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  1. They had to deepen the ocean floor so that Roman can park.
  2. I think the Xcaret / Xel-ha group runs all the resorts with kids activities around there but I don't have any first hand experience with them. You could also very easily rent a condo or villa with a pool right by the beach and have someone plan the right blend of activities for you but of course it's going to be more of a hassle. p.s. Keep in mind that in early January there's a nonzero chance of getting some chilly days (meaning lows in the 50s and highs barely making it to 70) although usually it's nice and warm of course. A full guarantee requires going further south (Costa Rica or suc
  3. I think some of it has to do with that wonderful, sunny, sandy, emerald watered SF beach. Really makes you feel like letting go.
  4. Orik


    Ok, yesterday's 80 is today's 90. Not too far to go now to 120.
  5. Orik

    Le Crocodile

    Well at least when they comp me coke I'll know if it's Mexican.
  6. Orik

    Le Crocodile

    I'm beginning to feel ambivalent about being comped the sausage once or twice.
  7. That's a nice theory but it just doesn't work. Here's the daily number of shots in nyc since the beginning of vaxxing. You can see a very small increase (5k/day) after the city worker mandates were announced. Seems like you need to increase the upside by about 20 times to reach the levels of vaccination that the city is capable of delivering.
  8. At these prices it's hard to imagine the motor or blades (probably canisters too) lasting, but if they can make it through a couple of hundred rounds then it might not matter.
  9. Well, more than burnt cauliflower https://www.instagram.com/p/CNLTzcJBM4f/
  10. Looking at their insta, of the last 9 posts there's Denver steak, raw striploin porn, a 10oz steak, lamb ribs, and chicken (which I agree isn't quite meat) and going further down the feed things get even more meaty, so I'm going to say this isn't a good example for that. I'm not sure if all that is offered as specials because it's priced too high and would scare people away, but that's what they're marketing. https://www.instagram.com/victor.brooklyn/ p.s. the burger looks convincing https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ02yzRDfC1/
  11. Orik


    And it's still a month and a half until it starts feeling like literal Siberia. I'd leave a note with email and phone explaining the long wait and asking the restaurant to send me an invoice. eta: of course if you don't have a pen handy you might have to flag down a server for that
  12. How does it do that? Meat, chicken, fish are 75% of the list.
  13. Less work, more money, more stress on diners to buy in, obviously. I'm not sure about frozen (e.g. frozen rabbit now admitted at dhamaka)
  14. Orik


    "Did not own this very special restaurant" is Boomer for Gen Z "Was always meant to be a popup"
  15. I guess I don't see how wasting time reading long form nonsense by RS1 or RS2 is more informative or interesting than reading 200 words by Jenny W. Yelp Elite '12-'21
  16. Orik


    They should raise the price to $380 given how much publicity the dish generates vs what it is.
  17. You should talk to young people about "column" and "same reviewer" and most importantly "contextualizing"
  18. Orik


    This is by far the most successful food business in Madrid right now. NSFW
  19. Oh, I see, they published a review saying how much EMP Vegan sucks but were terrified of grading it.
  20. I'm not sure when Eater last published a review, but I think this is their way of weaseling out of it altogether.
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