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    Her Name is Han

    Koreans do like it a bit sweeter, and Hellmann's-er, but yeah.
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    They'll offer a $190 rabbitfish!
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    Well I didn't say that.
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    Supposedly the rabbit isn't prepared every day (or at least not when Pete Wells was trying to get it, and I never saw it materialize) so the restaurant would need to procure it, which would take at least a day, and then magically still marinate it for two days before cooking for many hours. How they fit all this in 48 hours is anyone's guess.
  5. Orik


    I gather there's a lot of soaking and then some cooking and finally eating.
  6. It's like a SoHo furniture store. If they sell just one item a week they're in business.
  7. The t-shirt below summarizes how the locals feel, and not from a libertarian place. Objectively Madrid is doing okay - 50%+ vaccinated (70+ y/o are at 98%!) and a successful push since last week to get all 16+ vaccinated quickly, plus the many people who already had covid puts them not too far behind nyc (I guess 6-8 weeks behind or so). No change in hospitalizations or deaths so far since this wave started and really everyone has had enough but are still playing along. The summer vacation destinations are like what you describe in LV except they are quicker to impose restrictions, or at
  8. It was surreal watching the flood coverage from incredibly dry and warm Madrid, and everyone explaining how it's a millennial event reminded me of how Japan redid the calculations and it turned out the massive drain halls they built in Tokyo will now limit major flooding to once every 30 years and not once every 500 years as promised. Madrid was terrific, although the absence of bars (and somewhat weepy chef friends) put an outsized crimp in the city's style. We planned a couple of side trips but with most of the peninsula being even warmer and reimposing restrictions, just stayed put. I
  9. They fly them in from Rajasthan. I've been to their kitchen and it is very small. I think they might mean they can't do this at the same time as prep for their regular menu.
  10. This is the foodie version of the "why am I paying so much in rent and taxes to live in nyc?", right?
  11. Orik


    I've only heard bad things about Sona.
  12. By that logic no butcher shop can describe itself as nose-to-tail as they can never get lungs, for example. The farms around here are almost all certified for heart, kidney, liver, and tongue but not tripe, udders, or brains. Some do sweetbreads too but that's more about slaughter age.
  13. That Sietsema is still employed might be kind but he really has no idea what he's eating.
  14. They're coming for the vaccines and staying for the Mexican food.
  15. But do they think it's French, or just NBC? Of course it's easier to confuse European-American cuisines with each other than with Mexican or Chinese, but if you were tasked with opening an overtly QC restaurant in nyc I am sure nobody would mistake your menu for French, or for American (also read through the Joe Beef book and see how many recipes (1) could never be served here (2) could never be made here (3) are really far from French).
  16. Eh. QC cuisine is so far from French that it's trivial to open a distinctly QC place at every level from The Pouting Poutine to a San Pellegrino restaurant. P.s. Remember when impoverished sugarmakers cross-border skied here and flooded the northeast with cheap tourtière huts? You had to ask to see the foot every time when they told you "rabbit"... and then they started opening Vancouver style places because everyone wanted that but the cooks were still from the laurentians so everything was full of maple and fat...
  17. Mads era Acme had a beer soaked rye with salted ice cream. No pastrami though.
  18. Why isn't Canadian food widely available then?
  19. I am still solidly 12. Saturday the 105 degree heat chased us into Reina Sofia and at some point we were in a very dark screening room behind an almost equally dark room with some starkly lit artwork. As we were leaving, one of the gallery attendants was walking in with a look (and flashlight in hand) that could only be interpreted as "I know you kids are necking in there and I will interrupt!" which was both hilarious and of course absolutely true.
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    I imagine there's some psychological element that makes it easier to sell a "blowout" shared item than a $49 duck breast or a $88 steak for one.
  21. Like regular food but stinky
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    Will you and your date be having the Instagram duck tonight, or are you cheap bastards who don't like food?
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    The proportions I know are quite different: For 2.2 lbs whole chicken 2.5 cups olive oil 1 cup pine nuts 2.2 lbs onion 1 tsp salt (this isn't a lot of salt but it assumes the chicken had been brined) 1 tsp ground black pepper 1/2 tsp ground cardamom 1 tsp ground nutmeg 1/2 tsp ground allspice 1 lb ground lamb 4 Tbsp sumac ymmv
  24. I could only imagine what happened until I read the racist crybaby blather on Chakriya Ün's facebook page.
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