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  1. People are fucking idiots. My situation is similar to yours Glenn, as I own a small cafe/wine bar in a slowly gentrifying section of downtown LA. I sell coffee, pastries, paninis, wine and cups of ice to crack heads for .50 a cup. Most people "get it" - even though it's a tough sell - but we also have a nearby market that makes sandwiches and it's common to have people wandering in with other food to order stuff from us.(The market sells cheap sandwiches). So there's the dilemma - alienate your customers or look the other way? I give 'em a 10% margin (depending how I'm feeling that day), but
  2. Fuck off - I made him take it off the menu. You don't name fish or cheese dishes after women. Nice guy but dumber than a bag of hammers. Though I thought I could put Vienna cocktail weenies on the menu and call them "Hibler's Nibblers". Btw that whole Zagat thing is such bullshit. We made it into the guide, and now I've got some salesguy trying to pop my cherry about buying some piece of shit crystal plexiplacard of their review of the cafe at the special introductory offer of $175 - discounted cause it's 'my first time' - to hang on my wall because Zagat knows how fucking special
  3. What a drag. Big Boys were a great band!- I saw them here in LA at the Whiskey maybe '79-80. Randy (I wanna say dressed in a pink tutu?) tore the roof off the house with the wildest version of Kool and the Gangs 'Hollywood Swingin' that's maybe ever been played. So sad. RIP baby.
  4. Excellent choices my dear, altho KOC truly should be defined as one of the most uncomfortable movies to watch, what with characters going to great lengths to pursue their obsessions. The scene where bigmouth Sandra sings to a duct taped Jerry makes my skin crawl. The other one that gets me is Mrs. DeNiro's pocketing an objet from Jerry's house before she and DeNiro are escorted out - brillant and ballsy. Scorsese comedies are always edged - remember After Hours ? As for Michael Powell, September on TCM features a collection of his and Emeric Pressburger films for viewing on Sunday eves. Red
  5. Argh, gonna have to catch the repeat. Was out banging my head with the New York Dolls last night and I missed the show, dammit. Jeremy Pivens is brillant and rapidly moving into the pantheon of great actors whose characters you love to hate.
  6. Wow, the Childcatcher scared the bejezus out of my kids when they were little. Chitty Bang Bang was such a seminal children's movie, especially for my son who's now 16. Says he still shudders when thinking of the Childcatcher - a haunting image he pointed out was repeated in Batman Returns when the Penguin tries to steal Gotham's first born. Guess it was scary for Tim Burton as well. How long is the production running?
  7. When are you starting the film festival? By the way I ment to post about this:new thoughts on Pasolini's murder. Just cause we were talking bout him you know... The reports are fabulous -more please!
  8. Nope I was here. I think I was about 18-19. Drinking gin and doing speed, neither of which I can now touch. It's amazing to me I'm still alive.
  9. My friend Paul Greenstein was the one who turned her on to booking bands.He used to drink at that beautiful bar and watch lame Polynesian acts. I saw the Talking Heads play there in '78. She was really fierce about the Hong Kong and absolutely would not let any band in her place if they'd played the Cafe - which was much more subversive in their booking. She stuck to the 'new wave' bands deeming them much nicer. I remember a grand fight breaking out in the courtyard between the two clubs and punks just spilling out from everywhere to brawl. Late 70's punk rock Chinatown was glorious.
  10. Staying at the Hotel on Rivington. Where should I eat NOW? I will be bouncing around like a ping pong , but I need one good high end dinner(not Per Se). Fire away...
