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  1. Do you have a non-frost-free freezer for hoarding good bread? I've given up on keeping bread thanks to our fridge's drawer freezer. We're about to get a small manual-clean freezer, but she insists on an upright door for that, small improvement. Made home fries with breakfast for the first time since July 2020.
  2. I'll always remember one of my favorite bistro-ish dinner desserts, probably an inconvenience to the kitchen, was when she ordered some kind of apple tart and I, remembering an appetizer we hadn't gotten, asked for the baby back ribs with soy sauce and black beans. Especially if there's not a lot of fat, especially in dessert, I really prefer savory to sweet. So lovely spouse's nicely spicy lasagna, made with North Country andouille-ish sausage, made a fine dessert too.
  3. The only way I've done it is per Irene Kuo, adding oil to the beaten egg (1 tsp oil/egg). And that gets drizzled into the broth after it's been thickened with cornstarch, not before.
  4. Even before the apocalypse, lovely spouse discovered apps and Youtube videos to take to our building's mini-gym. Now she works out in her art studio in front of her monitor, audible across our home when I'm in my office. But louder now that I'm in stuck in bed, right next to her studio, glued to my heating pad after throwing out my back. It's similar to my ex's awful workout music, though leaning toward bassy electronica instead of yowling pop. Sharon Stone didn't need music while playing hologram tennis: http://app.diver-cloud.net/?id=ptv0nqzpsr
  5. We were lucky to have decided on a grocery delivery today before the storm warning. Though some substitutions were a little creatively desperate, like two boxes of butternut-squash “pasta” (“naturally gluten free!”) instead of the two acorn squashes we wanted.
  6. Where do I find a tech bro to whom to sell rights to Brooklyn's Two Toms, which closed in the nick of time two Decembers ago, as Toms 2.0 ?
  7. Argh. Our two-and-a-half-year-old one's carousel has begun its noisy fail. I love how your model eliminates that Rube Goldbergishness. But lovely spouse does cook one great dish with it, lasagna. We designed the kitchen's microwave's space around the size of a unit that could handle that sacred glass pan. I don't think I can convince her to switch to the range oven.
  8. If not pasta alla vodka, anterior discectomy alla vodka.
  9. So far, last night and today: Christmas with Dino A Dave Brubeck Christmas Huey "Piano" Smith, Twas the Night Before Christmas Sufjan Stevens, Hark! The hoary standards will appear. But she no longer insists on the Muppets record. On deck for later today and tonight: One of the four Very Bootie Christmases (cocktail time) Bruce Cockburn, Christmas (dinnertime) Fuck You & the Christmas Trees, O Holy Fuck (dishwashing time)
  10. The few gifts we got each other are still in delivery limbo. But I was able to secretly order (by cramming our Amazon order history with additional, more mundane orders) and receive the deck umbrella we'd planned on anyway for spring. So she'll wake up soon to this.
  11. Hoi polloi tartare health alert: https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/14/us/cannibal-sandwich-wisconsin-trnd/index.html
  12. Wanna trade that for the HoneyBaked™ ham we'll be gifted in two days?
  13. We might as well keep more old people alive because even before the pandemic, land devoted to agriculture had declined, so we don’t really need them to help fertilize the soil.
  14. Worse than cat "marking" is subway smell. One rainy morning on the way to work, I dropped irreplaceable papers on the wet floor of my D train car. The pages' multicolor penciling could not be photocopied in that black-and-white-Xerox age. When I patted the pages dry at my desk, the stench was awful. I ran around the office asking my peers -- since this was trade publishing, 95 percent women -- to borrow some perfume. And learned that most women don't reapply between 9 and 5. Finally one gave me a sample spray, which I applied to the pages before forwarding them with apologies. I may
  15. The competing (and similarly partisan) claims to the origin of hummus may be easier to resolve.
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