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  1. If anything, cleaning squid often tells you that your food is a stone cold killer.
  2. Of course you didn't because there was no internet so nobody could look anything up!
  3. Orik


    You should try my special floortilla
  4. Well known. Also her father was a very important cunning linguist (and I mean it only in the most straightforward way!)
  5. Plus they have a Sneakeater cuvee
  6. Orik

    le gratin

    Docs are all over the place, but if you're a reputable operator it's more about fairness and keeping your investor pool content than about predicting all the different ways in which a business can grow.
  7. Orik

    le gratin

    If you were an investor in restaurant X that only bleeds money and the operating partner suddenly turned around and opened restaurant X' that uses the same staff, recipes, etc. in the same area and mines the reputation of X to support its prices then how quickly would you be on a call with your lawyer? (not saying at all that any of that would be true of Frenchette or other related restaurants, I'm sure they do the right thing) Not saying it's the case here, and yes Tishman* offers generous TI and I'm sure leases are largely percentage of sales. (maybe in a space as big as that there's a
  8. That didn't age well.
  9. Orik

    le gratin

    I guess I missed it. And yes it's fine for the investors to get paid.
  10. Orik

    le gratin

    Didn't they respond by immediately adding tablier de sapeur?
  11. Orik

    le gratin

    It seems like a knockoff of the current, not very exciting, version of Mère Brazier.
  12. The one masked guy at the Astor place station just took it off to sneeze
  13. On a recent flight I saw someone go to the bathroom barefoot. I hope his health insurance covers that.
  14. The cult of analog is a peculiar one indeed.
  15. One un(?)intended consequence of the recent changes is that places from the 25 and under column, whatever it's called now, get the same "critic's pick" tag as everyone.
  16. On the other hand Paris, Dec 2010
  17. You'd think, but apparently also covid.
  18. Sivan is done, still tired but testing negative. My only symptom following that single muscle pain is little red dots near the tips of my fingers, which apparently is more common in children, further proof that I am 12. I never tested positive because I have no respiratory symptoms at all.
  19. Difference in water pH - basic water pops skins off. That's why in the old country we use baking soda. The restaurant trick is to quickly blanch fava and then ice it (or better yet, put it in the blast freezer for a few). The skins come off very easily.
  20. Wants to focus on fast food burgers served in right wing buns?
  21. I'll be very happy if I make it through a week+ of exposure with no symptoms. No chance of herd immunity with the current variants, just waves every few months until there are good prophylactics and / or a generic coronavirus vaccines some people are working on. Not many people getting seriously sick, but out of the hundreds I know well enough there are some my age and in good shape who are taking over a month to recover.
  22. Of course! Nature's earplugs.
  23. Sivan finally got covid last week, with flu like symptoms. So far I haven't had symptoms and am testing negative, although I had pain in my hamstring which was exactly like what I felt after each vaccine shot - hopefully it means the threat is being dealt with on the DL.
  24. Don't put them up your nose.
  25. I'm first surprised when one of them turns out to feature unusual pigmentation, then again that after cooking them (in fish stock this time, with added clam juice) that the pigmentation washes away, then I make breadcrumbs from sourdough and fry them with garlic as a topping, some fresh herbs, and the clams who used to own the juice. Or you can just cook them in water and eat with some salt. Blandly delicious.
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