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  1. My parents went on their first date to Teddy's in 1963 where my father charmed my mom by ordering the "escargots". She had no idea what she was eating, this naif from Five Towns.. On a separate noe, her father (my late Grampa) owned the afore mentioned Manny Wolfe's Chop House.
  2. I think we've established enough doubt to exclude R.U.B. and Trestle. Otherwise - last call on suggestions. I eat at the bar in RUB almost weekly. The only reservation I'd make there would be for like a table for 10.
  3. Does anybody know where Phil Leotardo's house (where he wouldn't come outside) is? I'm guessing Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but couldn't place it exactly. Thanks
  4. Actually, it's the same week as always- I happen to know because it's always on my birthday. Not to be a knowitall or nuthin.
  5. Ronnie Lane. Ronnie Lane Ronnie Lane. Ronnie Lane Ian MacLagan Ronnie Lane. Fuck Rod Stewart. Ronnie Lane!
  6. ditmas


    They will make a sliced burnt end sandwich- When that's available, that's the best. Also I love the pulled pork- Someone said it's not smoky enough- I can't really imagine it more smoky. I can't disagree more about Virgil's, which I find to be either tough or stringy and shoe leather-y tasting.
  7. I knew John Kennedy, and believe me, Adam Perry Lang is no John Kennedy. I think you've hit the nail, sir. I've eaten at Daisy May's.
  8. Yeah- I'd like to educate myself in Burgundies and other non-Bordeaux varietals. Also I'm interested in Tempranillo. I just don't really know where to begin- looking for a good trailhead. I did this with Italian wines and followed around a couple of importers and learned about Aglianico, and Irpinia, Greco di Tufo...
  9. If you're not familiar with the bottle, does anyone go by the importer when trying to choose? Are there any favorites? Thanks.
  10. Speaking of Sir Doug, a fan shouldn't be without the box set that's out now on HipOSelect- The complete Mercury Masters- it's about 5 discs of the first bunch of sir douglas quintet. Cool box. www.hiposelect.com
  11. ditmas

    Modern Times

    John Wesley Harding may be the best of the batch - post accident. A bit of a futile argument picking the best dylan album- It's like picking the best flavor of ice cream. (which we all know is baseball nut)
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