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  1. I think it sends a clear message when the vendors believe they're selling an unappealing product.
  2. Butter board + goose = smorgasbord
  3. This sort of thing was peaking in Israel before coming to a screeching halt in early 2020 for some reason: Troughy Enough?
  4. I see industry people all the time at these late night spots:
  5. That's been going on for a while, but I thought those people are antibutterists.
  6. You missed the most important bit: I don't even have an emoji for how amazing that is
  7. These fit tiny ears https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0051U7R0A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. That's because the veal isn't veal enough and the time from when it gives up its liver and when the liver gets to you is far too long. Fresh calf's liver from milk-fed veal is a high you chase for a long while.
  9. We were just in Madrid and with the recent lisping discussion in mind I had to fight very hard to keep a straight face when a local colleague told us that his son, having just secured his pilot license, is taking his first solo flight from Madriz to Baiyyyyadolizzz
  10. This is like Wilfrid's complaint that the universally acclaimed and imitated Ssäm bar buns were twelvety times more expensive than the gnarly things sold under the Manhattan bridge. That $13 beer doesn't help.
  11. Orik


    For real stodge try macaroni hamin (pasta cholent). Substitute duck legs or pork butt for chicken.
  12. They'll happily chew though plastic bags to get to grain (or katsuobushi), and in a pinch they'll eat your books. In older houses it's mostly about finding holes and plugging them whenever mice find their way back in, but there's no amount of cleaning that will dissuade them from exploring. Eta: speaking of mice watching TV, that one time a mouse was walking across the living room not noticing us sitting quietly and watching it, and then giving the most cartoonish surprised look before running away was worth every mouse before it
  13. Of course. By the way @voyager, I needed to really dig into Cypress Grove's FAQ to learn that while the landing page shows their model farm and happy goats, their cheeses are in fact made using milk and curds purchased all over the world. Their aged cheese is apparently just a white label Dutch Gouda...
  14. Red Hawk is produced by "Cowgirl Creamery" - a subsidiary of Emmi AG, which also owns Cypress Grove (Humboldt Fog) and Tomales Bay Foods. I believe it is produced in a large commercial facility in Petaluma using milk from various unnamed farms. This has nothing to do with the original product and could equally be produced anywhere as the milk does not express a specific locale, feed, or breed, and as it is pasteurized, acidulated, and salted to such a degree that any bacteria or molds have to be added or sprayed on. It has much more in common with cheese from a large European coop that p
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