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  1. A small gift to my friends at Mouthfuls - this was sent to me and I most cheerfully pass it on. The website is in French, but pass the intro, and click on the main title. A side bar menu comes up - click "primeurs". Minimiam Enjoy.
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    Go ahead and do it. It's not permanent, and will gradually wear off. What part are you doing? I've had it done between my eyebrows, a few times - I liked the effects to a certain extent, but my frown line never entirely smoothed out and like every good drug addict, I kept thinking I needed more. Botox makes the muscle relax, and sometimes it felt a little strange not to have the ability for any movement. But I've always had really deep furrows (which at times hurt because I frowned so hard), and Botox did take the edge off, in effect teaching me how to relax that part of my face. But go
  3. Sharon is absolutely insane. Trust me on this one. She is also incredibly litigious, and makes everyone sign severe confidentiality agreements, which is why I can't say more. Does anyone remember Blake Edwards' "SOB"? It's the one where Julie Andrews shows her tits. In the film, the director, (played by Richard Mulligan) is trying to convince her to do the shot by bringing up a list of "serious" actresses who've bared it. The one which seals the deal? "Liv Ullman". Speaking of older fabulous naked ladies, Charlotte Rampling in "Swimming Pool"? Or just Charlotte Rampling in anythi
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    The Bonk List

    How about some Splodging? Warning - maybe not great to open if you're at work. This one's for you, Stone. Merry Xmas!
  5. monkeymay

    The Bonk List

    I'd do her too. May I join you? Mmmmmenage.... if we were a layer cake what kind of filling would Angelina be?
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    The Bonk List

    Ho ho ho, ho. Yes indeedy - back at ya babe. Meantime, can Santa bring me this for Christmas? I've been a very good bad girl:
  7. monkeymay

    The Bonk List

    Maybe you need to see him in person. He's good. He's big - strong hands, good voice. A little rough around the edges. You'd like him. There ain't nuthin wrong with some monkey luv TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU was a very charming little movie. Heath was stoopid adorable. And a ho ho ho to you all too!
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    When I wear my fur trimmed leather coat with my black leather pants and boots I KNOW I look good. Think "Venus in Furs".
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    Regarding harrassment - I have a beautiful faux fur from my mother's galmourpuss days - mid calf length silver - grey stripe fur with shawl collar and turned back sleeves. It's from Bullock's Wilshire circa 1957, and lined with champagne satin and it's really good. One cold night, while swooshing around Hollywood in my fabulous fake fur, this car drove by me, stopped, backed up, and screamed out the window - "Fur sucks you bitch". I of course, responded in kind, and now it's almost fisticuffs until I physically showed them the coat label that said "100% Virgin Orlon Acrylic". Fanatics a
  10. I will drink bourbon any time. Call me any name you want. Currently, this is the bottle I'm deeply in love with:Bulleit Oaky and smoky, at 90 proof it's waaay too smooth for your own good. I've been a Maker's girl for years, but this is the Most Delicious Bourbon. Very little heat off the swallow - Maker's slaps you compared to a sip of Bulliet nectar. And the bottle is so Old West Frontier, it's displayed at Al Swearengen's saloon on Deadwood. Vendome in LA sells it for $24.95 a bottle.
  11. Try Ebay. I bought a couple of stoneware crocks to brine and hold my olives. I think my largest is about 3 gallons. They tend to be cheap to purchase, but watch the shipping charges, cause these suckers are weighty. Other option is to find water cooler crocks - I have an old one from Arrowhead Water. They come in 5 gallon size and are heavy stoneware - perfect for pickling.
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    Link Wray

