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  1. I should've had my phone camera on lovely spouse's face when I showed her this morning's purchase of razor clams taking their cold-salt-water bath before lunchtime. I had a horrible Moderna #2 night and day with chills, aches, sleeplessness, and little appetite. I must be related to my brother, who complained of the same when he got his shot a little earlier. But garlic butter should be a good neutraceutical.
  2. To prove I am not my brother, maybe, I've snacked on a pile of dumplings between lunch and dinner, and on two English muffins w/ butter after dinner. So far so good. I have found no correlation of family relationships and Covid vaccine side effects, only of that and allergic reactions. But I did find one article that encourages moving the injected arm around. So I've been flapping my left wing, on and off, since snack #1.
  3. My brother posts on Facebook: "Shot 2 of the Moderna knocked me on my ass. Fever, chills, aches, lack of interest in food, fatigue for ~24 hours. . . . Go get vaccinated. Just don't do it on the day before a workday." My Moderna #2 is today. And I have a big deadline tomorrow. And what's this "lack of interest in food"?! With luck, maybe either I or my brother is adopted.
  4. Not me. Do say hi if it is; how will I know you? Below my waist, I'm always identifiable by multipocketed microfiber hiking pants. (They are not cargo pants, no matter what everyone else, usually everyone else, says.) Above the waist, look for my big black canvas tactical-looking backpack, which has grommets in its bottom to help drain the several pounds of roe I have bought ahead of you.
  5. No, I'm the dingbat. Because as I failed to find my photo of my old neighborhood's laundromat, which I thought was named Ms. Bubbles (wrong, it was Wishwash), I found this photo from the same year. How could I not have bought this?
  6. Ours was in an independent pharmacy. When I began several hours of occasional searches for walkable appointments after eligibility dropped to our age, the big state/FEMA site near us was booked. Small NYC pharmacies once couldn't give vaccinations, because only the big chains had separate rooms required by local law. I guess that's been suspended. The catch-22: we'd normally avoid such a narrow, stuffy space unvaccinated. But that's where I found our first available stabbing. So we had a lovely long walk through Prospect Park, through the Long Meadow, past the Boathouse and lake, and fina
  7. Last night we had lobster rolls, with steamed and broiled lobster I'd made when lovely spouse was away for a week, and for the rolls she made fine mayonnaise from scratch. (Eleven years together, yet we're in weird disagreement on how much she likes lobster; we each claim that the other has avoided buying it.) Now I'm craving mayonnaise for the first time in two decades, after a history of throwing out once-opened jars. I grew up loving Seidner's from Pawcatuck/Westerly, Rhode Island, maybe because my mother grew up in what had been Otto Seidner's yolk-colored house. But it's sold only lo
  8. My college's student housing/dining coops bought the same tableware as the campus-run dining halls, to make replenishment easy. One year Tank House kitchen had all its plates, bowls, and silver lifted by another coop. Tank held a contest to encourage residents to replace it all, and noncoop friends could pitch in. I was on the regular dining plan because more friends ate there, and because I preferred stacked breaded chicken patties to "barbecued tofu." So out of my dining hall I discreetly clanked and jingled with my backpack full of dishes 'n' things, meal after meal, bringing it all to
  9. If we're there early next week -- lovely spouse prefers shopping in person even if she's less likely to spend more for more froufrou food; I'd rather reduce my exposure and depend on deliveries, but if I have to go anyway I may as well spend that stimulus check -- we could snag the shad roe for you, and you could pick it up from us at your convenience. Or, more practically, I could give you a wakeup call.
  10. GAP's Seatuck? We saw one lobe at 7:45-to-8:00-ish. There and elsewhere we got tuna and swordfish, a dozen clams (half to be reserved for my lunch ramen), a dozen oysters, merguez and chorizo and chicken-with-feta sausages, a dozen chicken eggs, and half a dozen duck eggs (two vanished during my breakfast).
  11. Do you have a non-frost-free freezer for hoarding good bread? I've given up on keeping bread thanks to our fridge's drawer freezer. We're about to get a small manual-clean freezer, but she insists on an upright door for that, small improvement. Made home fries with breakfast for the first time since July 2020.
  12. I'll always remember one of my favorite bistro-ish dinner desserts, probably an inconvenience to the kitchen, was when she ordered some kind of apple tart and I, remembering an appetizer we hadn't gotten, asked for the baby back ribs with soy sauce and black beans. Especially if there's not a lot of fat, especially in dessert, I really prefer savory to sweet. So lovely spouse's nicely spicy lasagna, made with North Country andouille-ish sausage, made a fine dessert too.
  13. The only way I've done it is per Irene Kuo, adding oil to the beaten egg (1 tsp oil/egg). And that gets drizzled into the broth after it's been thickened with cornstarch, not before.
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