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  1. 3 hours ago, voyager said:

    His major barrier now is attitude/will.    He seems to be more depressed in the morning, and I'm hoping that is the case today. He confessed he had tiff with his team of doctors this morning.   "Over what?"   Pause..."End of life."    I asked if he would like me to bring him some of his chocolate stash, and got an enthusiastic response.    He has told me to stay away because he has been exposed to covid in hospital, and I have had a cold with fever, but my fever has been down for 36 hours and I'm going over, with chocolates.

    It's a problem.  For all their talk about honoring my wishes, my doctors are much less sanguine about the end of my life than I am.

  2. 2 hours ago, mongo said:

    god, you people are weak.

    also, none of you know to hold the metal lid of a jar under very hot running water in the kitchen sink just long enough for the metal to expand a little?

    You think I didn’t do that first thing?

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  3. 2 hours ago, maison rustique said:

    Curse you! Now I've got one in my cart. I wish someone would make something for all the medicine bottles and other things with the lids that you have to push down and turn. My hands will not do it.

    Nor will mine.   I was able to instruct my pharmacy to replace all the child (and elderly)-proof caps on the medicine bottles they dispense to me with easy-off caps.  (I had to promise there were no children and maybe pets in my apartment.)  Maybe you can, too.

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