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  1. I arrive in Paris on Sunday and you are making me extremely hungry. What was the average price of your meals if I may inquire?
  2. The Conformist - Dominique Sanda and Stefania Sandrelli's evening dress tango in a Paris dance hall. Jets and Sharks dance off at the community hall in West Side Story (where Tony sees Maria the first time) Uma and Travolta in Pulp Fiction Bardot and bongos in And God Created Woman And one of my favorite pieces - "The Madison" in Godard's Bande a Part watch it here on youtube
  3. Eeewwww. Some of the people I've slept with it was bad enough the first time around. I'd rather go to hell. Much like heaven I know I'm on the guest list- with an invitation delivered in a handbasket.
  4. My mother has said when she dies she's going to heaven and taking all of us (family) along. I feel free to misbehave because a) I'm on my mother's guest list (+1 of course) and b) not even God says no to my mom
  5. monkeymay

    Bruno Kirby

    So sad. I was just watching GodfatherII and thinking how wonderful an actor he was. I loved him as the Sinatra obsessed limo driver in Spinal Tap...
  6. One of these days, I'm going to say "No, I don't". I'll be curious as to the reaction I'll get. I recently had an aggressively crazy panhandler come into my cafe and hassle customers for money. When I told him he had to stop and leave immediately, he turned on me, accusing me of being a racist."It's cause I'm black, right white girl?" he kept insisting. No I said, "IT's BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE."
  7. monkeymay

    Mike Douglas

    My mother's favorite afternoon talk show. Douglas was very genial and had some amazing guests - I remember the week John and Yoko hosted and Yoko's Plastic band played with these clear masks on their faces and her screechy caterwauling. It was fantastic! I think I was maybe 9 and never seen/heard anything like it. A seminal memory of my childhood. RIP and thanks.
  8. And those nuns are wearing lipstick.
  9. The reporter I heard on the news today was frantically listing many items now verboten. Sadly I heard that lipstick, lipgloss, tubes with gel (like toothpaste) were to be checked in. Godamn terrorists fuck up my in flight beauty regime.
  10. Now now. Suggestions are always welcome. And yeah Cathy NO CHAPSTICK. I'm a junkie too.
  11. None of that allowed either. Dry chapped lips across the Atlantic.
  12. Ugh. I am scheduled to fly to SF next week and Paris in September. No water bottles or lip gloss allowed. What's a girl to do?
  13. Gratin of langoustines? Coquilles St Jacques? I'll give you a light dusting with good parmesan cheese. I'll even give you smoked salmon and cream cheese (altho I like it better with avocado on my onion bagel). Tuna casserole with cheese is hurl food. Add peas to it and I can imitate Linda Blair in The Exorcist Sorry.
  14. Fish and cheese. The concept of a tuna melt entirely grosses me out. And I second ketchup on anything.
  15. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. And Happy Birthday to all the Leo babies! We are such glorious creatures. And I have played many games Miss Tana. With the last name of May you can only imagine the possibilities..
  16. And to the trade it's free. This should be really fun.
  17. Family Winemakers of California, a consortium of small family owned wine producers, will be holding their 16th annual tasting at Ft. Mason Center. This will be the first year I'm attending. Anyone been or going? Looking forward to consuming some of my fav producers - Chalk Hill, Cambria, Edmeades, Tablas Creek. They're billing this as the largest tasting of California wines in the world. More info and participating wineries here.
  18. For worse- a lot of ugly work is out there as a result.
  19. Ugh. "Borderline". I worked on that . Thank you for reminding me.
  20. Mia Kirschner (Jenny onThe L word ) plays Elizabeth Short. She bugs. But in Ellroy's story she's the catalyst and the demon but not the main focus.
  21. I thought MTV was heroin that the Reagan administration was pumping over the airwaves to make everyone even more stupid than they were for voting him into office. God, how I hated it - but I watched it. MTV gave an early career start to me - I worked the art department on a lot of those first videos. MTV helped create a new editing language. But it also hardwired an entire generation with a short attention span and created the "disco success montage" shortcut seen everywhere in film today. I blame it all on Nina Blackwood's bobbling head.
  22. Wow. I love Ellroy, even when I hate him for pounding the same story. It is an addiction, you know that first taste, know how you're going to fly...just don't know how you're going to land. I wear LA much like he does. Although a different generation, it's in my pores, and no matter where I go I keep landing back here. I loved what Curtis Hanson did with LA Confidential. What do you think De Palma's Black Dahlia will be like? I've always been a little fascinated with Betty Short - the penultimate example of "see what happens" to good girls gone bad. I was in the Bristol Hotel (one of t
  23. While the Getty is beautiful, the ride on Friday is crushing, no matter which way you go. My favorite museum to take people is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It's weird, wonderfully mysterious and very, very close to where you are staying. This is a hometown specialty you won't find anywhere else. One of my best places for out of towners. Read about it here. Museum of Jurassic Technology
  24. You can look at some ideas we had for Abby when she was here. http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums//index.php...opic=5037&st=90 And much like Mongo champions certain neighborhoods, so I shall mine. If you are coming downtown to the Ahmanson, consider arriving early to take a stroll around. Grand Central Market for tacos, Little Tokyo for sushi (Sushi Gen in particular). Or plan on spending a day exploring. The LA Consevancy offers guided evening walking tours every Wednesday -http://www.laconservancy.org/. The second Thursday of every month is the Downtown Art Walk, all the gallerie
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