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    Death Pool

    I walked by recently and was surprised to see it still around. We were shown the Cucina di Pesce space recently. It was the second most revolting nyc restaurant kitchen I've seen. Sivan had to run out so as not to puke.
  2. Orik

    Rillettes - help!

    I probably didn't help find it because it's an IGP and not AOC. https://www.inao.gouv.fr/fichier/CDCRillettesDuMans.pdf Similarly, the industrious people of Tours make: https://info.agriculture.gouv.fr/gedei/site/bo-agri/document_administratif-7b236d55-dae1-42bc-ab4a-8c05c7c9846b/telechargement Interestingly if you look at popular carnitas recipes from US sources (nytimes, bayless, etc.) you'll find the same sort of changes - cook in water (haha) or vegetable oil, or roast, or at least replace the second frying with crisping in the grill, leave out the orange, etc. vs the original notion that - like rillettes - carnitas are pork cooked in its own fat with a two step process - low for cooking, high for browning / crisping. I guess people just don't typically have a couple of huge pots of hot lard in their kitchens. 🐖
  3. Orik

    Rillettes - help!

    The rillettes de mans AOC guide specifies an initial gentle caramelization phase that lasts 45 minutes to 3 hours until the meat reaches 95 c, then a cooling phase that lasts until the meat reaches 75 c, and finally a slow cooking phase at around 75 c that lasts at least 5 hours, although serious producers will go longer. It further recognizes that nitrite salt is a traditional ingredient on top of salt and pepper. Marie Claire also recommends 10 hours cooking 😁 But with no guru, I try to understand the reasoning - flavor, preservation, economics, etc. behind professional traditional recipes so that I can make my own, usually with access to different ingredients. e.g. if I make coppa from iberico de bellota then I can't just follow popular books for how much weight it should lose, because fat doesn't lose weight while drying, so I need to figure out how much dehydration is expected from the muscle.
  4. Some guy was selling Georgia peaches off the back of a truck on Saint Mark's today. I don't think he realized what would happen to them on the way when they just bounce around the back of a trailer, so he was just sorting through them and given the injured one out for free. Expect peach vinegar based Foxface hot sauce in about a month.
  5. Orik

    Rillettes - help!

    Right, right, just not the same thing any more than fresh cooked ham is prosciutto.
  6. Orik

    Rillettes - help!

    I think these short-cooking recipes make really delicious spreads of porky goodness, but they don't produce rillettes just as putting duck legs in a sous bag for some hours doesn't produce confit. To me the goal here is to reduce water activity level, acidify, and cure, so that the end product enjoys sufficient protections to be kept indefinitely (a clear glass jar as in that link is a pretty bad choice for that as the lard will go rancid) and develop aged flavors (although still be great to eat fresh). So I would include some acid (white wine would be the norm I guess) and some curing salt and cook for many hours, like 10 or 12, and not in a sealed environment, and also think about sweating those onions first so they're not as wet going in.
  7. Orik


    Yup. I think the issue is that the SLA is pretty much autonomous and is motivated to maximize consumption (as long as taxes are paid) and the NYPD is on strike for all intents and purposes, so Cuomo had to use state police and DOH.
  8. Orik


    Thank you! It's been a wild and weird few weeks - first everyone got done with home cooking and just wanted sandwiches again. Then Saint Mark's Place decided the plague was over and we had hundreds of people drinking on the street, until last Sunday where some big, scary, totally not defunded state troopers walked down the street forcing each bar to sign a blanket confession that they're promoting mass congregation in violation of the law - apparently this will allow the state to just shut them down on the spot whenever it feels like. Just a week later and we're told that as of Monday we can offer sidewalk seating based on a plan that we'll submit via a website that is yet to materialize. I foresee great confusion.
  9. Hyrax - cute but carries leishmaniasis. In Hebrew Shafan - from phonecian Tsepan which probably lent its name to Hispania / España (Island of Shafans) due to conflation of hyrax and rabbit.
  10. Orik


    Learn how to tell them apart from roaches, it'll come in handy.
  11. A long running theme that keeps on giving - Jerusalem in Corona times:
  12. As long as it doesn't attract the 🐻
  13. Orik


    @Evelyn - it only really grows in coastal south FL, and even then if there's a really cold winter night it may drop all its fruit, plus if it ever freezes (I think last time was 10 years ago) then the tree is gone unless it's covered.
  14. Absolutely. Mosse Bisou with Fabada Asturiana (everything really from Asturias except some lardo iberico). Yesterday Mosse Le Rouchefer with arroz cremoso and wild striped bass (still cheaper than farmed!). In between days, Praruar.
  15. Orik


    Last time in Miami I brought back a carry on bag full of sapote mamey. (People don't know this but any amount of whole fruit is allowed). I love it almost as much as I love níspero / sapodilla.
  16. There's so much free pizza being handed out I'd think Antifart.
  17. Totally died down, everyone is cooking toilet paper.
  18. It's Indian food, you can just throw whichever old meat in there. 🦆
  19. High rising terminal seems to have all but vanished (yay!!!) but I've noticed a dramatic increase in S-backing in nyc over the past couple of months. The shtreets are shtrewn with signs of shtruggle, all of a sudden.
  20. The berkshire pork from their own farm is among the very best, but I think they're not slaughtering them right now so you should ask whether it's theirs if you're going to buy. The canadian wild boar is consistently very good, as is the elk, as is the kentucky lamb. Many other places to get better beef.
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