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  1. Slower than walking! Biohazardous! Ride a bus today! I saw in the nyc infection stats this week that 10% of new cases were associated with travel from outside the region. Given how little travel there is, and how much more of it we'll have in a few weeks, this should tell you everything you need to know about weeks 4-12 from now. Better get all that dining out out of your way because there might not be any until there's a vaccine.
  2. Yes, Russians sometimes add slices to their sauerkraut as well. I haven't made them myself but I'm pretty sure I'd go with slices or quarters, cored, in the vacuum method, and not with whole apples unless they were right-off-the-tree perfect.
  3. A good summary from El País: https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-10-28/a-room-a-bar-and-a-class-how-the-coronavirus-is-spread-through-the-air.html?ssm=TW_CC
  4. They're definitely not better in terms of construction, but they are faster and many of them use stone, which gives you better results but needs to be replaced every once in a while. Mostly a question of how often and how much you need to make.
  5. Orik


    We had an enjoyable dinner here - baked clams, oysters Rockefeller, anchovy pasta, steak for two - simple stuff but all using good ingredients and well executed (the pasta especially). There were no actresses.
  6. Do you already have a grain mill? If not then maybe get a mil-rite with the masa attachment I guess, or a mexican machine from ebay if you have room.
  7. Yes, just not a lot, and mostly when things are getting very bad they slow down the process. Anyway, my point is it's safe to eat from the sushi chef's hand if the probability of him or someone in the room being sick is extremely low, and otherwise it doesn't really matter what they're wearing.
  8. Remember that we got to the low infection rates by having everyone hide at home for a while, and it hasn't gone down (in fact it's been going up slowly) since people started going out in a reduced manner. Masks of the type most of us use are very slightly effective and it's possible their contribution is nonlinear - meaning if you're infected and just going about your business and breathing viruses into the air there's almost no effect because they lack any filtering power at that order of magnitude, but if you're coughing or sneezing (or speaking at American volume levels) in a closed ro
  9. It's fine in the epidemiological sense.
  10. For sure. Part of the story is that restaurant covers are down 85% yoy and that's just fine.
  11. Still unlikely to serve an infected individual among rich white folks in Manhattan.
  12. Mostly the same ineffective masks as everyone. Many of them put a plastic barrier up that allows sushi but not spittles through. I haven't seen many gloves and as always, your protection is in the low infection rate and nothing else. There was also much confusion over the executive order banning counter service. The city militia is interpreting it to read that it's fine if it's dinner.
  13. Orik


    They also wouldn't be born, though. And this is also the way to prevent all future human suffering - if there are no humans there will be none Malaria, the plague, the flu, dengue, Chagas, zika, etc. do quite well without requiring meat consumption but to prevent them we are happy to murder millions of rats and billions of mosquitoes. Even the current pandemic could have started by totally vegan contact with the wild. It is true though that because vegans want a world without animals the risk would go down. Sure you get cow poo bacteria on your lettuce and that sucks but foodborne i
  14. Orik


    It's very easy to ridicule and contradict the various arguments for and against veganism, those for or against trying to do better in some other random sense, and of course those for or against calling a carrot a hot dog. Therefore it's not a productive argument.
  15. There are many tacos places in Paris too where they're by no means prepackaged (of course confusingly there are actual taco places), some offering quite a variety of fillings. There was one I walked by in Belleville that had merguez, tuna, beef stew, etc. (but not rillettes 😄) I think I first saw them about 10 years ago but I'm not sure if they've always been around and I just didn't notice. I think at least some are national or regional chains. How none of them is called Les Tacos Belles is a mystery.
  16. Orik

    Death Pool

    Sammy's can't freeze in time cause the vodka is anti freeze.
  17. 😁 I remember being pretty surprised at what tacos is (singular - un tacos) in France.
  18. I'm growing saffron now, but not curry leaves. I see it as an extremely roundabout way of insulting mongo. Also I've used kumquat leaves for lime leaves and for paparajotes.
  19. I get fresh curry leaves at Dual. Red food coloring too.
  20. Contractor offers silly man a quote he knows to be lower than the insurance estimate, but will run over by 30% as permitted by terms of quote.
  21. Orik


    If I knew this was going to be a gateway meat I'd have sent out a full portion. We still don't know how long we'll keep this up as the city has of course failed to deliver its promised heating and setup rules for winter, and as it's really not the easiest thing to do from that kitchen. We'll see (also it depends on when the SLA approves the license on Ave A, obviously) Thank you for coming!
  22. Thinking of how often experimental drugs don't work, and of how sick someone has to be to get them.
  23. Ha. I guess they do. But the screaming dbags make up for it.
  24. Orik

    Our new spot

    Soylent green is vegan! Congrats, Daniel.
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