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  1. That all seems to me like it's from a "secret source" in Oregon that specializes in such things.
  2. Work-from-home evangelist discovers what home is actually like: https://news.stanford.edu/2020/03/30/productivity-pitfalls-working-home-age-covid-19/ At least as far as any field I've ever been involved with is concerned, the key factor isn't the cornucopia of interruptions home life offers most people of working age, but (also mentioned in the paper) rather a breakdown in the creative / innovative cycle, and in management's ability to keep steering it in the right direction.
  3. The numbers might differ by field, but I can tell you in software development we're more than 30% below previous (already pathetic) productivity levels. Working from home hasn't suddenly started working.
  4. Yeah, it's just not worth the warehouse's trouble developing packaging for what is usually a small section of the market, or dealing with the complaints about things arriving defrosted. Maybe now they will as it will save them some money.
  5. You mean the Yamato transport guy doesn't hang out in his truck until he spots you and shouts "thefoodie san... cool delivery for you"? While packing everything as if it's going on the road is an overkill, I imagine @Tubbs would not be thrilled to receive the food in wholesale style packaging either (here, sir, is your chicken water soaked cardboard box)
  6. šŸ¤£ There are certainly a few regulatory agencies that will have to answer some questions after this - the SLA mandate was you have to sell food with the drinks and you can't sell to the street in an open container and here we are. There are no DOH inspections and yet we see no foodborne illness outbreaks...
  7. Yeah because people are reeeeeally keen on staying home keeping their distance.
  8. I can go to bloomberg. In a recent episode of curb your enthusiasm, LD asks for la direcciĆ³n de la visitaciĆ³n de ConcepciĆ³n Zarzal, with a chipped tooth. There is also a restauarnt Zaragoza involved.
  9. I can believe it, but there are preferences that such a taster should not hold or develop. International shipping is just insane right now. I won't be surprised to see various proxy services in Asia go under because they promised prices based on EMS style services and now have to use FedEx and can't auto-clear customs on any food or drugs.
  10. Because it blends urban+rural, weather patterns, socio-economic-racial differences, etc. but overall the lockdowns were only about 70% as effective as in Spain/Italy/Israel, and now are only about 50% as effective.
  11. Looks like there's no statistically significant difference between states that have "opened" and ones that haven't in terms of what the population is actually doing. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/12/us/coronavirus-reopening-shutdown.html
  12. Orik

    Death Pool

    Didn't someone just buy the Ssam Bar building? I thought I saw something happening there in acris.
  13. I think you only line the (removable) bottom and oil the sides. There are also fluted non-stick liners, even ones that are stiff enough that you may not need that pan at all.
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