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  1. Leftovers sandwich for lunch: peppery pork tenderloin, a bit of gruyere, and roasted butternut and broccoli, with a grainy mustard on well-browned sourdough. Except for panfried- or smoked- fish wraps, because wraps bore me, I had not made a sandwich since February 17, 2018, which my food diary records as avocado and bacon on unspecified bread. Every sandwich I've had since then have been bahn mi, Chinese rou jia mo beef or pork burgers, barbecue/pastrami sandwiches on my own or chicken/turkey sandwiches with lovely spouse (though in August 2019 she shared a Maialino pork one), and cafe egg sandwiches, none of them by my hand. But I think I'm going to love making sandwiches. This one was great.
  2. Josh Karpf


    No rising after two hours under the towel--I set my camera to time lapse, to be sure. Oh well. It did seem too sticky when we took it out of its bowl. We'll bake it and use it for crumbs.
  3. Josh Karpf


    Our first baking since 2016 begins soon! It's the Mark Bittman no-knead. Or may be, if we're lucky. We made successful stollen in our first years together, but after several more of failure, gave up. Then four years ago we baked great bread by accident. Lovely spouse had wanted a dough-kneading photo to help show that she wanted her art to be tactile. After our shoot we said, What the hell, let's put it in the oven. We gobbled that loaf in a few minutes. Last week a couple of neighbors generously gave me some instant yeast. Today's dough, mixed last night, is nice 'n' bubbly. In a few hours, we'll know if the curse is lifted.
  4. Well, that was a nice lunchtime nap. Last night's Del Maguey Vida margarita was delicious, but my extra pour to make up for having added too much sweetness made for a very slow morning.
  5. 139 billable hours of work after having roasted that half pig head, I'm happy to say it was delicious. My Facebook friends are grossed out by my mostly anatomical prep photos, including where the tacos de sesos came from. You think they hadn't known me all these years.
  6. The essence of skin and bones from lovely spouse's two richly and differently spiced roast chickens from two nights ago, simmered into stock with lots of veg yesterday, plus pasta and parsley and a soft-boiled egg and some of that chicken, led to today's very good spicy makeshift ramen lunch. Now to convince her to let me order lots of highly processed noodles, crab stick, fish cake, menma, preserved eggs, and nori from Sunrise Mart. And shrimp chips. And shochu.
  7. Testing the new click-and-drag with a shot from last night (and thank you Orik for getting me back in) . . . . Lovely spouse wants to try bread baking for the first time since 2016. After I asked our building's email list for a little yeast -- I couldn't find anything to buy online except survivalist-size bricks -- I visited two neighbors to accept their generous offerings. But that first nonmarital IRL socializing in weeks, aside from my picking up packages in the lobby, felt more like endurance than adventure. My social muscles have atrophied. Maybe fresh bread will help.
  8. Besides my double mask, I wear bits of a nurse costume when I go down (and sometimes up) the fifteen floors of our fire stair to the lobby to pick up stuff. I'd bought it two Februaries ago, to cheer up lovely spouse after her ankle replacement (our dry run for being homebound). The red stethoscope, white-cross-in-red-heart apron, and JESS BENDOVER name tag are popular (among adults; the kids just stare.) But not as much as the cross-in-heart hat. I carry the giant syringe (sold separately) only if I know I don't have something heavy to bring up. I have never been able to zip myself into the dress.
  9. At first I thought the commenter might be Asian. We've all seen chicken feet listed as paws on some dim sum menus (this example from elsewhere): But then I saw the commenter's user name, robertoilgatto. Ilgatto. Il gatto. On the Internet, nobody knows you're a . . .
  10. Cafe Restaurant noise generator
  11. Yeah, I was half thinking that as I typed it. OK, it's settled, I'll just sign the check over to Rancho Gordo. After finishing all the beans, pasta, canned tomatoes, and boxed soup I've been buying from Walmart to get free shipping on TP and Clorox.
  12. Maybe our stimulus check should go for some new cookware, what with all the cooking, mostly hers. And she has a birthday coming up! How romantic a gift! The induction range is beginning to ignore that 10" saute pan (naturally, the more expensive model). And I've longed for a wider pan besides the Teflon 12" and cast-iron 12". That cheapie Cooks 3-quart has done noble duty. But I'd love something between its size and our 8-quart. Not that I ever use our 16-quart. That was for lobster or pasta parties. None scheduled soon.
  13. Before trying Baldor, I'd have to hike downstairs to #11K and ask for our chest freezer back, to achieve that $250 minimum. And stop panic-buying leafy greens for fear of not getting more within a week. After finding two final hunks of pork and beef I'd BBQ'd this past summer, I made a sloppy ropa vieja with the shoulder and tomatoes, and a canned-poblano-rich stew with the brisket. The ropa was bland even after I'd reduced the sauce, but the beef was incredible. And now the stews take up more space in the freezer than did the meats, postponing my Baldorization.
  14. And for their, and everyone's, chance to be tested in the new normal to come.
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