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    Brilliant. My gay girlfriend says he's the only man she would consider sleeping with. (She's Jewish too).
  2. And I'm sooo glad I live where I do. Fourth and Main
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    Socks Color

    Interesting. Marlene Dietrich, in her book, Marlene Dietrich's ABC, advises women to wear stockings to match your shoes so your legs look longer. She also highly advises against buying red shoes, saying you will always regret them, no matter how pretty they look. When I was a kid, our parish priest wore socks that matched the color of his vestments. When he lifted his arms during Mass, he would flash purple, red or neon yellow, shocking the old ladies in the front pews. This was around the time of Vatican II and guitar masses and was considered quite a modern move on his part. It became t
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    Been recently turned on to him. Anyone else ever listen to this guy? His lyrics are quite amusing but sincere. Space Jews They have us taped They have us pat They are extraterrestrial, extraterritorial Where did they come from? No-one can say One possible explanation is that they Are Space Jews Jews from outer space Sent to walk amongst us To improve the human race Space Jews Jews from outer space They gave us a messiah They gave us a morality They help us lead good lives from up above They are Space Jews They're giving us a message of love For them we're clear
  5. You won't see Mickey Mouse in profile because you can't draw his ears.
  6. Los Bros Hernandez - Love and Rockets baby! I love these girls. http://www.fantagraphics.com/artist/losbros/losbros.html
  7. Interesting. Yesterday I walked the 5th St. stretch from Spring to Broadway and witnessed 12 drug deals go down. I think it was mostly heroin, but I have seen quite a lot of Vicodin bandied about. As you walk along, people call out various letters of the alphabet depending what they're offering, so the sound is not unlike an atonal poem to illicit drug usage. It was facinating watching the hand off -drugs were dispensed usually from the bottom of a cigarette pack from which a small corner had been torn off, money palmed and without breaking stride you keep walking, like the receiving a baton
  8. Julie Christie's wealthy Republican boyfriend Lester in Shampoo, when he finds Christie and Beatty in banging away in the bathhouse.Brilliant. He was a great actor. I also liked his matter of fact turn as the milkshake parlor narrator in Things to do in Denver when your Dead . RIP
  9. I really enjoyed this show - it was beautifully structured and a fascinating view of Hockney's life through his portrait subjects. I had no idea he had such a hard on for Picasso. The Celia Birtwell/Ossie Clark portrait was one of my favorites. It was interesting to watch his painting style change as subjects aged as well, especially those of his lovers. You can see where sex was no longer part of the picture. But why do people have to don those headphones and wander around like automons being told what they are seeing? Almost everyone at the museum was wearing them when I was there, a room
  10. You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard Some that you recognize Some that you hardly even heard of Good for Rodney. And the ultimate fantasy come true for him as well, I'm sure. Outside of sleeping with a 13 year old Brooke Shields, of course.
  11. Having a Buzzcocks nostalgia at the moment courtesy of Arctic Monkeys, a band that seems to blend both Buzzcocks and Gang of Four into nice herky jerky dancefloor retro backbeat. What's really weird is that I first saw Buzzcocks in 1979 at the Santa Monica Civic, with the Cramps AND Gang of Four opening, and here is this band of children whose age probably equals the amount of years between that gig and now and I am still getting off listening to essentially the same music...
  12. Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonite! (And I think Debbie can make anyone do anything)
  13. Science Of Sleep looks fantastic (love, love Michel Gondry) - my friend is color timing it and Snakes On A Plane (which looks so absolutely bad as to be great, especially to see what Samuel Jackson will do for a paycheck these days) so I've been getting sneak previews on a lot of stuff that is very very cool... Little Miss Sunshine My Super X-Girlfriend, staring the most beautiful Uma Thurman, as a jilted girlfriend with superpowers. Rarely do I laugh aloud at a trailer, but this looks very funny.
  14. There is a constant fresh supply of cleaned and cut nopales available the Grand Central market, which we eat as salad pretty regularly, but what I've really been playing with are the cactus pears, what the Sicilians call fichi d'india. I peel them and let them sit about 40 days in 100 proof vodka with a cinnamon stick and a bit of orange peel. After the 40 days, strain and add a simple syrup of 3 parts sugar to 1 part water. You can make this pretty sweet if you like, (which is how it's served in Sicily) but chill it down or serve it over ice and it's nectar. The intial pear color dulls down
  15. Hold Tight - Now we’re on our own Cue light - Now it’s ready to roll Tonight - How I’ve waited for aggravated for years It’s fun - Oh I just can’t wait Hold on - Do I look up to date Your on - I’ll do anything if that’s the right thing to see Does it matter what is shown Just as long as everyone knows What is selling what to buy The stock market for your hi-fi Take the money – Leave the box Everybody’s on Top Of The Pops There’s one - Born every day Sing song - Then fade away Ding dong - What’s the future in the pop music i
  16. "I don't like jail, they got the wrong kind of bars in there”
  17. The Outsiders too easy I guess. Name the actor whose line this was. Diane Lane as Cherry Valance to Dallas played by Matt Dillon. Foreshadowing the casting of Rumblefish. The S.E. Hinton books were my favorite during jr. high, and I took quite a shine to Coppola's screen versions. Who played Diane Lane's little sister in Rumblefish billed on screen as "Domino"?
  18. Just saw the trailer for this - my friend is a color timer and I watched her put highlights and tones on Samuel Jackson and the snakes just to give them all a little more "value", as far as the color world goes... Should be a hoot - all the deadliest snakes in the world on the airplane ride from hell - who knew Hollywood could still churn out such quality high concept? On another note entirely, Mia Farrow is on Turner Classic Movies tonight, screening some great films: "Rashamon" Bunuel's "Exterminating Angel" And one of the best of Bergman, "Fanny and Alexander" followed by "Raging B
  19. That's hot. Maybe Bukowski will inspire the ladies with notions of something a little more engaging. I know I just came with a few...
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    You can sit right next to me Jin - I've got a place saved, a bottle of Bulleit and a glass with your name on it...
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    Well, I don't know about you, but 'limp dick cocksucker' is applicable to so many things...
  22. I want to say "All quiet on the western front" but I don't think that's right...
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