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  1. Menu Non Surprise
  2. The Lime God is not gonna be pleased.
  3. I love their slices myself, but @AaronS has problems.
  4. Isn't that more Greenwood Heights or something?
  5. I kept thinking, RBG and Bernie: what disc jockeys are THEY (I kept thinking, does @Steve R. mean "BMR")? Then I realized there were other areas of endeavour in which Midwoodites have excelled.
  6. An interesting thing about Donald Sutherland is that every several years he would take a part on the New York stage. I never saw him be less than splendid. A consummate actor, for all his modeness.
  7. Sneakeater


    The dandelion greens I made with dinner tonight didn't look particularly good. But they looked better than THAT.
  8. And Crystal and all the all the other OG hot sauces. But still.
  9. I take that personally.
  10. https://www.newyorker.com/cartoon/a21556-rd
  11. Hey I'm only talking about serious listening. The clock radio on my nightstand has a CD player in it to fall asleep to. But I'm talking about sitting in my living room listening to records late at night when noise is an issue.
  12. 1. So if I want to read something after dark tonight, I'm subject to the "tyranny of lightbulbs"? 2. Convenience roolz? You microwaving Mrs. Paul's fish sticks for dinner tonight?
  13. You care about how things sound, you put up with limitations.
  14. I mean you want to talk about audible sonic differences.
  15. Not for my ears and my records.
  16. You mean how the MTA has essentially been defunded now that it's been cancelled?
  17. Not that that could save something like "Moody Blue". Oops. Mark James wrote that one, too.
  18. One aspect of my new apartment is that, smaller than the old one though it is, the layout and my furniture placement impose longer distances than before from my amp to where I might listen. Longer than the stock cable supplied with my beloved Audeze LCD-X headphones would permit. Now I think the stock cable that came with the headphones is perfectly fine -- and I'm skeptical about the value of "upgrade" cable. But if I want to use my headphones here (and I'm sure my downstairs neighbors want me to even if I don't), I need longer cable. The available stock upgrades (which aren't even really stock, but rather "premium" in their own right) aren't long enough. So I had to go into the secondary market. Moon Audio makes "upgrade" cables for Audeze headphones that are very well regarded. Moon Audio recommends the "premium" version of their Black Dragon cable for Audeze LCD-X headphones like mine. So that's what I got. Is it a "night and day" improvement? Absolutely not. Is it a detectable improvement? Absolutely yes.. Instrument separation is improved. The lows are extended but also rounded. The highs are smoothed out a bit -- which some would count as a negative, but which to me enhances the listening experience. Is the difference commensurate with the high price of this cable? No way! But since I bought this cable primarily for the extended length, I'm shocked and surprised (and happy) to hear there even is an audible sonic difference.
  19. (Of course, having one of the greatest singers in the world sing your song does tend to elevate things):
  20. (I like "Hooked on a Feeling", too. But I'm not pushing that on anyone else.)
  21. Sneakeater

    Mark James

    Go ahead. You write a song as great as "Suspicious Minds".
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