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  1. That's okay, too. I know which of the ones I've heard of are supposed to be good. I was just wondering about the others. :)


    Hey Susanne,

    Just so you know...


    Ciudad is now Border Grill - they changed over about 2 weeks ago

    Grace is closed - Neal is trying to open a place downtown at St. Vibiana's

    The rest are ok, but I would recommend Hatfield's out of the bunch.

    Or come downtown to the Nickel. No booze tho :(




  2. Great start...thanks to everyone..especially helpful to get a link to reviews/websites, etc. Much appreciated.


    One that none of you has mentioned is Wilson. It looks good online but if it was worth a visit I'm thinking someone would have mentioned it.


    Carolyn, I'm near Seattle now but originally from CA.


    Oh yes , please go to Wilson - a little overlooked jem IMHO .

    Although I haven't eaten there in about 8 months it's been pretty consistent for both lunch and dinner on previous occasions. His flavors are really bold - if there's mussels or sardines on the menu definitely get them - they've been excellent in the past. I once enjoyed a rabbit "sloppy joe" with a glass of Dolcetto for lunch that was out of this world. Hope his stuff is still as good.

    Eat in the front room - there's a great photo mural of French chefs exercising . It's fabulous.

  3. According to the interwebs, the Nickel is going to do a beta test of dinner. I hope it works!

    Eater LA on Monkey May's latest plan


    Thanks Aaron.

    Yes, we are trying to open for dinner, although it's not our neighbors we're concerned with but the people who are concerned about our neighbors that have lots to say about us opening later.

    You can read the comments here.

    We have become this lightining rod for gentrification vs. skid row, with an unhealthly dash of racism thrown in for good measure.

    It's a little unnerving.

    We're just trying to feed the neighborhood, make a little money and show people a good time. This shit is wild.

  4. Impoverished writers used to get their agents to take them to Musso and Frank's for breakfast.

    Opening at the sensible hour of 11:30 am, I recommend a Saturday morning eating Eggs Benedict, skillet hash browns, and flannel cakes washed down with spicy Bloody Marys made by the 72 year old bartender. Not a cheap date, and a hit or miss menu - stick with the grilled meats - but you can rub elbows with Hollywood ghosts and professional waiters whose median age is 65 and wonder at which booth Faulkner and Fitzgerald used to pass out. Very old school Hollywood and very LA.

  5. Hey Everyone, just had a chance to check in... a big Thank You from K and I for all your kind wishes!


    It has been a crazy rollercoaster ride and I still feel like I'm in the front seat going up up up waiting to drop and hurtle around steep corners with both hands in the air.

    Publicity at times is an overwhelming thing. As we well know, people say whatever they want - fortunately the response has been more than favorable.


    Special thanks and shout out to Joan for her prompt bean deliveries and suggestions - hey Bean Boy Downtown LOVES your stuff!


    Miss having time playing online, but we are having a lot of fun playing restaurant.


    All of you have a standing invitation to visit anytime.


    And Simon - you must come to eat and we shall have cocktails as well - I know a few places so pm me.

    We can start apologising for our offences now, mea culpa, mea culpa.


    Love to all,


  6. Silly People.

    Of course it's War - "Summer"


    Ridin round town with all the windows down

    Eight track playin all your favorite sounds

    The rhythm of the bongos fill the park

    The street musicians tryin to get a start


    Cause it's summer

    Summer time is here

    Yes it's summer

    My time of year




    De Witt: We're a breed apart from the rest of humanity, we theater folk. We are the original displaced personalities.


    Miss Casswell: [interrupting] Oh, waiter!


    De Witt: That isn't a waiter, my dear. That's a butler.


    Miss Casswell: Well, I can't yell, 'Oh, butler!' can I? Maybe somebody's name is Butler.


    De Witt: You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point.


    Miss Casswell: I don't want to make trouble. All I want is a drink.


    Max: Leave it to me. I'll get you one.


    Miss Caswell: [smiling] Thank you, Mr. Fabian.


    De Witt: Well done. I can see your career rising in the east like the sun.




  8. And maybe it's just me, but the riff from
    makes all immediately known. Plus, there's a bonus guitar solo right up front there as well, for some reason.


    I would add "Lust for Life" opening if only well recognized as the Carnival Cruises theme song...Iggy I hope the drugs you scored for that sellout were really really good.


    Priscilla and Ivan - Greetings! Lovely to see you around again.

    MM, hearing "Lust for Life" on that commercial puts a smile on my face. I like to mull whether it's an attempt at superdoublepsycheout... not that it works, and it is equally possible that it is just more-of-the-same clueless song placement, but what if there was a little element of trying to subconsciously make that cruise appealing to those who might actually recognize a song by the Ig? WHAT IF??? Ig, his peanut butter, his shards of glass... maybe it's all in there!!!


    YES! Princess Cruises' announces a bold marketing initiative: Listen to Iggy Pop, as "Lust For Life" is piped into your own private 9ft by 9 ft. sleeping chamber! And experience the rockstar lifestyle with our patented Crunchy Bed , crushed glass and peanut butter surcharge according to the level of realness desired!


    Don't forget the throbbing wall of speakers to dive off whilst wearing your complimentary "Now I Wanna" pleather dog collar free with every Target purchase. Accompanying leash and goodnite nurse not included. Hypodermics purchased separately.



    And I danced and fooled around with Chuck Berry once. Like when I was 19 or something. Just because it was Chuck fucking Berry. He's wicked enough in person.



    Did ya"ll do Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida yet? I can't be bothered to look.


  9. And maybe it's just me, but the riff from
    makes all immediately known. Plus, there's a bonus guitar solo right up front there as well, for some reason.


    I would add "Lust for Life" opening if only well recognized as the Carnival Cruises theme song...Iggy I hope the drugs you scored for that sellout were really really good.


