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  1. Might Pierless or Greenpoint, these days, be a good bet for delivery of two or three well-twitching Thanksgiving lobsters? Lovely spouse would settle for lobster rolls, but for every summer I can remember I've been used to lobsters on a grander scale.
  2. A friend has proudly sent me a photo of some beans she's gotten, and has urged me to try them.
  3. It ain't over till the fat lady modulates.
  4. Sometimes we get too much moisture from the guest-bathroom faucet.
  5. Maybe that butane burner, neglected for sportsball, could lead to nutty scorched rice. Today's lunch: smashed-cucumber salad with surimi (parsley substituted for cilantro). Still liking the more bland pollock-only fake-crab flakes over the more authentic (cough) mystery-ingredients, saltier crab stick.
  6. It can also be lonely at the top, unless a neighbor stops by.
  7. Yeah, that's the top annoyance here (jury*-rigged old plumbing or enduring the installation of the new). I think I know that unit; when its line's risers are renovated, the bathrooms that'll knock out for up to a year will include our master. But there's much progress. Historical hyperlocal annoyances have included arguing over whether dogs can ride the non-service elevator, and a love-triangle shooting of a doctor by his nurse in their lobby offices. ________ * Or, as Jerry from the hardware store down Washington Avenue likes to think of it, Jerry-rigged.
  8. In my building this seems to have been, at least once, a socializing opportunity.
  9. We won't turn on our old Jacuzzi because I don't trust its waterworks after two years of disuse before we moved in, and it's over a neighbor's bedroom. The previous owner's renovation had collapsed the ceiling of one of their bathrooms. Between DIY renovations and once-sketchy contractor work, our old building's walls and floors hide many demonic surprises. Speaking of the supernatural, one of our watermelons decided to burst some ectoplasm overnight, the foam pooling on the kitchen island's zinc counter, dribbling down the cabinet side, and piling up at the baseboard before leaving a sti
  10. O wonderful rice porridge. If I ever end up in an old folks' home, with most sharp objects and hotter appliances kept from me, and little more than mini-boxes of cereal and yolkless scrambles for breakfast, I'll be content if if I can have jook every morning. While lovely spouse happily hobnobs with the Cheeerios eaters.
  11. How do best like to cake your crabs? We're this close to buying fresh lump for the first time, missing the Jersey shore crabcakes we'd gorge on there and freeze to take home. I used to play bass with Fresh Lump.
  12. Indoor dogs/pigs need their nails/hooves trimmed more often than those that get outside hard-surface wear.
  13. Mussels in a curry-ish broth, which I enjoyed even more after nuking it with leftover roasted veg. All of which called for something white, but tonight was the night for Federalist cab.
  14. Today was our first farmer’s-market shop in a month, after overwork and a week away got in the way. So I’m enjoying a garlicky, spicy eel-and-pea-shoot sandwich for breakfast, and some Concord-ish grapes for dessert. But I forgot we’re taking advantage of nicer weather for meeting friends in the park, possibly stretching into a restaurant delivery there or on our deck. So I’m annoyed that the mussels and hot peppers and more-fun-than-usual greens can’t be planned on for dinner. I socialized less before the pandemic!
  15. We prepare separate breakfasts and lunches. For brunch she has a little of my eggs/meats and I have a little of her fruity pancakes or waffles. I love her savory/spicy dinners across the board, and sometimes I'll sear a meat or bake a fish or conjure a bowl of ramen she'll like very much. She loves lots of salt,* but I've so cut back on that that a little can be too much. I like sour with bitterness or acidity but not with sweetness. She loves spiking sweetness with sourness. As we've worked through the 44 pounds of bananas I'd accidentally bought, we did banana shakes with cocoa, and whe
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