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  1. Come on, he was shamed into giving it back.
  2. And Danny Meyer wrong-foots it again. $10 million in aid to ‘small business’ Shake Shack, a one billion plus entity??
  3. You have all those NYU assholes. A friend who lives on Fifth and 9th, in the thick of it, says he’s tempted to hang out the window yelling’Go home! Don’t stand so close together!’
  4. In the past week I’ve had Zoom group therapy and Zoom PT. One of my sisters is doing Zoom Pilates.
  5. Tortilla and tuna with white beans are already in my head. And I like the idea of that spaghetti pie. I have a jar of pimentos so shakshuka definitely in the running.
  6. The week before my office closed I spent a bundle on Uber. No way I was getting on public transportation
  7. I’m not going out. At least not for a couple of weeks. I have asthma and of course I’m in NYC which has a very high rate of contagion. I moved my office home on the 16th and since then I’ve been out twice for about ten minutes—-once to the bank , once to the pharmacy.
  8. Here’s my pantry: canned tomatoes, canned pintos, cannellini, chickpeas, black beans. Tuna , sardines, chicken broth. Penne, spaghetti, orichetti, couscous, rice. Tons of condiments. Onions, potatoes, celery, carrots, oranges, lemons. Crackers, hummus, granola, supermarket cheddar. Jarred artichokes. Yoghurt. I’ve done or am planning obvious things: greens with a baked potato, Marcella onion tomato sauce, minestrone, colcannon made with kale, pasta with tuna chickpeas and lemon , omelettes. Oh, I also have 18 eggs and frozen spinach, peas and cauliflower. Any suggestions?
  9. I strongly suspect that my neighbor who died on the 15th at home may have had it. But although he was in his forties he had AIDS, heart problems, was diabetic so who knows? And good luck getting a straight answer from building management.
  10. Look at it this way and it may alleviate your sadness: we may be joyous right now but we’re all going to fucking die.
  11. The nightly ‘bang on a pan and cheer’ ritual tonight expanded in my neighborhood to include cow bells and a bugle.
  12. Daisy

    Blue Smoke

    That wasn’t just a snowy day but a full blown blizzard. One guest arrived on cross country skis. Another who had driven in from New Jersey had several offers to put him up for the night since many of us believed he might die attempting to get home. It was great fun.
  13. Daisy


    For some mysterious reason I am having trouble posting links, but there is a nice tribute to Rocky on Eater Seattle should anyone wish to take a look.
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