    Yeah, I just heard this today. Saw Link Wray with Robert Gordon, maybe '78-'79, sweating like pigs in leather but the music was soo good. Link was the godhead mutha on guitar -he could make your spleen vibrate and beg for more. RIP
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    I get small heads of fennel from my purveyor and braise them whole in butter, orange juice and white wine till they become slightly caramelized with color and spoon tender. Serve it with crispy skinned piece of salmon topped with a tapenade rosso of dried tomatoes, capers, roast garlic, basil and orange zest. Dead simple and so good. I also do a variation of the braised fennel with leeks, mint, and bits of dried tomato, used as a stuffing for a whole salmon that's been book filleted - you pan roast the fish, and baste with white wine and OJ. The fennel becomes meltingly sweet, and the rich
  14. Catherine O'Hara Andrea Martin Madeline Kahn Terri Garr Funnier than any of the boys in the house.
  15. The other night my friend K and I met a woman who told us about her first night at work here in downtown LA. She'd been walking down Spring Street, just a block over from us. She ran into a homeless guy who told her she shouldn't be walking on Spring Street at night. "It's all crack addicts down there," he said, "you want to walk on Main Street. It's heroin addicts. Heroin addicts are a better class of people." Good to know.
  16. Is vaginal rejuvenation included in the seminar?
  17. "Spanglish" - the dumbest fucking train wreck of a movie ever made. Tea Leoni, Adam Sandler and Paz Vega star in ostensibly a vehicle about language barriers and the inability to communicate, but what a piece of poo. Tea Leoni hires an Hispanic woman to clean her house - neither speak each others language, nor does her husband (Sandler) a four star LA chef (who neither speaks Spanish after years in a kitchen, or is ever at his 4 star resto). Relationships become complicated and hilarity and tears ensue. I don't know what offended me more about this movie - Tea Leoni's hysterical Brentwood yup
  18. Just had a fine late night binge at Haru Ulala on Saturday. Ordered pretty much off the board- grilled pike, uni sashmi, agedashi tofu, fried sardines, grilled ginkgo nuts, enoki mushrooms in miso broth. Really lovely, although the place gets packed and service can become quite leisurely. They display the evening's specials in baskets laid out in front of the dining counter, which is how I spied the ginkgo nuts, which were grilled, salted, and presented on a great celadon platter. The woman who runs the place serves as sushi chef and some of her creations are cumbersome ( her rolls are bulky a
  19. I beg your pardon! We're talking lezzie cheerleaders in a public bathroom! What more could you ask for? SB (R Rated Board)(no animal or dwarf fantasies allowed) Dunno. When I was banging my girlfriend with a strap on in the bathroom of the Ecstasy show at MOCA the other day, I almost had to gag her so she wouldn't cry out and upset the little old lady museum member who was having a pee in the stall next to us. But we weren't dressed as cheerleaders and we didn't hit a cop. Not newsworthy I guess. Meanwhile, Bush declares, "we don't torture" and France is burning. I couldn't ask
  20. Ooo, never tried it dressed as a cheerleader before. Next time. It's silly the cops got called- life in a slow southern town, I guess. Or just another slow news day in the world. Nothing much else is happening, right?
  21. Bob Hoskins in the last scene of The Long Good Friday Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo John Wayne in The Searchers or Red River Paul Newman in The Hustler/Cool Hand Luke Marcello in La Dolce Vita Orson in Touch of Evil Emil Jannings in The Blue Angel Klaus Kinski in Aguirre the Wrath of God And Rod Steiger as Mr. Joyboy in The Loved One Just throwing my .02 is all
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    Don Adams

    I know it's a little late in posting, but Get Smart was such a seminal part of my childhood - literally, I grew up on the sets of this show as my father was one of the people who worked on it. Mr. Adams (as I always called him) was kind, funny, and just a little intimidating - always one with the wisecrack, so you were never sure quite where you stood. (Don Rickles was the same). Still, he could be very charming, and would patiently show us kids the phone gag or whatever bit of nonsense was about. It's a shame he never found major success outside of Maxwell Smart. On a personal note: a g
  23. I love it that Hollywood can get so down wif his badass self. Crunking indeed. But hats off, Rosa, you were certainly the one. RIP, and many thanks for the woman who would not take it anymore. Sweet dreams, hope the angels are rubbing your feet in heaven.
  24. One of my favorite pills. Good times were had by all. Thank you for your invention.
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