  11. We have 8-10 loose teas we offer on a regular basis at the cafe. Our tea comes from Sungarden who features organic and fair trade teas. My two current favorites are their green tea which is flavored with lavender and bits of citrus, and a french plum which we use for our ice tea as well.We also brew their incredible chai (as opposed to a liquid concentrate like eveyone else)for our lattes. I found these great tea bags at the Japanese market - you fill the pouch, fold it over (like a baggie) and a string detaches from the side to remove the bag from the cup. It's the perfect DIY. I drink green
  12. Acceptance to or part of a disassociation with society. I think that plastic surgery for "transformative" beauty is another part of body mutilation, albeit a socially acceptable one. Rhinoplasty, lifts and implants cut into your body to alter it. Why is getting your tits blown out to a DDcup on a size 4 frame more acceptable than getting your back pierced? Both are equally painful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... (although for me I think the back corseting, when done well, is perversely beautiful - I saw this performance once with these two women who had pierced their backs in a
  13. Oooh, nasty bait-and-switch. Did you ask why they, er, didn't just advertise for a barista? Fly They did advertise for a barista, actually, it just wasn't the position I interviewed for. Or expected! I asked what the deal was and the owner says that he's waiting for some "changes" in the kitchen (i.e., waiting for some people to fire themselves) and that he'd like to have me cross-trained anyway. After seeing how many people apply for work there each day, I get the feeling I should be "grateful" for having a job in such a "hip" place. At least, that's what one applicant told
  14. Dear MF'ers, As I continue to wage my one woman campaign to bring beauty and legend back to this dusty little corner of town I offer to you: A night of glitter and glamour the L.A. Way! My gorgeous girl Bella Beretta is presenting for one night only: The curtain of the dazzling Orpheum Theatre will be pulled back to reveal a unrivaled ensemble of the worlds greatest burlesque and swing music in celebration of the history and the history in the making of Downtown Los Angeles. World famous Burlesque Dancer, Pin Up and Playboy cover girl Dita Von Teese ( featured this month i
  15. sacrifice Reminds me a little of Le Violin d'Ingres
  16. monkeymay


    Are they still around? "Rock and Roll Nurse" or "Pills" (can't remember the proper title) is a favorite of mine, circa 1972 or so. We discussed this a bit on the "Gigs" thread as I had seen them a few months ago at Irving Plaza. The only original members are David and Syl, but they put on a helluva show. They've been gigging and playing some new songs, and now have apparently signed with Roadrunner Records to release an album of new material in spring 2006. AFAIK "Piece of My Heart" is a mainstay of their setlist. Heather, did you see them at the 9:30 Club last night? New York Doll
  17. Have you been listening to the Dils again?
  18. Thank You. Maybe we'll get lucky and all the assholes and yuppies WON'T move downtown and it will continue to develop and be the interesting, amazing community that it is and not be ruined by parasitic developers who will have to reposition the market value of what they're asking now once they realize nobody's buying their shit. Let the Westside stay Westside. The people who want to live here live here because they want to-not because they've got all mod cons and a Starbucks on every corner. Why the fuck does it all have to be the same? Edited to add: I invite all of you to attend the
  19. Parking should be relatively easy. I would park Third St and walk in from Central. Ozomatli is playing Sunday night!!!!
  20. Is this what Morrison was singing about? Your kind of woman
  21. Sort of like The Hulk? (square forehead and jaw with a short neck) "you spin me 'round baby, like, well, a record baby" I believe that was Pete Burns who spun around like a record. Old Dead or Alive. Henry sang- "Sitting here I'm a loaded gun Waiting to go off Ive got nothing to do But shoot my mouth off." If you can get the bulging vein in the forehead look while singing, mores' the better.I like Henry, but he's always been a blowhard. I didn't see any mention of the Rollins Band in the article, but I dig what the guy's saying. There is no underground anymore, and very f
  22. Wassa matta, you don't like beard burn? Women endure it from men well enough.
  23. I think you're thinking of Once Upon a Time in the West. Fabulous Morricone soundtrack in that one as well. And Charles Bronson *sigh* And Claudia Cardinale, rrrrrowr! And one of the greatest opening scenes in the movies. There's also a lack of Dario Argento on the list; I argued hard for Suspiria, but was outvoted. (Or just ignored. As usual.) I would never ignore Dario Argento. edited to add: I know I am geeking out at this point But fuck - Suspiria - what a movie!
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