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  1. Don't feel too bad. The longer the story, the shorter the con. Very old very classic way of ripping people off. I get a couple of them every few weeks, more around Christmas time. It's a small hit of money involving an extremely complicated story, usually involving cars, a lost wallet, id, etc...I once had one guy come in signaling he was mute and had to write out what he had to tell me. I gave him a piece of register tape, and damn if he didn't compose some involved story using all of the above. I gave him a couple of bucks just because of the time it actually took to write on this long ski
  2. The other day walking the streets of Downtown I saw a white woman lying on the sidewalk in full on throes of bad drug/epilectic thrashing. She was half on the pavement, head in the gutter, twisting her body into contortions any yogi master would have spent years perfecting. She was filthy with entrenched street grime. Surrounding her was our local "purple patrol', security guys who ride the neighborhood. As I passed, I thought I heard them calling for help on their radios. Twenty minutes later on my passing return, they had left and she was still there, incoherent and twitching on the ground.
  3. My husband was part of the Ant Farm art commune in San Francisco back in the day. He loaned his paint mixers (the big kind you see in stores) to a couple of hippies who were using them to make large batches of acid. Didn't realize this until he was moving around dust covered cans and equipment and started to get that familar feeling... and then "disappeared" for three days. Passing out and falling down a flight of stairs at a club, I woke up to the lead singer of the band I'd come to see standing over me asking "What are you on? Can I have some?" I seem to have spent the better p
  4. Ah yes, but did you drop to the floor to do up all the coke? Cause I have. Somewhere in 1980, passed out on the fire escape backstage at Hurrah's, I threw up on a good portion of the line of people waiting to get in the club. Imagine being dressed in all your punk rock finery while my qualude enhanced puke drips slowly onto your head...
  5. It's not enough to contend with the crazies, crackheads, and other sun dried characters who line the downtown streets ...be on the lookout for Elephants! Everyday is Fellini here.
  6. My band is called SMILFS. Soccer Moms I'd LIke to Fuck. My tattoos are now older than some of the kids who work for me...
  7. Really well done. I was just at the Bonaventure Hotel and their lobby walls are lined with posters of all the fillms shot there. Although I would add a few not so recent films, like Sunset Blvd (The Alto Nido where Joe Gilles lived is still there - we haven't torn everything down yet) most notably I've had SpiderMan 3 and Transformers shot within a two block radius of Fourth and Main. They keep talking about runaway productions, but I tell you downtown Los Angeles subs for everything these days.
  8. Some furniture friends have bought the Prop House at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, and I have spent the past two days gleefully crawling through three stories of of The Best Flea Market You Have Ever Seen. Apparently Disney has decided their prop house is no longer profitable, and my friends bought top to bottom the whole building. Can I tell you - incredible and absolutely overwhelming. I bought 40 chairs for the cafe and the new diner, lamps, chandeliers, tables, trunks, china, pottery, mirrors and just odd stuff...taxidermy and old animal skulls, just pile and piles ...the rooms w
  9. Those suits are beyond great! What are they? Pimp my pimp? CDV indeed! Stacy Adams The Finest. A stylish man like you needs some of this gear Holly. Where do you think all those City Hall big wigs shop? (psst. Los Angeles Street)
  10. Fear New York's Allright if you like saxophones
  11. Just for you baby. Seriously. Pimp my ride The Rascal has replaced the wheelchair as the go to getaround for our local downtown residents. I recently saw a finely dressed man in his best Stacy Adams styling in his Rascal with a boom box at his feet blasting out the Stylistics. He drove the mofo like he was driving a '72 Caddy CDV, low and slow baby up Main Street one fine Sunday Morning. Needless to say, I was suitably impressed.
  12. monkeymay

    hilly kristal

    Oh lord. Though it does remind me of the footage of the Cramps at the Napa state mental institution. How I miss the Mabuhay Gardens. Yes, darling. Where we were too fucked up to hold anything in our hands
  13. monkeymay

    hilly kristal

    Here ya go: Punk's not dead it's melting. So this is what people do with those stupid cells phones when they hold them up at shows... cause it's only real if you can watch it on tv. *sigh* Different generation.
  14. monkeymay

