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  1. Both make a variety of products, but iirc baldor carries the Irish and Scottish from catsmo and just the ho hum supermarket product from acme
  2. Obviously I know they do in Japan, but that's just because of phonetic issues, everyone there knows it means Genghis Khan and also that gi is always hard while ji is soft. It's like if a japanese kissaten would open here and sell Coronbia Couhii, or those silly folks who write Hirekatsu because that's how Fillet Katsu is spelled in katakana, as if the average reader in English could pronounce the Hi or the Re or tell that it's not a katsu for hire.
  3. "do not feed the crawken" "Flows to bay, no maritime sins."
  4. šŸ˜€ Do they really call it Jingisukan?
  5. Orik


    I use gloves and a mask while making these and still end up getting burns right where the gloves end. We got more of that great tuna and uni from Maine. This week (from tomorrow, too late today) I'm going to try and serve the spine as a scrape-your-own dish like they do in Izakaya. Maybe I'll be able to add the bone "marrow" as well.
  6. The secret is to just speak Spanish in a deep Russian accent.
  7. Orik


    That was our day off that was supposed to be Tuesday, after it was supposed to be last Tuesday. I'm happy to say we only spent some of it at the avenue a construction site. Be careful with that hot sauce.
  8. Or if Portugal kicked out your ancestors the passport is free up to small legal fees.
  9. I was guessing it's more likely someone young than an aging Japanese salary man.
  10. A few. Not surprisingly it's similar to the smell of natural food stores - grains, sprouted beans, and some fermentation products (tempeh, maybe). There's a place called Orchard Grocer (predictably on Orchard St.) that gives off a potent version of the archetypal odor whenever the door opens so if you don't want to go sniffing vegans in person you can just walk by there
  11. And how old is their beverage manager?
  12. Orik

    Le Pavillon

    They need to threaten writers with bringing Peter Meehan in.
  13. Service included though. And yes, I felt like they could afford to bring out wine glasses.
  14. The sorghum pic is back (thanks Ev!) In terms of pests we only had one hornworm that went to town on a JalapeƱo plant, but by now I know that a suspiciously trimmed plant means I'll keep staring at it until I see the monster hiding in plain sight.
  15. Orik

    Le Pavillon

    I remember how, in the wOrld waR II, we used to wear our muddy field uniform to lunch and breakfast, but dressed up properly for dinner.
  16. Thank you, that's super helpful!
  17. That's weird. Would it be possible for one of you who see no sorghum to send me a screenshot so I can ask the software folks about it?
  18. Maybe the birds are it. But I can still see it.
  19. Unintentional gardening - sorghum - now that I've had it green I finally understand it, and in particular sorghum beer. Banana flavor as in beaujolais, nutty grain flavor, with a clear indication that it will develop off flavors unless immediately fermented, dried, or smoked, like wheat.
  20. I got those very nice fresh beans from Rick Bishop and this time I didn't make the mistake of leaving them in the fridge until they sprout and smell like vegans. They're really very good and I'm almost sure there's a tripa de bacalao dish with them coming to the menu later this week if he has them again...either that or I'll callos callos a la madrileƱa (de bacalao). And yes, lots of good stuff right now.
  21. I think if you use confit garlic it should because there's no source of water content to cause spoilage. Btw similar to pesto vs salsa verde - in Japan, bagna cauda is very popular and contains garlic, mayo, sometimes white miso, sometimes heavy cream, sometimes anchovy, sometimes bonito flakes, and olive oil. @voyager - agreed.
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