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  1. You can of course get a regular pastrami on rye with only mustard (and their pastrami [and bread] is better than Katz's but usually sliced too thin). But NY pastrami has an overabundance of rosemary? I've never noticed or heard that before.
  2. I meant to post an article about the Korean food strip close to where you're moving to recently. I'll see if I can find it. (not sure if you like Korean but that strip is the best in norcal) I love Korean (well, I love all food), so any tips you have would be much appreciated. Also, as I think I posted earlier, our temporary apartment is literally within walking distance of Mitsuwa, so we can get good Japanese prepared food as well as nice fish and vegetables to cook with. Ya, that post was how I knew the general area you're moving to. I found it: http://www.sfgate.
  3. I meant to post an article about the Korean food strip close to where you're moving to recently. I'll see if I can find it. (not sure if you like Korean but that strip is the best in norcal)
  4. Silence at the end doesn't defeat it (anymore at least -- their "bot" [not sure what that means in this context] is pretty mature at this point). The current strategy is to speed up/slow down the media and tell users to do the opposite in the description. ETA: and just because the audio plays doesn't mean that they haven't ID'd it and aren't paying someone.
  5. YouTube actually does do that for every single video uploaded: (I used to manage a large brand's YT channel and clearing audio was a constant -- and usually main -- issue)
  6. cstuart

    Shake Shack

    At least with Patterson's frankenburger one of the main goals is for it to be cheap. One would think that Barber would be better off finding a way to use scraps to feed his animals or grow his plants more cheaply.
  7. Only if you buy the big one with the lights.
  8. cstuart

    Shake Shack

    $8.95, I'm afraid. More expensive than a regular Shake Shack double. I was wondering if this is a real product, or just a publicity stunt. I'm leaning to the latter. --one store only --one day only with a limited supply --anything Shake Shack is guaranteed media coverage --maybe a way to engage Dan Barber and his high end sustainability initiatives --or maybe Danny Meyer decided to have some fun Kind of funny that it's harder to produce the scrap burger than the real thing.
  9. I didn't see that one. I was referring to the Chef's Table episode featuring him.
  10. That's funny -- my German mom telling me she's bringing a tri-tip combined with recently watching that episode with Mallmann is what led to the Argentinian themed dinner party for her last night. The potatoes too.
  11. My mom has milestone birthday coming up so a couple of her sisters from across the pond are visiting. She likes to stop at the meat farm on the way here and wanted to grill that so I put together an Argentinian influenced dinner. She ended up forgetting to stop and get the meat (I guess that milestone already passed) but that only changed what beef we grilled. - Argentinian goat cheese with crackers while we got things ready to take to the grill - a few chickens marinated in olive oil, red wine and sherry vinegars, soy, oregano, garlic, lemon - flap/bavette steak quickly marinated in chi
  12. Maybe not for long. joe, I thought of you when visiting Montesacro. They got lucky with the space -- the tiles are great, they found a huge old oven (too old to use unfortunately) in the back from when the space was a bakery, and I like what they've done with it. Fits what they're doing. They have marinated veggies, meats, and cheeses first. The eggplant was my favorite along with the porchetta. I have no experience with pinsa but the crust was nice and crisp, a little char, good taste. I liked the margherita the best (what's new?) but the broccolini with sausage was good as well.
  13. Orik of course says it better. They're not at all trying to turn art into science. They're study is what this thread is about. Unless this thread is literally about what Wilfrid hears at bars.
  14. But we are talking about if pop music has stopped. Your argument really doesn't make sense in this context.
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