    hilly kristal

    Ain't that the truth brother. I found a CBGB website where apparently they were selling pieces of the club on ebay last year. Here. Truly the end. Last week I saw the Buzzcocks in 100 degree heat at Sunset Junction in Silverlake with an assorted crowd of punked out has beens and wannabees, all waiting for a beet red Pete Shelley to play "Orgasam Addict". Ugh. I escaped to a nearby bar and spent the rest of the show drinking tequila like it was all tomorrow's parties and no future. Unfortunately tomorrow arrived with a screaming hangover. Thirty years ago when I saw this band it would h
  15. I have been meaning to post about my recent trip up north but have just been swamped with work and life, so here are a few highlights - Amazing lunch at Bouchon in Napa - one of the great meals of this visit. We sat at the bar ( my favorite place to eat) and started with a dozen oysters, segueing into sweetbreads with roasted tomatoes and bacon vinaigrette, a lovely warm salad of lamb's tongue with baby beets and a croque madam with a perfect fried egg. A bottle of a marsanne - rousanne was produced - I've written it down somewhere, it was not on their list, but the sommelier was willing
  16. Stone is it too late? Golden Haven I was there about two weeks ago - wallowed in queenly porcine splendor. Didn't stay at the motel, but it looked sweet enough. For a big boy with your needs a standard room with a king-size runs about $95 a night. Find somebody to roll with in the mud and you can get a package deal.
  17. Sid was just a dumb sweet guy. Nancy was a no talent junkie nightmare. If Winehouse can survive her hype and her husband, she'll do okay. She's got serious chops.
  18. For some reason my links aren't working in my previous post. Try this straight up: Skid Row the movie: http://www.calendarlive.com/movies/cl-et-s...?coll=cl-movies Skid Row Blogger Don Garza: http://centralcitye.blogspot.com/ http://blogdowntown.com/blog/2827 http://downtowntoilet.blogspot.com/
  19. There are so many issues to be addressed in this thread...real homelessness, chosen lifestyle homelessness, our righteous sense of how we think the homeless should live, spend their money, get out of our way.... we have been dealing with this problem for far too long.What's been working? Getting rid of the drug dealers. Providing clean public toilets (I know SF's got them ). Stopping liquor stores in targeted areas from selling singles and cheap booze. I've got no problem with the recycling - we give all our bottles to shopping cart regulars who make a decent enough chunk of change to stay in
  20. A cheese which truly lived up to it's name, Stinking Bishop, bought from the stinky French guy who sells cheeses at the farmer's market in front of the Central Library on Wednesdays. Ate it with white nectarines and a glass of Chateau Pesquie Rose. Summer at it's finest.
  21. Thanks to everyone for the great birthday wishes. And Happy Birthday to all the beautiful Leo babies!
  22. My reasons to be cheerful: -I had another birthday and two great birthday dinners, one at AOC and the other at Taylor's Steak house. -Got a new beautiful Spyderco pocket knife as a pressie from my staff. -Leaving for a Napa road trip next week and dinner with our Bean Boy. -Moving my son to San Francisco in one week and my daughter to her new loft in two weeks, which means both my kids will be out of the house by September 1st. A day I never thought I'd see coming. Life continues to amaze me...
  23. We just had a huge march/demonstration this morning on Main by a gang recovery group called Victory Outreach. They were brandishing sticks formed into crosses and using bullhorns to scream about Jesus to the cafe customers on the front porch. It was like an aggressive Thousand Thug March all the way up to City Hall. Thank god they found Jesus cause it looked like they wanted to slit our throats.
  24. Are you seriously going there? That would open up a whole 'nother world! Going where? These are my favs. I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks of her. And I really don't care for other girls, although I do have a soft spot for Wilhelmina Fernandez (Yes Carolyn!) and Mirella Freni. Untouchable yes. But Ave Maria, when I think about you I touch myself... Go find your own diva to worship. http://youtube.com/watch?v=BysvxpzzxtM&amp...ted&search=
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