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  1. Orik

    goa, january 2020

    Great reading. My takeaway is that the best bet when dining here and elsewhere in India is orange colored chicken, so I'm happy that I cannot go right now. More seriously, the divergent evolutionary paths of beach shacks are interesting to me - how does one locale end up with shacks serving a menu that tries to please everyone but nobody, while another actually serves solid, if simple, local food and fish.
  2. Orik


    We see eye to eye with Trevor. There's really just one bottle that I worry about - it's an Aligoté in a pretty uncomfortable way that we haven't poured yet. The rest are going well.
  3. Orik


    I have to say the experiment of pouring weird natural wine to the general public is going marvelously well.
  4. This explains a lot: https://www.thedailybeast.com/deadly-brain-eating-amoeba-confirmed-in-florida?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark&fbclid=IwAR0cH0nq1ycrXptq6WCkn_Ojpl8ji5eKuQf7Jd5b4nFWJfXFuXfhtvBTsJc
  5. Based on unbiased maximum likelihood estimators as I know them, over the past 24 days the positive test rate has been steady at 1.1% +/- 0.2% and no statistically significant trend. This is striking as it includes the impact of contact tracing (I assume it is super extra lousy, but still) which should increase positive tests, as well as post-protest infections making the rounds. I assume that with bad behavior on the increase and people sneaking back into town from miami beach, we'll see a rise in infections, but the average positive % for the past 7 days is 1.082% and for the 7 days before them it's 1.081%, so nothing there yet. The error in their estimators is very obvious btw, but I just don't have time to spend on correcting it for them. (also obviously they'd rather be alarmist for political and media reasons) For the current infection levels in ny, this estimate is a bit better: https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america/new-york Finally, this is really a case that shows the weakness of Kantian ethics - you really can go dining in safety without increasing societal risk, because most people won't do so yet. If you're in an environment where most people will do so (e.g. bros and their female counterparts), then you shouldn't.
  6. There haven't been lines at usgm for many weeks.
  7. The super annoying white-throated sparrow we had in the back last year was an innovator https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2020/07/bird-song-sparrows/613768/
  8. Absolutely. This was never an issue in the trading business as everyone there is a well behaved math / cs type, but in other businesses everyone gets the talk.
  9. Orik


    As with the Saint Mark's Place party scene of 3 weeks ago, they don't enforce the rules until they do.
  10. Orik


    It was an extra precious moment when the photographer showed up just 15 minutes before dinner service while the architect was telling @Sivan that the mayor's special office for screwing with people wants us to rotate the toilet in avenue A because wheelchair something something.
  11. Orik


    If there's a mall out there being given away maybe I can use it as my drying chamber.
  12. That sounds like the city's legal dept put together a rule telling restaurants they can't really be open, but not explicitly stopping them from being open.
  13. That I agree with entirely. Also I agree that it's likely he quit for more than shouting, but nothing truthful of substance was presented by the twitter person so far. Regarding pay gaps, opportunity, etc. of course those also need to be dealt with but last I checked we don't make individual judgement calls based on statistical truths. p.s. it's been a long while since I used to see Meehan on a daily basis but back then he mostly struck me as too stoned to do much shouting.
  14. Are you saying Asian staffers were being paid less than white staffers doing the same job? That managers at a publication with such issues as "the american food issue", "the sweet spot", "before and after the apocalypse", and yes - "The Chinatown Issue" (not cherry picking, just grabbed the pile I have behind me) shouldn't be white? That senior (and / or better skilled) staff should not be paid more than junior staff?
  15. Wait, this started with tweets about a $300k salary and HR complaints at the LAT, which both turned out to be false, yes? Then it became about a relationship with a subordinate (which last I checked might be risky but is not illegal or harassing) and not being nice. There's that ass slapping I guess, but maybe there's more coming.
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