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  1. (I don't mean to seem to be playing "can you top this?". Sorry.)
  2. I have cancer. It isn't curable, and it may or may not be treatable (and any available treatment may or may not be worth the downsides). I'll have a lot of thinking to do. I'm surprisingly unafraid. The prospect of not living can be less scary than the prospect of living. It can almost be a relief.
  3. If I remember right, @Orik was the most recent here.
  4. Sneakeater


    As someone who's sympathetic to publishers' aversions to adblockers, what I have tell you is: I don't know how to turn mine off.
  5. My laptop didn't even decide it wanted to die (although it was trending in that direction). I had to replace it recently when it turned out that the most recent OS it would support wouldn't support this year's TurboTax. Annoying.
  6. Sneakeater


    I may vomit. https://ny.eater.com/2024/4/23/24138326/royal-red-shrimp-dock-to-dish-greenpoint-fish-and-lobster-long-island
  7. As I’m sure @Steve R. did as well, I first got to know Michael Cuscuna as a DJ on WABC-FM/WPLJ back in the day. But it was the work he did co-founding and running Mosaic Records that’s his real contribution.
  8. I can’t tell you how many times over the last few days I momentarily thought Werner Herzog had died.
  9. No what I read is that it doesn't matter. Sure sometimes white mold is intentional, but even when not, it's the same just-wash-it-off white mold that grows on dried sausage. i mean, even in Emilia-Romagna, it didn't START OUT being intentional.
  10. No one will believe me about this, but I think it’s pretty well established that white mold on dry sausage is only to be expected, even part of the process.
  11. Sneakeater


    Wasn’t Ramro George Jetson’s dog?
  12. I mean a REAL dictionary would've had "nonet" and "motet". They're WORDS.
  13. They probably did. And it was probably retarded (oops can't say that).
  14. Yeah that's right the same night a different friend had to argue about "motet".
  15. Years ago I was playing Scrabble with some friends and whatever trumped-up dictionary they were using as an umpire didn't have "nonet". I mean like what the fuck?
  16. See I thought this was going to be a thread where we chose between kill or just poison.,
  17. Even worse, that stuff just misses the point. That’s not what this album’s about Also, the contemporary fixation on chart performance makes me want to puke.
  18. I think he might have once come out and said he does that.
  19. Sneakeater


    Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Of course the key point is that it's NOT REMOTELY A COUNTRY ALBUM so just shut up about that.
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