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    Anita O'Day

    Rancho, Waiter Make Mine Blues is TOPS. Anita O'Day was my first big jazz love too... She used to play the Vine Street Bar and Grill in Hollywood, I first saw her there in the early 80's... took that album for her to sign too. After the set I met her, she invited me backstage, ended up hanging out, smoking, drinking and bullshitting with her piano player while she scatted my favorite songs off that album, I was like 23, 24 years old. It was fantastic, she was in her 60's then, so amazing, earthy and real - my favorite ex-junkie grandmother. Afterward she signed my album, "To Monica - Your
  2. "Marie Antoinette " soundtrack. Not a great movie but a great cast (Marianne Faithfull as the Queen Mum!) and soaring eye candy made this one a half consumed guilty pleasure. However, the soundtrack is fabulous. Here's part of it: "Hong Kong Garden" - Siouxsie & The Banshees "Aphrodisiac" - Bow Wow Wow "What Ever Happened" - The Strokes "Pulling Our Weight" - The Radio Dept. "Ceremony" - New Order "Natural's Not In It" - Gang Of Four "I Want Candy (Kevin Shields Remix)" - Bow Wow Wow "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" - Adam & The Ants "Concerto in G" * - A
  3. monkeymay

    Robert Altman

    And my other favorite: "I was just thinking what an interesting concept it is to eliminate the writer from the artistic process. If we could just get rid of these actors and directors, maybe we've got something here. " Love ya Bob
  4. Really lovely Maurice. Tell us, what are you eating there? Bigoli con frutta di mare?
  5. monkeymay


    This brings up an interesting point. I haven't been to a show without an encore either. At least I can't remember one. But what is the point of the 'encore' when every show has one? It matters not how loud the fans cheer or how long the show was or how many underthings were thrown onstage. When the band says goodnight the lights stay down and everyone claps vigorously and turns to their pals and wonders how long they'll stay offstage. Why not just play your set, including the three songs that would have been the encore, and then say goodnight and go home. If you need a break, tell the f
  6. monkeymay

    Robert Altman

    Count me in on "The Player" - as a Hollywood kid I loved every line in that movie. "Long Goodbye " with Elliot Gould in 70's Cali noir is fantastic. "Come Back ...Jimmy Dean" is brilliant, Karen Black AND Cher. I also really dug the long annoying ones -"The Wedding", "Buffalo Bill" and of course "Popeye", which irritates almost everyone I know. I was 17 when "Three Women" came out, I watched that film over and over, facinated by the relationships. A very seminal movie for me. What a incredible filmmaker, what a legacy. Another great one bites the dust. RIP
  7. Monsieur Le Flaneur ora è Signore Vagabundo. Buona Fortuna!
  8. monkeymay

    Ruth Brown

    No! God I loved her. She was sooo fabulous brassy and sassy. The Best Voice too. RIP Miss Rhythm.
  9. This is fantastic. I so want a Napa Grape Stuffed Wild Turkey for Thanksgiving. Do you think the turkeys give it much thought? "I go better with Cabernet Sauvignon than Pinot Noir - or shall I make it a Meritage?" And tapenade stuffed turkey. It gives one pause.
  10. I cooked for someone with severe dietary issues...no wheat, corn, fruit, tomato, citrus, garlic, black pepper..limited dairy/meat - he could do eggs, a little half and half, imported feta cheese... it was actually a fun challenge to figure out how to cook "real" food for someone with so many restrictions. I used to make a gluten free mix of rice flour, potato starch and tapioca flour for the cakes, and a soy flour/rice flour blend that I would wisk into a crepe batter for "tortillas" (since he couldn't eat corn). Because he couldn't have fruit and began having chocolate issues, my desserts t
  11. You dirty old men. Hell hath no fury like a lesbian cheerleader I should think "Pompoms, Pussy and Fisticuffs" a much better catch phrase to sell a public holiday. Really give 'em what they want.
  12. My computer screwed it - double post. Cause I like what I like so much.
  13. Richard Pryor doing stand up. Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace New Yorker cartoons Ab Fab always-" La Croix sweetie, La Croix" and "I DON'T WANT MORE CHOICE, I JUST WANT NICER THINGS". Madeline Kahn. Mel Brooks and the Marx Bros. of course, of course. And just in case ya didn't know: Pryor co-wrote "Blazing Saddles" with Brooks. Wicked funny mutha- on his game he was the best.
  14. monkeymay


