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  1. Years ago I met Wilfrid in a long defunct used book store downtown (was it the strand annex? i dunno). I was browsing the math titles and he looked at me with clear bewilderment and asked "you actually read this for fun, don't you?" (I paraphrase)
  2. From my (signed) copy of Jean & Pierre Troisgos, Cuisiniers à Roanne: Now I want to make that steelhead trout with sorrel sauce, but I want to make one rockfish or another like that red mullet.
  3. Orik


    The playful bit is the crackers are ceramic and the edible stuff is underneath.
  4. Outdoors dining is now permanent, with heating and enclosures allowed.
  5. Of course. I totally agree it's a frivolous thing to be supporting right now. But also it shows how magnificently fragile the modern restaurant is - just remove a couple of undocumented employees in the kitchen and some front of the house frills and you're eating blah food between rats, priced as if you're at Taillevent.
  6. I'll plan for that right now. Went to Ko again, it was not as nice. I think overall this drives me towards making the avenue a location all about food and wine with zero investment in Michelin related expenses, leaving just the fucking de blasio solid fuel ban as an obstacle.
  7. You don't need to support anything. Wages aren't the issue, skill is. Dude, i have access to such good stuff right now that you're an idiot not to have it.
  8. At one restaurant, we picked the fennel flowers from the planter next to us and used them on our fried anchovies. Can't do that indoors!
  9. Does R&D vacuum pack their salmon for shipping? If they don't then that would be a reason.
  10. Orik


    Thanks. Stopping the yeast right when there's still fruitiness but very little sugar is tricky but I'm getting the hang of it. I think we'll wrap up outdoor dining in two weeks as it seems silly to invest in heating just for the month.
  11. Both make a variety of products, but iirc baldor carries the Irish and Scottish from catsmo and just the ho hum supermarket product from acme
  12. Obviously I know they do in Japan, but that's just because of phonetic issues, everyone there knows it means Genghis Khan and also that gi is always hard while ji is soft. It's like if a japanese kissaten would open here and sell Coronbia Couhii, or those silly folks who write Hirekatsu because that's how Fillet Katsu is spelled in katakana, as if the average reader in English could pronounce the Hi or the Re or tell that it's not a katsu for hire.
  13. "do not feed the crawken" "Flows to bay, no maritime sins."
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