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  1. The idea is to claim they need to be refrigerated and then to market a "roast" "duck" boar's head product.
  2. A lot actually, because it's very possibly not a fermented product and not dried to low enough water activity levels for preservation. @voyager in the US things that are safe all over the world have been lobbied into being considered very risky in order to support large factories being able to subvert the production processes. e.g. one of the industry groups spent a substantial amount to finance a study showing that e. coli can survive lacto fermentation of cucumbers to make sure hipster pickles can never be a serious threat to awful pickle slices.
  3. Japan Sinks 2020. Thank you Neflix for the excellent timing of this release, and also for drawing much of the first episode in our gym in Tokyo and in our general roaming grounds there.
  4. This week infections in nyc probably rose by about 3%, breaking the 3% weekly decline trend of the past 2 months. Since the waves of incoming traffic will keep increasing in size until labor day, it's reasonable to assume a 15% increase in infections by then. Of course if they then reopen schools and push more people back to work then all bets are off.
  5. It's best if neither spouse deals with payments - that way there's a lot more left to spend.
  6. Looks like probably no drainage.
  7. Salmon might need a bit longer as the fillets are thicker, but should definitely work.
  8. 2% salt, 1% sugar, of course you can add dill or beet juice or other gravlax-ish things. 24 hours in a vacuum bag then rinse and pat dry, 12 hours on open wire rack to dry in fridge. Right - Eco Shrimp. I don't see anything from them from the past year and a half and the website is gone so I imagine they went in the direction I described. It's just a very disaster prone business (diseases you can't get rid of, equipment malfunctions, etc.) and very few operators make it in the long term.
  9. I hear you, believe me. Buying retail fish around here is terrible as the already very long time it spends in the market and distribution system (after not being bled or otherwise prepared for that) is compounded by time and mistreatment at the shops - occasionally you see a lucky exception of course. Frozen is a solution for some fish (salmon, tuna, hamachi) when done well as you describe, but not for most fish from the general vicinity - bass doesn't enjoy it at all, smaller flat fish dry out, hake I don't even want to think about. Halibut you can process that way if you have to I guess (I blast freeze it down to -36 for a day anyway because of parasites). It's also a good solution for shrimp and octopus (if you have a lot of counter space then get one of the 6+ lbs pot caught spanish octopus available, they are terrific). One very specific option I can recommend right now is the steelhead trout from Hudson Valley Fisheries - they told me they've started coming to the USGM on Fridays. We get the fillets overnighted to us and they're processed to order so you have the benefits of fresh fish, parasite free, and direct from the source. I don't know what the future holds as closed system fish farms generally tend to only go in one direction, but right now it's just a very good product which gets even better when properly cured. p.s. Baldor bought Pierless a few months ago after it's been in bankruptcy for a while (way before covid), so that ship has sunk.
  10. That's what I do in Mexico, but over here you can buy local in season and then at least buy good stuff the rest of the time. As I said before, I wouldn't buy anything in Chinatown as they don't care if I die to make them a profit (and this is no statement about Chinese vendors in general)
  11. Happened to me last year. Landed in Miami to discover there was a bag with business clothes, cards, etc. that I forgot to take at 4am. Stopped by macy's miami beach which turned out to be some sort of outlet and got 50% cotton shirts and pants I'd never consider wearing normally. FIgured whole foods will give me cash back somehow, and mostly spent the day hoping I can get back without having to ask a local for a $50 loan
  12. Don't believe anyone. The "properly frozen" people are just trying to sell you stuff from their horrific ships that go out for months at a time. Oysters, lobster, and other local seafood you should get same day out of water guaranteed. The rest is more complex, but why buy Alaskan stuff when Alaska is so much further away than much of the northern Atlantic?
  13. Japan Sinks 2020 makes 120 Days of Sodom look like a Disney production even without the opening disaster scenes happen in "our" gym and neighborhood.
  14. Imperfect, but not in the way you imagined.
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