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  1. One has to be a subscriber in order to read the entire article which I am not.
  2. Yes. I noticed it a few months ago. Edited to add: I see Sneakeater beat me to it and that he agrees with me about when it happened.
  3. rozrapp


    Thanks! I’ll make it for tonight’s supper.
  4. rozrapp


    I presume you liked it? Did you make it exactly as written? It’s on the Times site. I looked at the comments. As is usually the case with recipes there, some people made changes. Several added anchovies. One used green olives instead of black.
  5. I always make Rösti to go with our New Year’s Eve beef fondue, and it’s not anything like my potato latkes.
  6. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    We’ve seen shorts and flip-flops a EMP. The “dress code” is “comme vous voulez.” We’ve never been to 21.
  7. Ah, all you young whippersnappers, says she who turned 78 in October. P.S. I have several medical issues, but there’s no way I would talk about them here.
  8. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    I just saw the email about Blue Smoke. Headed over here, but mitchells beat me to it. Conveniently a short walk from our apartment, it was a place we went to many times. While the bbq there wasn’t my favorite, the burger was excellent. We always started with the Deviled eggs. And the Key Lime pie was our favorite dessert. When we finally return to the city, we’ll miss being able to go there. Edited to add: The Battery Park location remains open.
  9. We ate at Fred’s at Barney’s in Midtown for the first time last year. We were surprised at how really good the food was. I remember having dinner at his Italian restaurant on E. 21st St. many years ago. The only-on-Sunday special was meatballs and spaghetti. He’s opening his eponymous restaurant in the A Voce space off Madison. It’s a few blocks from our apartment, but it will be a long time before we get a chance to try it.
  10. rozrapp


    Thanks for chiming in! Although most of my photos on Flickr were taken with my Sony camera, I sometimes used my iPhone. I’ve recently stopped using my Sony (for reasons I won’t get into here) and am now using only my phone. I’m on my iPad now but will try your suggestion.
  11. rozrapp


    @Daniel @voyager While I appreciate your trying to help me, I’m still at sea. But I don’t think it’s right for you to give me a tutorial here, so I’ll DM you.
  12. rozrapp


    My photos are on my Flickr. What’s the procedure for those?
  13. rozrapp


    That's exactly how we order pizza -- half plain, half sausage. Our favorite spot for pizza is Pete & Elda's, in Neptune, NJ. Theirs are very thin crust. We were last there in February. (If I knew how to post a photo, I'd put one in.)
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