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  1. too late: it's summer here. a max in the high (positive) teens today.
  2. is it safe to say now that peanuts was highly overrated?
  3. mongo_jones


    i suppose i should be embarrassed to note that i had not heard of sophie till sophie died.
  4. i forgot to mention that i recently posted a sequel to my regional indian cookbooks list.
  5. speaking of unlikely combinations, spector also produced leonard cohen's death of a ladies' man. the results are simultaneously incongruous and affecting.
  6. the closest analogy is probably roman polanski or woody allen.
  7. did althusser play the guitar? anyway, mental health defense there too. there must be a way to thread the needle between acknowledging spector's massive contribution to popular music of the rock and roll era and acknowledging that he was an abusive and dangerous man well before he committed murder. but i've not yet come across a piece that manages it. jack hamilton's piece on slate seemed like it might do it but he seemed to forget about the abuse and the murder once he began to enthuse about the musical innovations.
  8. yes, to the extent this is an issue it's probably an issue for people who are trained in particular traditions (and even with them i'm not sure it's necessarily a problem). most cooks are willing to do whatever and the idea that people are buying recipe books in order to ignore them is rather silly.
  9. i accept your apology.
  10. i don't know that what restaurants do is very germane to her argument, such as it is.
  11. as i note somewhere in my twitter thread, what she's probably centrally trying to say is that americans need to de-familiarize/de-center their usual approaches when trying to cook new-to-them cuisines. but it gets mixed up with a lot of other half-baked stuff.
  12. yes, this is a very liberal, american train of thought. in india, for example, the food of other cultures gets indianized without a second thought and no one worries that they are not learning about america by putting tandoori chicken on doughy pizza.
  13. i do enjoy how wilfrid enjoys the kind of music the beatles made when it's by a band not named the beatles.
  14. mongo_jones

    MF Doom

    i could not believe this when i saw it last night. i read that his son passed unexpectedly at the age of 14 a few years ago.
  15. i have no idea what the taj hotels use but this is longpi pottery, yes.
  16. we bought a honking great samsung fridge in 2016. it's been perfectly fine so far. but we really need to make it to april without incident so that we can feel smug about not having purchased the extended warranty.
  17. i think it's hard to not consider ursula le guin a major writer even though all she wrote was science fiction and fantasy. margaret atwood is another major literary name many of whose books are also examples of genre work.
  18. our new house has a few indoor rooms.
  19. they say to cook only gravy/liquid-based dishes for the first four or five times but that's as much seasoning as is required. and of course you heat them up slowly (they return the favour by holding the heat for much longer). i'm not going to be setting them down on cold or wet surfaces after taking them off the stove to find out though. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI9Jc_VlsAd/
  20. there's a video at the end of the twitter thread that shows how they're made.
  21. please don't hate me because my new pots are beautiful.
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