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  1. I heard two people on the 6 line talking about soft shell crepes. They looked like foodies. Is this some kind of a taco?
  2. Orik

    Fava Beans

    fava beans really like bone marrow
  3. I heard there is a restaurant where they charge you $300 for a burger. Is it worth the hype?
  4. please move discussion of this thread to the "about this thread" board.
  5. this may all be true, I have no opinion on the matter and was merely providing my understanding of what marcus wrote.
  6. I believe that this is self-evident. I'm not going down this path any further, and I'll leave this to others to pursue. Err, you mean it's a combination of suburban AND affluent? How so? I think it is implied that suburban population is, in general, less discerning and less adventurous. Filtering that population by charging relatively high prices may improve things somewhat, but not enough to drive a restaurant to provide excellent and/or creative food. But that's just my interpretation.
  7. I'm definetly sure it's called Artisinal, that's how I've always seen it on this board.
  8. I was reading on another forum (sorry guys) and there were messages about [deleted by Internet censorship central]
  9. Does this mean I should buy another Mouthfuls Mug? Will it help with the Macintosh?
  10. I want to go to restaurant Gangalaga or whatever you call it and order from the Thai menu. Can you tell me how to read Thai? the letters are very strange.
  11. If I may express a dissenting opinion, we came to Eastern Surprise last Tuesday at 3pm. The restaurant was closed, but after knocking on the door relentlessly for an hour they let us in. Tried to tell us the kitchen was closed and it took almost 2 hours to get their special of the day - jamon de mi culo (I think it means very best pork). The food was very good with some special brown sauce, but expensive and the service was so slow. Maybe I will go back in 4 months.
  12. do you like arepas? there are very good arepas somewhere
  13. help me rank the following for my out of this world New York City dinner: City Lobster Heartland Brewery Lasagna Ristorante Boboo
  14. I used banana leaves last time I made this (back in Minneapolis - where do I get them here? could probably use foil). Marinated overnight. The most important tip - do not be tempted to sample too much of the Tequila while this is cooking...will impair your ability to appreciate the results.
  15. That's interesting. I would be discouraged by the fact that existing examples for success vs. failure seem to have little to do with quantifiable UI properties. Also, the rate at which successful paradigms are immitated can be staggering, often making the original effort seem wasteful. It's also quite unclear how a codified process would come up with a completely new concept (such as the virtual shopping cart, which by the way has been whored by many and now contains things such as "maybe I'll buy this some other time" and "these are things that got stuck to what you're buying, maybe you should take them too?")
  16. Thanks for reminding me how much I love cochinita pibil. The first and third recipes look good. Second one seems like it had its spicing adjusted for gringos. One detail that it does give is the use of Seville orange juice or combination of citrus juices - plain orange juice tends to be too sweet and not acidic enough around here.
  17. Looks like I'm going to be in Den Haag on business, including some relatively late and early meetings, meaning I'd rather not make the trip back to Amsterdam (or any other trip). Better options in Den Haag/Rotterdam appreciated.
  18. Abby, they take it out of a can that you can purchase there. I can't see why it would ever be unavailable (unless they don't think they can sell enough before it goes bad).
  19. I think the major problem with the Atkins diet, greatly ignored by the media, is that it turns its followers into diet geeks, capable of ruining any party by going on and on about ketosis and the merits of Macademia nuts. Even people who were formerly on Atkins and failed can often be triggered into an endless rave about it. A former boss went as far as coming into my office with a ketostick [1], shoving it in my face and asking "is this a good color?" [1] for those not verse in Atkinspeak, ketostix are little paper sticks that you pee on, if they turn purple it means something is going on that's making you lose weight.
  20. Orik

    Shad Roe

    I haven't had any serious problems with simply frying them (in a non stick pan), a few breaks here and there as some of the eggs blossom, but no disasters. The 'fancy' method I mentioned was half curing them in kosher salt - takes about 6-8 hours. After curing wash them well (about 4 times as long as you think and pat dry). You can now safely bake or fry them with smaller spillage than with raw ones. I've used them in vietnamese lettuce rolls, guess they could work as well in summer rolls. Wilfrid's suggestions are all great, although I tend to only bring them to medium doneness, rather than cook them through.
  21. Orik

    Ready-made stocks

    I try to make my own (currently in stock - rabbit+pork, beef, shrimp heads), but most of the brands mentioned here (Eli's, D'Artagnan, Citarella) are acceptable when the dish doesn't rely on stock quality too heavily. Never tried Maggi, but stock/bullion powders I've tried before always tasted like celery salt + msg (and sometimes onion and or garlic powder), not of soup.
  22. Orik


    no, mud tastes of Tilapia.
  23. This does not mean that the difference beterrn 19 and 22 is less or more significant than the difference between 25 and 28. By the way, Amazon could easily resolve his issue by associating a (probably logarithmic) sales tier with a book, but I guess most shoppers don't base their decisions on whether a book is ranked number 1 million or number 2.5 million in sales
  24. Orik

    Bouley (merged)

    Did your dish contain salmon eggs as well? As reported elsewhere (but no longer accessible) I also found the combination of the granite and the and salmon eggs in this dish overwhelmed the urchin.
  25. Orik


    Actually, I clicked on most of their "seasense" list, seems like they only want me to eat Tilapia and farmed oysters To add mad cow style fear - recently, a 60 year old woman in Israel died of bacterial infection after handling (not even eating) Tilapia. There have been many cases of severe infection before (in some cases leading to removal of limbs), but this is the first reported death there. But what really amazes me is the huge marketing success in selling this fish where better options are available. Tilapia is something you eat because it's effectively free and consistently available (and because its size makes it conductive to whole fish preparation at restaurant), not because it's a particularly good fish.
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