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  1. I’ve most often seen schmaltz used in matzoh balls.
  2. Via the Google: farmboxdirect.com. If I didn’t already have excellent local (NJ) sources for vegetables and fruits, I’d be willing to give them a try since they deliver to my zip code.
  3. He never awarded 5 stars. So in actuality, it was a 4-star system.
  4. The Atlantic Highlands location has opened.
  5. rozrapp


    Thanks, Sneakeater and jtf!
  6. rozrapp


    How noisy is Ernesto’s?
  7. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    anyone, anyone? This from Eater.
  8. During one of our dinners at EMP Summer House, our server whispered to me that Jay-Z had just been seated (along with 2 male friends) at a table for 6 one table away from ours, and that Beyoncé was on her way. A few minutes later, she arrived with two girl friends. Since I didn’t know what either of them looked like, if our server hadn’t told me they were there, I wouldn’t have spotted them. And when I told Michael, he had no idea who they were.
  9. Strange as it may seen, we’d never been to P.J. Clarke’s until last year. We went first to the Lincoln Center location after a concert but didn’t have the burger. Then, a few weeks later, we had lunch at the flagship where we did have the burger. We thought it was a very good one.
  10. Robert Wagner at The Dining Room, an upscale restaurant at the time (15-20 years ago) in the Hilton Short Hills, NJ Robert Wagner and Jill St. John at La Grenouille (not long after we saw him in NJ)
  11. rozrapp


    Thanks! We won’t be in the city until the weekend of Michael’s birthday (Jan 26th), so we have a reservation on Jan. 25th. He’s as excited as I am about Veronika’s, especially since it’s located a very short walk from our apartment.
  12. rozrapp


    So, are you going to tell us what you ate?
  13. Today, Sietsema reports on Baodega. We had lunch there back in August. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Chinese food though Michael is. However, there are some things I like. We ordered spring rolls, soup dumplings, and the lion's head meatball stew. All very tasty. My Photo Set
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