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  1. I loved him as the trail cook cowboy with that deep purring gorgeous voice in The Cowboys. Such a perfect casting oposite John Wayne. RIP, he shall be missed.
  2. The Echo is a great club, owned by the same guy who runs Spaceland. The area is FINE - do not be afraid to walk around, it's predominately Latino and no worse than the Tenderloin. You have a couple of options - not great, but good enough to give you a base coat to soak up the alcohol. First off, you are right near the Brite Spot, which was an old white people diner until a couple of locals took it over and re-made it into hipster diner food. Not bad, not great but definitely a big local indie hang. Across the street is the Frere Taix - really old school French restaurant with a menu
  3. No I don't but I am still a bitch. Thanks everyone for the congrats. Good article, altho I am so sick of the claims always being made for the need for parking and chain stores. Keep them out and fuck the Ralph's market. Creating suburbia is not the key for downtown's continued development. That's also my friend Bert Green, owner of one of the best galleries downtown in the photo as well. For those in the area, the Downtown Art Walk which Bert organizes, is the second Thursday of every month. Galleries are open late, and the streets are crawling with people and fun. It's a great nigh
  4. Easter is very big in my family and I am the keeper of all the recipes my nonna handed down. She made an egg bread which is slightly sweet and flavored with lemon and anise, shaped into big loaves and cut with the sign of the cross. Lightly toasted, it's fantastic with thin slices of ham ( my mom makes a great ham , I might add). I usually make 12-15 loaves for everyone in the family as this is the direct link to my grandmother. (I always hear her talking to me when I make my bread.) I also do baccala fritters, one of my favorite things to eat on the planet. Soak salt cod till it's soft, th
  5. monkeymay


    Sad, sad, sad. Trevor I am so sorry. We have lost too many of our brightest and finest. 24K was certainly one. Requiscat in pace Julian.
  6. Vital Info and I were in Vegas at the same time (unbeknownst to one another) and ate almost exactly at the same places. Here's what I wrote in May '06- "Burger Bar was mediocre, an overpriced sports bar with uninviting light and a schizophrenic soundtrack, (must I really watch sports and listen to the 80's in order to eat a hamburger?) whose relatively redeeming quality was the cumin scented lamb burger and the surprise white anchovies I received as a side for my Ceasar salad. Three burgers (including the lamb and the anchovy side) Ceasar and three beers about $80." It was so not worth the
  7. I've been playing this for about a month now. Fabulous stuff and she's hot! She was supposed to play Spaceland here on Tuesday but cancelled, said the club's stage was too small for her 10 musicians, others say her voice is exhausted...Needless to say, I was disappointed...rumors are she might be coming back in May. "Try to make me go to rehab I say no no no"
  8. A friend recently watched an "Inconvenient Truth" and was so moved that she got up and turned off all the lights in her house. She then tripped over her dog, fell flat on her face, and broke her nose. True story.
  9. I remember the day he died listening to the local radio station announcing his death by overdose. They referred to his mixing of heroin and coke, commonly known as a speedball, by saying Belushi had died of "hardball overdose". I thought it was the funniest dumbest thing I'd ever heard. Btw, Garret Morris celebrated his 70th birthday recently here at the historic Alexandria Hotel on Spring St. where he has just opened Downtown LA's first comedy club.
  10. Ahem. Los Angeles is in "Southern California". Yeah, we wear it like a badge. Heh. Here in "Northern California", of course, we wear it like a tiara. Oooh, fighting words Squeat - shall we catwalk it off? I've got a few queens, myself included, that will fight for that crown... Eh. Conceded. The whole state is gay as pink ink. Meet you in Palm Springs for make-up smooches and cocktails? Yes, baby. Isn't that what makes us so fabulous? At poolside of course. I'll be in 6" stilettos and mink bikini. Et vous? Air kisses all around....
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    Dandy Warhols last night at the Wiltern. I love this band and on record they are truly astounding...bought a ticket for my son, who just turned 18 and spent the evening caging tickets to bring cute girls down from the lodge to the floor with him. I have to say, at 47, I keep going to these shows and wanting it to be better, sooo trying not to be jaded, but the sound was poorly mixed, too much bass, and none of the Dandys incredible sonic madness really took off except for Godless. As much as I adore them, I kept waiting to get my rocks off, and surrounded by people with phones taking picture
  12. Ahem. Los Angeles is in "Southern California". Yeah, we wear it like a badge. Heh. Here in "Northern California", of course, we wear it like a tiara. Oooh, fighting words Squeat - shall we catwalk it off? I've got a few queens, myself included, that will fight for that crown...