    Priscilla and Ivan - Greetings! Lovely to see you around again.

  10. I have absolutely no interest in the Oscars this year. The only film I've really seen is There Will be Blood (twice) and thought it was good, not great. Daniel Day of course is The Magnificent (...."if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw")... nothing but brilliant. Robert Elswitt's cinematography was pristine.

    HATED Juno. Walked out after 30 minutes, so annoyed by cloying absurd dialogue and an infantile saccharine soundtrack shoved done my throat in a pathetic cover for emotion ressonance. Jason Reitman continuing the schlock Reitman film dynasty for the ironically hip generation...


    Tod Haynes's Dylan biopic was unbearable, but the lovely Cate was fabulous, her Dylan making it really the only thing worth watching, outside of Charlotte Gainsbourg for me. No Country for Old Men? Eh - read the book and didn't like that very much. Not interested in having the Coen Bros torture me for two hours. I have been holed up with my dvd player making my way through Josef Von Sternberg films - Blue Angel, Morocco, Scarlett Empress. Cued up is Shanghai Express and The Devil is a Woman. Dietrich's face in black and white holds a far more interesting adventure to me than all this years film nominees combined.

  11. There's a bit of a conflict here between the expired MBA which explicitly allows performers to write their own material and the WGA strike rules which explicitly forbid it. Going after Leno like that is a stupid move by the WGA. Pointless posturing and quite possibly a battle they will lose which would weaken them far more than Leno's monologues. It's silly that they wouldn't have a problem if he improvised or ad-libbed his show but want to forbid him from reading a teleprompter.


    The people around the Golden Globes are adversely affected, but unlike the Oscars which everyone loves, the GGs aren't all that popular beneath the surface. The Foreign Press Corps is a joke but any publicity is good so they play along.


    The part that sucks is when you are a huge strike supporter and you've been nominated for awards. What do you do? A friend is the writer/producer of "Mad Men" - his show is up for a number of GGs and now he's banged both ways from Sunday. Would he have attended? Of course not, but there's always that bit of ego saying the hell with friends and principle - I want my place in the sun.

    Especially in Hollywood.

  12. Sake has ritual.

    Martinis have ritual. There is nothing more beautiful than the process of a well made Martini.


    The difference is that ritual in the examples you give are structurally integral parts of the process, or else an issue of social politeness, not a mere extraneous physical add-on. Absinthe spoons are, if you will, the Hummel figurines of liquor consumption. :P


    So art and beauty can't enter into the process? We should all be drinking out of jelly jars and stiring with coffee spoons? Yes, not necessary to the function, but the form baby, the form...

  13. It closed a year or two ago. But you'll no doubt be relieved to know that the Brooklyn Heights branch is still open, for all the times you must find yourself there when dropping into NYC. [facetiousness emoticon]


    Cool. I've got family in Brooklyn Heights. We tend to meet at their old stomping grounds in Brighton Beach. But now with Mrs. Stahl's gone, this is a good thing to know. (No facetiousness intended).



  14. And I'm gonna put on powdered wig and dress up as Thomas Jefferson whenever I drink Bordeaux?


    This is food (and drink) we're talking about, not some cult object.


    To me (my own personal opinion, nonbinding on anyone else), that stuff is all Amateur Night.


    If you can appreciate absinthe, then fine. If you have to go through some masquerade where you're pretending to be Arthur Rimbaud "to get the experience", then I can't help but wonder if you can really appreciate it.


    All that's fine for "ordinary" people, but we're (I hate this word) foodies! We're supposed to like food for food.


    I would if I could. I'd be fucking Marie Antoinette everyday given the chance. I appreciate a sense of cultural reference. I love accoutrements. And while I don't read Verlaine everytime I drink absinthe, I like to think of the images it inspired while I do. I dig the process and the mystique. Is it necessary? Obviously not. But as Wilde said "Illusion is the first of all pleasures". So it is for me.


    Sake has ritual.

    Martinis have ritual. There is nothing more beautiful than the process of a well made Martini.


    Ritual is sexy. Green faries kissing my lips and the illusion of my mind bending is what I'm looking for.

    Or I can just drink Bourbon all day. Which I tend to do anyway.


    And nobody likes food for just food. That's for tourists.

  15. I lived practically across the street from Veselka for years and years. I am not a fan, always preferred the now sadly closed Teresa's.


    Yes, I always preferred Teresa's. When did it close? :unsure: I ate there all the time when I was in NYC...

  16. I think the point is that we have to demystify absinthe. If you want get rid of Fear Of Thujone, you have to get rid of all the other mumbo-jumbo, too.



    Why not keep the ritual and romanticism attached? Must everything be explained? There is a new bar in LA called the Green Door, complete with ice wells and spoons for each table, so that the young and dumb can get as walleyed as from drinking shots of Jager or Tequila, other great alcohols with ritual attached.

    Are they going to understand Rimbaud and Verlaine any better? Or does this mean when they puke from their search for that gnarly thujone high, it's just going to taste better?

  17. How is Chuck Berry, anyway?


    ETA: 81 years old, touring, peeking at girls in the bathroom, and scheduled to play BB King's on December 30.


    I fixed it for you.


    RIP Ike.


    One of the great pleasures in my life was dancing with Chuck Berry in the basement of a dive club off Hollywood Blvd. One smooth motherfucker, let me tell you.


    A woman who I used to work for was a manager at The Whiskey A Go Go back in the 60's. Along with her many claims to fame (she was Sinatra's bookeeper at Reprise for awhile - what a record collection!) not only did she train the Whiskey's go go dancers, but she used to book Ike and Tina for 50 bucks a night when they first came to town...the mind reels.


    RIP Ike

    Keep rockin Tina



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