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    Maggie Moo

    Maggie Moo was a peach of a dog and I'm glad to have known her. I'm also glad she spared you that hardest of decisions. I'm really sorry.
  2. The chicken was good but it's better at Bob White on Ave C. Quite a bit better, as is the mac and cheese, and you get a proper knife and fork. Considering how under-seasoned the chicken was at Carla's place the collard greens were lousy with salt.
  3. That's really a sad piece of news. What a great place! I remember being absolutely revolted by the place when I was a little girl, but came to appreciate it in time.
  4. I'm glad that A&P staff will be picked up by Acme, but that's the only saving grace that I can see. The really great A&P in Tinton Falls will become a thoroughly mediocre Acme, if is anything like the Acme in Shrewsbury, a different town but literally just across the street. The painful A&P in Little Silver lost me when they adopted a Whole Foods look and put all the produce bins at odd angles. Edgy.
  5. This has been the summer of zucchini spaghetti, and I use two different methods. One is a vegetable peeler/chefs knife combination. But running the zucchini lengthwise along the big holes of a box grater works just as well and is easier. I had Katagiri spiral slicer for years that I used exactly twice. It didn't make the cut in the move.
  6. Katsuei is so fine. It is far and away the best sushi I've had in a Park Slope, if that's not damning them with faint praise. I was sorry to think that their higher price tag was going to cost me dearly but have stopped trying sushi elsewhere so it's a wash. If I were to quibble it would be for the unattractive lighting, but the quality of the food outweighs any real concern.
  7. Wow, Wing! The best things come from these big, gutsy decisions. Good for you!
  8. Freddie's pizza in Long Branch is the 9th wonder of the world. BYO too. (A sit down restaurant - whole pies only.) Luigi's in Little Silver makes a terrific old style slice. Fratelli's in Middletown is a great place for a slice or a takeout pie. Other great sit down places include Val's in Rumson and Pete & Elda's in Neptune City Just two cents. Pete and Elda's gets people giddy and Lex liked it fine, but I don't love it. Vic's in Bradley Beach blows them away. And The Brothers in Red Bank is a great pie. Never got Lex there because Red Bank pisses me off so much and I
  9. Deb Van D

    Ben E. King

    My favorite Ben E King song: https://www.google.com/search?redir_esc=&client=ms-android-sprint-us&hl=en-US&oe=utf-8&safe=images&q=i+who+have+nothing&source=android-browser-suggest&qsubts=1430607482107&devloc=0#hl=en-US&q=i+who+have+nothing+ben+e+king&revid=1317844238
  10. Still, pretty swell to read this over a dinner of a 1-1/2 lb lobster. I'm not mentioning the fries because they are obviously a veg, but this still cheered me up.
  11. Congratulations, Daniel. What a handsome little dude!
  12. The menu at B Bar in the East Village has a "Spiced Rubbed Portobello Sandwich."
  13. That was the thing; this was a house in foreclosure and this contractor didn't realize where the property line really is. Due diligence? (although I liked hearing that he didn't doo doo diligence). Thanks, AB. That makes me feel a lot better. No, not 30 years.
  14. Thanks. He may have a case, but has only held this property for 3-4 weeks. The use of the property was a tacit agreement between the then neighbors and the previous owner of my house. It's going to cost me to fight it, unfortunately, but the $2,000 isn't a patch on the negative impact it will have on the sale of my house.
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