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  1. more on meehan's managerial style (there's a whole thread):
  2. just did this today. 0% 60 month financing on a rav4 hybrid. they valued the subaru a bit higher than i was expecting, which probably means we could have got more for it selling it ourselves but who needs that hassle?
  3. not purely, no. but if you want to break these predicable structures then you have to start with moving away from predominantly rewarding members of largely white networks.
  4. i guess i just don't understand why the food editor of the los angeles times would resign if the case against him was just a list of inaccurate tweets.
  5. yes, this is not a surprise. but he went from there to running the l.a times food section.
  6. soitenly. but in this moment it seems that some of that privilege for some of those people could be rolled back a little. in the case of food media--whose power brokers and networks are overwhelmingly white--that can only be a good thing.
  7. in the case of lucky peach, of course, chris ying was the editor-in-chief. but the larger point is valid nonetheless. again, my point is only that it is unlikely that meehan resigned only because people were sad that he shouted at them.
  8. well, given revelations about bon appetit, it wouldn't surprise me if writers of colour were indeed being paid less than white staffers doing the same job. managers can, of course, be, and even more of course, usually are white. the pay gaps, however, may not necessarily be just about seniority. and again, in the case of meehan, his "expertise" in non-white cuisines is obviously worth a lot more than that of writers and editors of colour, who rarely seem to get such positions.
  9. white editor in chief of a magazine trading on asian food making big bank while asian staff members are paid far less while also getting demeaned and harassed is not an unreasonable thing to object to.
  10. anyway what i have seen is indications that there was a lot of sexist behaviour bordering on harassment.
  11. and so you think a guy who has yelled at people all the time in an industry where a lot of yelling happens suddenly felt bad enough about it to resign? lucky peach staffers have indicated they are muzzled by ndas. i think that bone was indeed picked with the times, not meehan.
  12. he's not resigned his cushy job because people were mad he yelled at them. there's a lot of other bad behaviour that's been alleged. and why did the la times food editor live in new york?
  13. as per my now-retired colleague who is a lifelong forager, and gives us some each fall, chanterelles are very easy.
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