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  1. Our vegetarian curry pastes are all shrimp paste and fish sauce free. We mean it when we say vegetarian. You're safe!
  2. i assume at some point in the past pim expressed skepticism about thai restaurants with non-thai chefs/cooks in the kitchen. and that her restaurant now has some non-thai chefs/cooks in the kitchen. Not to be drawn back in to some silly online squabbles I walked away from ages ago, but I really do not understand this level of persistent attack (any time there's even a small mention of me or my restaurant over here) over a very, very old argument I barely have any recollection of, except that it's probably far more nuanced than you or Suzanne are giving me credit for here. That said
  3. Thank you, Paul. Splinky as well. cheers, Pim
  4. Wow, Suzanne, how empty your life must be to hang on to whatever this is after all these years?
  5. We're hoping to/planning on it. Same difference, right? (See you there!) Thanks Behemoth and Lippy. Hope to see you there, too!
  6. Khao Tung Na Tung for sure, it's my favorite too. No Kratong Thong planned as of now, but that might change. At least come and try my Khao Tung, yes?
  7. No, Prasantrin, he's not Thai. He will be running my kitchen, though. When I set out on this project, I began with making a list of things I didn't know how to do, on the very top of which was "running a professional kitchen". I will be an integral part of the kitchen, the food and the menu will be mine, and I am delighted to have someone as talented, well trained, and receptive as Mike to run my kitchen. We don't have an entire kitchen set up yet, so I can't spell out the ethnicity of everyone involved, but I can assure you the food will be as Thai as I can make it. I hope you give us
  8. You know, I really wasn't planning on wading into any of this. But this I really would like to know, what have I ever done to you, Suzanne?
  9. Oakapple, I have no reason to question your ethics so I'm not going to. It's between you and your readership. As for me, the line is clear. I don't write up free meals. Ever. Period. End of discussion. The reason is more self-preservation than anything else. Not that I write about restaurants often anymore, but when I do I need the freedom to not always be complimentary. I don't want chefs to claim that I hate his/her meal because he/she made me pay for it. That would put me in a position I couldn't defend. On the rare occasions I'm comped (which is almost always because the restau
  10. While I'm at it I should clarify something else too. Adam Roberts of the Amateur Gourmet didn't approach the PR for Alain Ducasse to solicit the free meal. He was contacted by the PR people, to which he replied something like he'd love to but couldn't afford it. The PR people the invited him to the dinner. He wrote about it and was upfront that this was a freebie. There was never any ambiguity. He wrote about it with an amateurish delight, but that's sort of his gig (see name). To the best of my knowledge he's never taken -let alone asked for- another free meal since.
  11. Yes in this case it's a bad example. I know for a fact that he paid for one of the meals he researched as part of this article. They knew he was coming to do a piece, but there was no discussion of comps. He came, he ate, he paid. I don't know of the rest but I have no reason to assume any different. I'm also with Orik on the intention thing.
  12. I salted the butter for flavor, not for travel. Both David and I love salted butter, and I don't make nearly enough butter to keep some unsalted and some salted, so I just make it the way we like it. I don't want to give the impression that our butter is very salty. It's not. It's actually much less salty than Pascal Beillevaire's demi-sel, or even Bordier's. We use fleur de sel, so perhaps the occasional burst/crunch from the salt flakes could have given the impression that it's altogether saltier than it actually was.
  13. pim

    Omnivore in NY

    Oh thank you for liberating us from our dark ways France. You will show us the light. Soon all our sentences will be written in passive form. Soon we will replace "we" with "one". High Speed trains, Nuclear power, brown people pushed to the suburbs. Yes we can!!!!! (my french sort of sucks these days so apolgies if someone thinks my translation is off. Also this post is a direct result of self-loathing and parental issues. Please don't be offended.) Um, it's David Chang, actually. Not David Kinch.
  14. Green garlic is fantastic pickled. Make a simple pickle brine with rice vinegar, a bit of sugar, and a pinch or two of salt. Cut off the bulb part of green garlic, reserve the top for other use. Wash well, scrub a layer or two of paper off the bulbs and soak in the brine for a few days. (Throw out the paper and soak the bulbs, btw.) The brine is so high in acidity that you won't have to worry much about botulism. If you're just making a small amount it'll keep fine in the fridge. If not, you can jar them and process in water bath for longer keeping. You can also add a few dried ho
  15. pim


    I've only found this thread today. My sincere condolences to Rebecca's family. She will be missed.
  16. City View's har gao dough is paper thin and just the right chew. I'm craving some right now.
  17. pim


    Ammonia smell can indicate quite a couple things. The cheese may be too old, or it may be badly kept - wrapped too long in plastic perhaps. If it's the latter case then unwrapping it and letting it sit on the counter a while might help dissipate the unpleasant scent a bit. That your cheese is very hard too probably means it's too old. I'm pretty sure it's not going to kill you if you eat it, but the cheese is definitely not in prime condition. I'd take it back.
  18. you do? she got a lot of flack for the growls and voices when the show first started airing, nice to see someone enjoys it. I think they're sort of cool. She's obviously is having a good time and it shows. She's also very talented. Watched her show once and I quite like it. It's intelligent without being intimidating or overly patronizing. She's not a cookie cutter FN "chefs" for sure.
  19. I stumbled on a new show called Man v. Food, not even sure if it's the FN or Travel Channel or where it airs, but I was just stunned by its vulgarity. The whole suspense of the show was built on whether that guy can down the five more spoonfuls of the ginormous amount of food he's been gorging himself with. Disgusting. Somebody has to explain the thrill to me. I don't get it.
  20. Alder of Vinography.com goes every year, and he likes it.
  21. Did you not think of phoning ahead of time to ask? My friend, either very persistent or very stubborn depending on your point of view, had actually called a week or two before the meal, and been told no. I guess he hoped he might give them the sad puppy dog look in person to elicit some more sympathy or something. I'd say my complaint lies not in the fact that she said no (their prerogative and they do a limited number of covers -- a very calculated number of them, no doubt), but simply how she said it and how it clearly affected her attitude the rest of the afternoon. Becaus
  22. or whipped cream spiked with a little grand marnier.
  23. Good for her. The one on her site doesn't seem to have any credit though. It seems that recipe has been republished so many times in so many different venues eventually the credit was dropped and disappeared.
  24. Good marmalade spread in the middle, then pour a thin layer of dark ganache all over everything. That should be quite indulgent.
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