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  1. There will be two restaurants and a cocktail bar in the Del Posto space. First, opening next month, is a casual restaurant called Mel. The fine dining restaurant Al Coro will open in the spring. We loved her food at Del Posto.
  2. rozrapp


    That’s probably because you didn’t order the steak.
  3. rozrapp


    I read that article before it was posted here. Considering the horrible experience we had at Gotham when she helmed the kitchen, there’s no way I’d ever try this place. Plus, the food she’ll be serving as described in the article holds no appeal to me. Still, if you do eat there on Thursday, or anytime after, I’ll be interested to hear what you think.
  4. I took a quick look at Tock. February is not fully booked. Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep an eye on reservations going forward to see if this change will have any effect on bookings. P.S. I would love to know what precipitated this change. In the past, I would have been able to find out. Unfortunately, now, there is nobody I can ask.
  5. It doesn’t go into effect until February 3rd. So the charge for January diners is still tip included. It’s the February diners who have already booked who will be adversely affected by the change.
  6. So, the point Orik and you are making is that just by them saying tipping isn’t mandatory, they can get away with screwing those who have already paid?
  7. I should have mentioned that about drinks and tipping. We always did. However, it was a bit less costly for us than for couples who both drink cocktails and/or wine because I never did the wine pairings Michael did, just a glass or two of something non-alcoholic.
  8. Reservations for February opened on January 1st. And from what I’ve gathered, they’ve been selling out each month immediately. That means patrons dining in February didn’t know about the change when they booked. Even if tips are not mandatory, I can’t imagine people won’t do so. Presuming they tip 20%, they will be paying $400 for food + drinks and tax. What I think will be interesting to look for is whether, at this price, bookings will continue to sell out in March and going forward.
  9. It’s official. According to Florence Fabricant, the price will remain the same.
  10. Starting in February, gratuity will no longer be included. No word yet on whether the meal’s $335 price will remain the same or be reduced.
  11. rozrapp


    Tonight's Dinner: Ginger-Orange Duck Leg "Cassoulet." Recipe via Sara Moulton. Michael drank a Pinot Noir.
  12. When our daughter was a kid, I bought Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza for her. That was around 40 years ago. Michael and I never ate it.
  13. I finished it a few weeks ago. Agree with @Wilfridabout the title. Like him, lots I never knew about. Of particular interest for me was the discussion about Dodin Bouffant. It was the first very upscale restaurant Michael and I went to. At that time, a major splurge. No memory of what we ate, but what does remain vivid is that when Michael ordered a bottle of wine that cost $25, I nearly had a heart attack. Overall, I found the book an entertaining read.
  14. I use peanut oil. But I imagine canola or vegetable oil would work.
  15. I have two small ones with that design. Lids are plastic. I discovered them when we cleaned out my mother’s Florida condo apartment (we were selling it) after we brought her up here in 2000. She must have bought them there because I don’t recall her having them when she lived up here.* They were the only household items I took for myself. I use them a lot. *She moved to Florida after my father died in 1981. I never visited her. She would come up here once or twice a year.
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