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  1. I think we'll issue our own cryptocurrency and Sivan will give one Foxcent with every sandwich.
  2. “They taste something like Scottish grouse.”
  3. We have a Manresa booking for June 2020
  4. We haven't been because when they opened it seemed like a Baldor restaurant, and I guess still does.
  5. I know Kinch will be there the first few nights, but not sure if he plans to stay for the full run. I remember when Michel Bras was at WD-50 and tried to make Gargouillou from greenmarket produce, with predictably mediocre results, and I think that was in September... hopefully we won't see an attempt to do the same (ramps, wintered over spinach, radishes?)
  6. That is how rabbits flirt. I'm always surprised that the herbs make it through winter here. Yesterday there was some commotion outside which turned out to be starlings picking za'atar and oregano, which google tells me they use to construct their nest. Of course this also led to a follow-up question which google answered in the positive, and offered a traditional recipe. I'm waiting with planting outdoors after last year's early May snow.
  7. I think some threads just got pulled up by little drummer spam.
  8. Manresa is going to be at Intersect in a couple of weeks.
  9. Ouch indeed. At least you know that needle is the worst of it.
  10. Orik


    San-do (サンド)(two moras) San-do-icchi (サンドイッチ)(four moras) But importantly, sando is never used as a standalone word - it's always katsu-sando or frutsu-sando or something-sando, so "best sando" is nonsensical.
  11. They're just not looking in the right direction: https://search.rakuten.co.jp/search/mall/カメノテ/
  12. Orik


    I really think we should have a bean sandwich and call it The Steve Sando.
  13. Orik


    The most spectacular sandwich in New York, apparently: https://www.timeout.com/food-and-drink/best-sandwiches-in-the-world
  14. p.s. off topic but I overheard some very confused Madrileños trying to figure out if the tacos de atun at a La Lupita were es-mx tacos or es-es tacos.
  15. What is the opposite of Bela Lugosi?
  16. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ajpa.24247
  17. Smokers like a donabe or cameron's (or The Smoking Gun) can only impart smoke flavor to the surface and you either need to cook the food separately (as with ribs) or fight not to overcook it. A tray of ice between the smoking wood and the food can help with that but considering that cold smoking takes a couple of days and hot smoking at least a few hours, there isn't really that much hope of getting a proper smoked result. Of course starting with a really oily fish like brined mackerel. I get good results for some surprising items in a cameron's smoker so I assume they'd work in a donabe
  18. Your fishmonger does cold smoking? That's impressive.
  19. The wholesale fillets are indeed better (they come from larger fish and are not vacuum packed)
  20. Orik


    There are similarities for sure. We had delivery from VdD a couple of times during the lockdown. It's acceptable-ish but not an option I'd consider under normal circumstances.
  21. Orik


    We sat inside, which was not a very enjoyable experience because they were playing truly horrible music at high volume and management was huddled by the entrance being weird, but still probably better than outside in the cold by those explosive looking heaters. The paplet fry, as you say, is bony and requires the use of fingers but was very successful, mostly because the breading was very well spiced without the spices burning during frying. The goat offal dish was also excellent and it was served with two pao / pav rolls. There was enough sauce / oil to enjoy with 20 rolls, but on
  22. Orik


    Only time will help. @joethefoodie p.s. we use Dextrose and not sugar, but it shouldn't make any difference for such a short cure.
  23. Orik


    Now imagine how many fuck-ups you encounter when dealing with 30 of them on a weekly basis.
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