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  1. My family has been out of town for 2 weeks, so I've watched Season 3 of True Blood. In the theaters lately, I've seen Brave and Prometheus, both of which look really pretty but have completely unsatisfying character development and storytelling. I rented the 2008 French drama I've Loved You So Long, which satisfied my need for those elements.
  2. Friday night was KINGS OF PASTRY. Saturday night was SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (Criterion release).
  3. Glad I checked MF for the 1st time in eons. I can meet up for lunch too, and I haven't seen Squeat in forever! PM me.
  4. Quiet, tense, beautifully shot, and beautifully acted. Elizabeth Olsen will at least be nominated for an Oscar, or I'll eat my shoe.
  5. Semi-entertaining, but none of those places listed are cupcake places, and the ONE cupcake place (Mission Minis) isn't even listed. And Humphry Slocombe is ice cream.
  6. KRamsey


    We saw it this afternoon and I really liked it. I needed this after that hideous "Legend of the Guardians" dreck.
  7. Jack Horkheimer died on August 20, but I don't see an entry for him. He brought his love of astronomy to the masses for decades in his trademark Member's Only jacket. "Stargazer" started running on PBS in 1976. Apparently he had a chronic lung condition. He wrote his own epitaph: "Keep Looking Up" was my life's admonition; I can do little else in my present position.
  8. The chef is going to fire your ass for not knowing how to spell his name.
  9. I haven't lived in San Diego for so long that I don't know much, but my brother Oliver took me to a fantastic Russian-Georgian place last November called Pomegranate. It's much beloved, the place has fantastic atmosphere and friendly staff, and the food is really good. I highly recommend it, *especially* with a 9 year old. http://russiangeorgianfood.homestead.com/
  10. I have bitched out managers of restaurants for bitching out their restaurant staff in front of customers. It is never okay--do it in your back office or something, or in the bathroom, if that serves as your office. Don't want to hear it or witness you treating your employees like shit. I don't know why this issue would be so complex.
  11. Ike's might be evicted. http://sf.eater.com/archives/2010/05/07/pr..._popularity.php
  12. The loooong process for enrolling my kid in kindergarten is finally over and we got the Mandarin immersion kindergarten we wanted.
  13. I don't think anyone has posted about Rhea's Deli in the Mission. This corner store has apparently existed for decades, but last year they remodeled and they sell a really good selection of upscale groceries and European candy. But the big lunchtime draw is the sandwiches. I am not a big lover of deli sandwiches. My father burned me out on deli sandwiches a long time ago, when we would pretty much be forced to have cold deli sandwiches on a daily basis. But Rhea's sandwiches are the perfect combination of flavors and textures. Ike's, where you have to wait for TWO HOURS in line, has
  14. KRamsey

    Fess Parker

    The Santa Barbara residents I know weren't too fond of him. My dad and I spotted him at Cold Spring Tavern (in the mountains above Santa Barbara) a couple of months ago.
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