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  1. I was the cheese friend. I loved the Festival in a way that is unmentionable at work. First of all, you get to sample the best cheeses from VT, NY, MA, and RI. All of these guys are doing it locally and with great care and gravitas. Secondly, cheese people are heeelarious ... earnest but mellow, wanting to jawbone your ear off or not saying a peep. Hippies, locavores, artisans, all eager to share their cheese. The ricotta was also my favorite. Imagine my surprise (as a non sweet lover) to try the cheese with honey and blueberries and then try to think of how I was going to circle back 7 times to get more. At the end it was sunglasses and scarves and funny accents. But they wouldn't have cared. They were delighted we loved their product. I'll put together a list of the others that were particularly worthy, but the other one that came home with me was the Dorset from Consider Bardwell. So barnyardy it's mooing in my cheese drawer. I don't know why everyone doesn't go to this festival. It's the bees knees.
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    In the Northeast we call it Sunday Gravy. It always has balls, sausages, and some kinda pork. Last week it had pepperoni. Go figure.
  3. Gorgeous! I'm not sure that many people on this side of the pond understand just how common an expression "....-ing for Britain" is. (Semi-remembered quote from my avatar boy: "The Quiet Beatle" - that cracks me up. Anyone who knew George knew that he could talk for Britain.") Funny, I always thought Slapsie was shagging for Britain ???
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    Fall 09

    Check out the bottom left corner. I hate them, too, and all I can think of is 'cloven hooves'. This is wrong on so many levels. SO MANY LEVELS.
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    Fall 09

    Abby -- those harem pants things are also at Old Navy, but in corduroy. First, why bring back the harem? Scond, why do it in hideous fabrics? Talk to me of flip flop boots. Wha?
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    The Grammy's

    There must still be some of the stuff left in her system. A bit weird but she looked fine. she had a new nose, too She was definitely high on something. She looked great but was all glassy and airy like a meth head.
  7. yumyum

    The Grammy's

    MIA did indeed perform and she was due last night. I'm still trying to figure out Kanye West as Michael Jackson circa Billie Jean. But that Estelle can sing. I loved her space-age bubble dress. OK, that's what I've got.
  8. Oh gosh -- I'll just keep going on and on about my beans. Shall I? Well yes, I think I will .... I used up the leftover garbanzos in a recipe from the New Spanish Table for chickpea stew with chorizo and meatballs. Having the cooked beans in their liquid cut the prep time in half, but it's still a time-consuming recipe, multi-step and multi-ingredient. But soooo soooo good. The smoky paprika goes so well with the beans, and the little albondigas made me very happy indeed. Highly recommend.
  9. Quick report back -- the beans came out great -- lowest simmer for an hour and they were perfect. The taste is much sweeter than storebought, but they went really well with the chicken, tomato, and smoked paprika dish I made. I have a leftover tub of beans in the cooking liquid that I think I will eat with spinach and ginger or pulse into a soup. I'm so glad they didn't disintegrate from the soak. I'm not sure I would change this method, though, despite the warnings. A 5 hour soak then the hard boil for 5 minutes. Low and slow for an hour and they are cooked through and creamy, but not mushy. I'm at sea level though, so of course your mileage will vary. Thanks for playing along at home. That was fun.
  10. They are bubbling quite happily on the stove. I drained them as soon as I got home, chopped up an onion and sweated it, threw in the beans and some fresh water (which I like instead of the soaking liquid) and brought to a boil for 5 mins. They are in my heavy enameled cast iron pot and are simmering very slowly. If they fall apart I'll make soup or puree. But I think they'll be okay. Sure smell good. edit -- I'm much happier than that mellow guy. I'm going to sign up for that newletter. Thanks GPJ again!
  11. Well rats. I just assumed they should be soaked like most other dried beans. And also, I followed the directions on the darned recipe card. I will be gentle and slow. Thanks for the input.
  12. Oh shoot -- mine are soaking at home now. I wont get to rescue them for a couple of hours. That will be about a 5-hour soak. Shall I prepare myself for heartache now? I go by a liquor store on the way home. That sounds good. I like chickpeas with chorizo. Just brown cubes of chorizo in a lot of olive oil, add chickpeas, top with chopped parsley. I add some spices when cooking the beans. Oh, and chickpeas are one bean that really does benefit from an overnight soak. cstuart, I have to disagree with you big time on the overnight soak. I can guarantee disaster if you soak these beans more than 1 hour. Grocery store beans, sure, soak them for a week or two. But the ones we're peddling right now are insanely fresh. We've already had one report of disaster from someone who soaked them overnight, cooked them, and couldn't understand why they fell apart and turned to mush.
  13. I have a Moroccan chicken recipe that calls for cans of chickpeas. I reckon the RG beans will take this dish to a whole nother level. So. I think I'll do them very simply with just onion and water so I can get a feel for the beans themselves. GPJ, I wouldn't be surprised to find myself eating them just as you did.
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