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  1. But get the black cod and the duck for sure. We went the second night and they weren't doing the tasting menu yet. Kinch's somewhat Japanese, somewhat Provencal French food was on clear display (he has some of his former team in there, which really helps) but of course this isn't Manresa in terms of the room, the dishes, the service, or the produce.
  2. So just think even worse and more expensive.
  3. It was funny that instead of complaining about Michelin being all French, and then French or Japanese, now he has to complain that it´s all French, Italian, Korean, or Japanese while other cuisines that have been represented by cheap noodle and rice dishes only get a red bib. eta: and isn't Vestry New Australian?
  4. One pound raw morel is about 6oz cooked, plus the very long time to clean it. One pound raw steak cooked rare is around 13oz. But more importantly, it's a question of settings - at a place like EMP you would get a smaller than 3oz portion of steak (lame, lame steak) as an entrée so it's more about creating an aggregate where there are sufficiently many expensive and exotic sounding ingredients presented in extremely small quantities than anything else. Also, to keep things real - this is the level of luxe we're talking about - really not hard to replicate the food cost: https:/
  5. As everyone says, an 18" kettle is your best friend for summertime (or not terrible winter time) grilling, but don't ignore @SLBunges advice regarding ceramics when it gets colder - you could even get one of those and add on a temperature controller for hot smoking and, if you want your cold smokehouse - a Smokai. My father had a weber barrel style smoker for many years. We got it at the local ACE (what you call 'Eh-ce in Canada I guess) where it was inexplicably on sale for about $100. It was very good for smaller items - duck breast, sausage, bacon, but I don't think it would be easy t
  6. I felt like I needed a shower just walking through the Greenwich Ave vax after-party.
  7. Right, by the time a place like that is done with a beet it's $100/lb any way you look at it. Plus of course truffles, morels, fiddleheads, vanity vinegars, etc. are more expensive than almost any meat.
  8. And they're not counting the months the chef spends protecting the beet from gophers while it grows. I have to say last time at Arpege we had a beet tartare that was spectacular and a completely believable stand in for beef tartare, but I then the main course was challans duck in burgundy grand cru reduction.
  9. The main course will be a giant turnip roasted with aromatic herbs in its cavity and carved tableside.
  10. They weren't in usgm earlier this week either, didn't go today. Ramps only at Lucky Dog.
  11. The tension of not knowing if you're making a burger or strawberry coulis - that is art!
  12. Quite the opposite - since the cows only eat antibiotics, the milk never spoils.
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