    Saturday was a glorious for downtown LA. Went to the LA Weekly Detour Fest featuring a number of bands including Basement Jaxx, Queens of the Stone Age, and hometown boy Beck. Really amazing show, peaceable crowds and great music, especially Basement Jaxx. Beck's background video played the band as Thunderbird style marionettes, and his music bounced between the full moon and City Hall beautifully. Discovered a great new band !!! (pronounced chik chick chik) who sound like a punk/funk Gang of Four on Ecstasy. You can hear them here.
  15. monkeymay


    Having a love affair with Fluevog. Just got these. And I would like to get these too but I don't thinl I can afford it right now...I adore Fluevog heels.
  16. Just throwing it out for the LA crowd: Art, Film and Food collide for a fabulous fund raising event. This October 22nd, Bergamot Station hosts a benefit for the non-profit group American Arts Documentary Foundation, raising money to finish the film: "Ferus, the Birth of the LA Art Scene". The legendary Ferus Gallery was the center of LA's avant-garde, founded by Walter Hopps and home to such artists as Ed Ruscha, Ed Kienholz and John Altoon. There will be some amazing artwork auctioned off, Neil Fraser from Grace is catering and Ed Moses, Dennis Hopper and Larry Bell are hosting th
  17. Loved this busy, charming square. My apartment windows opened onto the Marché St. Catherine and I woke and went to sleep to its noisy rhythms. Between the silly magic cafe on one side and the Korean restaurant across the way, it certainly is an amusing little area. I was thinking about you and Nuit Blanche; K and I were bemoaning our short stay and missing a night to run around Paris till all hours with the city wide open. I find it hard it to believe you didn't find any pretty girls to drink with... perhaps better luck in Venice? Stella on tap is a great beer btw. Glad you're feeling bett
  18. Yes it's an interesting double standard, hetros vs homos and even the distinction between gay girls and boys. Two boys snuggling is threatening yet two girls snuggling tends to raise the prurient interest of all the men in the surrounding seats. The potential diverting of the plane is ridiculous. Reminds me of my mother who used to threaten to pull the car over unless we started behaving.
  19. American Airlines was a miserable cunt to fly. LAX to NYC was late, no food except for processed crap to buy for $5, a mad dash up and down a football sized terminal with a second strip down hostile security check to our next boarding, and PA announcements calling our names threatening to give away our seats and return our baggage. When I finally arrived breathless at the gate and complained about the way we were treated, the rep replied "do you want to get on this plane or what?" What indeed. NYC to Paris wasn't much better, except the crap food is now free, doled out by indifferent f
  20. I couldn't agree more. I have been back several days now, and I have to keep reminding myself, "a week ago Wednesday you were walking along the Seine, a week ago Thursday you lunched with Collette and Gertrude at Pere Lachaise, remember the frogs legs and the grouse and the cheese and the oysters and hot chocolate and lots of wine with Maurice?" It makes me sad that it will be sometime before I see both you and Paris again. But I have pictures! And I'm glad you like the jam - my overindulgent nature never allows me just one of anything. If a little is good, more is always better.
  21. Looks like a famous LA specialty: Oki Dog Pig grease intestines wrapped in a tortilla with chili and fried pastrami. Fouls smells guaranteed before and after ingestion, but favored by the locals for extreme sobering qualities.
  22. I'm an American and I can pronounce it anyway I want. It's my birthright. George Bush says so.
  23. Right next to the Mickey D's and Burger King. All on the same rue you know. Makes it easier for the charmless Americans to find everything on their way to Euro Disney.
  24. Because French menus translated into English make no sense! Sheep and bean stew; potatoes cooked in milk and cheese; upsidedown one-crusted apple pie; and, if you must, intestines stuffed with intestines. I think mongo was making ze joke. He's just misunderstood in this country, much like Jerry Lewis. The French think mongo is hysterical.
  25. Hey we all know good shit when we see it. And merci Wilf.
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