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  1. Met the suavecito Rancho and his gal pal Joan last week at the market and bought back to LA a lovely assortment of beautiful beans to play with. Last night were Good Mother Stallard, to which I add some sauteed baby squash, their fried blossoms, fresh mint and Mexican crema. Truly fantastic. Your beans perform!
  2. Thank you. I would like to add: Nina Simone Anita O'Day Shirley Bassey Karen Carpenter Debbie Harry And the untouchable Callas above all else
  3. I love this movie. One of my favorites. Double bill this with Velvet Goldmine and I'm in gender bender heaven. Have you seen Short Bus? Not for everyone but exquistely beautiful to me.
  4. This is excellent rap. Have you considered recording it? YO! monkeymay raps! No it's for my new punk rock band SMILFs. We opening with this and going right into our top five jump rope songs. You should hear what I do with "Cinderella dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss a fellow". We kick ass for 40 year olds. And the best part is we don't even plug in our instruments. Not that we could play them anyway.
  5. monkeymay

    Maurice Naughton

    Paris, September 2006
  6. Hey Junkie Asshole fuck, yeah you the one sitting on my front porch with food and drink from somewhere else that you lie about constantly, while waiting for another little dumb girl you can string along and pollute with the shit you're pumping cause the last little girl's daddy got smart and cut you off and just because you got evicted after not paying rent for three months doesn't mean you can sit on my front porch with your fucking dope in plain site and lie lie lie. Because the next time you do I WILL drop a dime on you or take you out myself, you stupid white hipster artist rat schmuck. G
  7. I passed out twice while trying to watch this. Didn't get anything from it, especially not as an allegory of Arbus's journey into freak discovery. Shiksa Kidman running around looking cross-eyed at everything that goes bump in the night does not a genius photographer make. I was really looking forward to something intriguing (having loved Patricia Bosworth's Arbus biography) but this just fell flat for me.
  8. Happy Birthday GG and Squeat! Squeat, I might be up your way first part of July. You still up for a cocktail? And GG, you have a standing invitation here anytime girl. Happy day to you both.
  9. monkeymay

    Maurice Naughton

    This makes my heart hurt so much. Kristen and I had such a lovely time with him in Paris last fall, wandering thru his streets, marveling at small treasures that he'd discovered thru his walks. He was odd and quirky: he got mad at me for impusively buying too many plums at the open air market (which I later turned into jam and gave to him) and used to bag half his food at the table so he could eat it later for supper, thus maintaining a well fed life even on a budget. He was generous with his knowledge and patiently lectured us, like the old school teacher that he was, on where and how
  10. Is she still around? I saw her five years ago driving down Hollywood Boulevard and, damn, that woman had aged! I was cursed out by her in a parking lot off Vine St. a few years back. She was coming out of a pawn shop behind the now defunct bar Daddy's, and I had ever so slightly blocked her pink Vette in with my truck. She screamed fabulously horrible things at me as I took my time manevering the truck out of her path- the sight of so much aging altered flesh losing her cookies was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I enjoyed it thoroughly as a True Hollywood Moment. Whe
  11. I have planted tomatoes and sunflowers in the tree planters in front of the cafe. Not very daring, but in a neighborhood where at least one plant gets ripped out/snapped off/terrorized once a week, it will be interesting to see how long they last. Hopefully the tomatoes will come to some sort of fruition. I think it will be really cool to have people walk by and pop a few yellow pear or cherry tomatoes in their mouths if they're hungry.
  12. My boy aquired a nasty case of conjunctivitus in both eyes on a recent trip back from London. I remember the kids having mild cases of it when they were little, but this is fullblown gross swollen eyeball stuff. Never use those airplane pillows - they carry cooties big time.
  13. He and his beautiful daughters aren't in this part of town. More's the pity.
  14. There is a very rich little girl who has settled into the neighborhood with her junkie boyfriend. At first they were lodged in a store front on Main and slept and performed all sorts of antics in the window while the boyfriend "produced" his art installation. Now they have acquired a loft in the building upstairs, and they roam the neighborhood in fantastic deshabille. She is perhaps seventeen, dresses in thin white sheets and stilletto heels and being that she is already very tall and very, very skinny, looks like a wraith with a pile of tangled dirty blond hair trailing behind her. When sh
  15. I was at the Greek in LA. Also, an earlier time at Janss Steps at UCLA. That's so weird. I was at UCLA today talking about that very same show. Free mid-day show maybe '78. Saw them at the Roxy later that night. Fun days... liked them as a band then. Afterwards they became too precious for me. Same with the Clash. After London Calling it was all downhill but when I aw them at the Civic their first tour here I could have swore I saw God. And I was black and blue to prove it too.
  16. Yes, I have tattoos and piercings. Labia piercings as a matter of fact, but they weren't done because I thought something was wrong with me. To me, having your genitalia cut (and I'm not talking about reconstructive vaginal sugery due to childbirth stress or prolapsed uterus) because culture has dictated how women's pussies will be worn this year, smacks of the same illogical reasonings behind circumcision, sexual negation and control over a woman's body by society. My piercings increase my pleaure. I would think that the cutting away of your most sensitive body parts does not. From wiki:
  17. Barneys. I go upstairs to Barney Greengrass, do a big shot of chilled vodka, and then head back downstairs to try on fabulous designer clothing that I will never afford and annoy snobby sales people. It's one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.
  18. I've been playing the new Patty Smith cover from "Twelve" . The album is a little uneven- she covers tears for fears for chrissake, but this version along with "Within you/without you " are amazing. A good cover of the Doors "Soul kitchen" is good as well.
  19. We call it plastic surgery. In other cultures it's called female circumcision. Under any name it's a form of female genital mutilation and it's bullshit. When will the world leave women's bodies alone?
  20. Be sure to thank the people of skid row for your toilet (Courtesy of my friend Don Garza)
  21. If it was dinner I would have made it so none of you could remember and sent you staggering out into the night. We would pay a visit to my neighbors in tent city, one block over. They have all the good stuff anyway, available for only five dollars. Cheaper high than I offer, but perhaps not as refined.
  22. You guys are so making all of this up. And to think, I even brought out the absinthe and showed you my clowns. Next you'll be saying I live in a gentrified neighborhood.
  23. Remember when Disneyland wouldn't let you in if you looked too weird? I went one time with members of the Cramps way back in the day and got a ration of shit about how we were dressed and a firm refusal to enter unless we cleaned up our look. It was pretty outrageous. I only returned to the park after I had kids, and only then because I had animator friends at Disney who got silver passes as part of their work package. I tried to give Disney as little money as possible, especially as my kids came of age during the Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast era of marketing and EVERYTHING was Disne
  24. My sentiments exactly, I read Slaughterhouse when I was 15 and thought it was so important... This is a sad day indeed. RIP
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