen (although never a dishwasher). I did try the risotto recipe once and was not convinced.
  11. Many people have them, of course. It's a bit hard to talk about "practically every" and "home" in the context of how many Japanese people live, but you'd definitely expect to find a rice cooker in a middle class kitchen. I use ours any time I want to make Japanese rice or okayu and I'm sure that happens far more often than it would if I had to cook the rice in a pot. For other uses (risotto, arroz meloso, basmati, etc.) I prefer traditional methods. A typical Japanese kitchen in an apaato (apartment, the lowest grade Japanese urban dwelling) for illustration. Note the lowered count
  12. They play the funeral march when it's done.
  13. Most people don't have torus palatinus, and it has a name.
  14. Not really a problem if you do whole animal raw eating (two dozen oysters daily provide sufficient vitamin c, for example). In fact, I think meat is just about the only thing that's more nutritious and easier to digest when uncooked. But anyway, this is a misdirect. Who cares which diets you can survive on? eta: as pointed out by small h, "more nutritious" is misleading as cooked meat delivers more calories, although can be deficient in necessary vitamins
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