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  1. Wait a minute this guy's name (he has a rather dramatic backstory) really is: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/article/2024/may/28/how-we-survive-maxwell-smart-boy-in-the-woods
  2. What's the word for rancid matzoh? Matzoh.
  3. If it's stale when you buy it, what difference does it make if you hold it?
  4. It will surprise no one that Pajatas (in Rome) were one of my favorite things I have ever eaten.
  5. Meanwhile, Paul Simon also seems to think leaves are brown in the Winter. (His recent work concerning aging -- written from the perspective of actually being aged -- makes this piece, written in his 20s, seem a little um callow.)
  6. This is what was to me the last song where it looked like Slade would keep developing. And I (and my friends) LOVED it. We were very disappointed when it didn't lead to anything.
  7. This is obnoxious, but: HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT THE VESPER (WITH RECIPE) FIRST APPEARED IN THE FIRST JAMES BOND NOVEL?????????????????? (Although some doubt that Fleming created the recipe -- obvs he created the name, as it's named after a character in the novel -- as opposed to "borrowing" it.)
  8. I can kinda see why you might have wanted to leave that industry.
  9. Bee Wilson is Emily Wilson's sister (which means she's also A.N. Wilson's daughter). This shouldn't be surprising, England being England. But I sure didn't know.
  10. Oh right. John Phillips, imagining what it must be like not to be in Southern California, must have forgotten.
  11. You realize that Slade Alive came out before Slayed?, right? The only extant hit single left off Slade Alive was “Coz I Luv You”. ‘Mama We’re All Crazee Now” and “Gudbye to Jane”, even I think “Take Me Back Home”, still lay in the future.
  12. OTOH, making something good out of Ten Years After is an achievement.
  13. Anyway, the best line in "Darlin' Be Home Soon" is obviously the belch -- which was interpolated by Slade.
  14. I think there’s a clear solution to The Fava Conundrum: restaurants.
  15. You hear a lot in those choral repetitions/responses if you listen carefully. I still can’t believe that, in “Look Through My Window”, they managed to sneak “and I will fuck somebody new” onto AM radio.
  16. Wait I just listened. Are you SURE it isn’t “pretend”? (Listen especially to to the choral repetition.)
  17. I was actually a little disappointed by that. I much preferred “pretend” in context.
  18. If you’re talking about song lyrics, I think you have to cut some slack for the guy who came up with not only, “it’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock and roll,” but also, “she said she’d never been in trouble, even in town.”
  19. When John Sebastian now sings "Darlin Be Home Soon", I wonder what he does with, "now, a quarter of my life is almost past".
  20. What always bothers me about that song is that many commentators insist on hearing a particular line as "the preacher likes the cold", and interpreting it as such, when it so clearly goes, "the preacher lights the coal".
  21. In Southern California, though, to be fair.
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