  13. Yeah, we wear it like a badge. The thing about LA is it is the worst place AND the best place. LA is great if you have a strong social network, which is hard because even in densely populated portions of the city it is still a bedroom community which people travel about in island spheres, i.e. their cars. The result is a kind of very self-focused or self-centered population. We're not forced to interact with strangers in the way that maybe people in Seoul or Paris are. The landscape is dotted with oddities and ugliness and we don't have very many interesting public spaces tha
  14. Maybe it can save his disappearing career. He needs a decent movie. John Travolta plays Edna Turnblad in the new movie musical of "Hairspray". So it's Travolta doing Harvey Fierstein doing Divine in a fat suit and wig. Absolutely horrific. http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2...-turnblad_x.htm And that faux-butch motorcycle movie he did is doing him no good as well. On my entirely surreal note, one of our fabulously crazy locals, a black woman who covers her face and arms in white greasepaint and trails around in long flouncy dresses wandered into the cafe, picked u
  15. Ah but the question begs to be asked - who was sucking then?
  16. Stop changing the subject. Russ, I was mistaken. You're way cooler than mongo. eta: Syd Straw hangs around my farmer's market stall and wants to come over and help me make jam. Does that count? Let Syd make jam with you anytime. I knew her for awhile in LA and she's way cool wonderful. On topic - I hate WF. I always feel I'm being ripped off for the sake of my health. I resent that I'm supposed to feel good about spending small fortunes on overpriced produce and supplements, and that walking out with 4 items in my bag for $50 is just what it costs to eat healthy. It's bulls
  17. Lo siento mucho. No lo se - - hablando . . . que? Uh uh uh restaurant special requests. Hmmmm snowy plover, acorn woodpecker and blue heron. Spotted 'em this morning. Oh. Restaurant special requests. Pheasant, quail, dove. Do I win? comprende? Te amo Nick.
  18. I have a photo Annie Leibowitz gave me of Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken in a hotel room at the Chateau Marmont. Hopper has his head shaved and is shirtless; Walken is sitting fully clothed and sporting long black hair. Hopper is scary looking and the nakedness of his upper torso intensifies it - Walken is fully clothed staring straight at the camera and he's scary fuck.
  19. I saw more than my share of puffy, over-sized midriffs in Panama -- I wanted to scream, "doesn't anyone tell you how BAD it looks????" These are people who are far from the body-conscious that Angelenos are. In LA, there are some 60 year old women who can pull it off. In Central America, many of the 16 year olds can't pull it off! It's callled a muffin top. You see a lot of them in my part of town. Also big bottom mannequins wearing tightly stretched jeans over asses that put JLo to shame. Walk up and down Broadway and the store window booty display that confronts you is staggering. Makes
  20. Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, "I think I've lost an electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes,I'm positive..." Three legged dog walks into a bar, says "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw". last one... A duck walks into a bar. He asks the bartender, "Do you have any grapes?" The bartender says "No, buddy, this is a bar. Does it look like I sell grapes here?" The duck leaves. Next day,same duck walks into the same bar and asks the bartender "Do you have any grapes?" " NO!", the bartender exclaims. " I told you I don't sell grapes here!
  21. Okay, so how about... Baby seal walks into a bar, bartender says "what'll you have?" Baby seal says "anything but a Canadian Club". Penguin walks into a bar and asks bartender "have you seen my brother?" Bartender says "what does he look like?" Bacon and Eggs walk into a bar. Bartender says "sorry we don't serve breakfast." Thank you ladies and germs we'll be here all week...
  22. Rice pudding brulee. I've done mine like that. Start out with arborio rice cooked in milk, a little salt, sugar and a bay leaf. Let it cool, put it in a shallow dish and add choice of fruit - I like mixed berries. Add custard and bake in a water bath till just set. Sprinkle with sugar and hit with a torch to burn it. One of my favorite ways to eat RP.
  23. If you get a chance see Chaplin's "Woman of Paris , a wonderful silent he directed (but not starred in) circa 1924. Wealthy Parisian playboy Adolphe Menjou orders black truffles cooked in champagne at a fancy "society" restaurant. There is a sign card that comes up describing the dish, along with actual tableside truffle cooking, all done with characteristic Chaplin humor. It's an interesting little side note in a film that also includes a scene in the same restaurant, but in the kitchen, with a full brigade of chefs cooking, a closet of hanging game, and the chef impugning the smell of the
  24. Ahhh, I so wanted to see this show - 1974 , me, fourteen years old sneaking out of the house to the Universal Amphitheater in 6 " glitter platform weggies with knee socks, short shorts, tube top and stars on my face just like all the young dudes and got completely busted by my mother who grounded me for two months and threw my shoes away...saw Bowie tho for his "Thin White Duke" tour '76, snorting coke off the back of my hand as Bunuel's "Un Chien Andalou" opened the show...'77 was Bowie and Iggy at the Santa Monica Civic for Iggy's Idiot tour, Blondie the opening act... Rocky Horror was a st
  25. Mine was pale blue dotted swiss, with a dropped waist, smocking on the yoke, a white collar, and red bow at the neck. And always the white lace socks with patent leather shoes. I was nine. Nine-year-olds don't dress like that any more. My daughter is seven and people think she's too old for smocked dresses. Remember when little girls dressed like little girls? Yes. My first transatlantic trip was New York to Brussels. We flew Sabina Airlines. I distinctly remember my double breasted white wool traveling coat with a belt in the back. Black leather MaryJanes though - I did 12
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