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  1. The only Harold’s Deli in NJ I know of is located in Edison. Not kosher. Never been there. Known for its super-humongous sandwiches. You got me curious about this other Harold’s in Oradell (note correct spelling), so I Googled and discovered it was a kosher market. Closed permanently because of the pandemic. The deli near us is called The Pickled Herring. (Love the name!) Took over a space that was previously a deli called Jerry & Harvey’s which had been around for ages. Didn’t patronize it much. The Pickle Herring’s quality is, thankfully, far superior.
  2. We’re usually in NYC for Rosh Hashanah. On either the first or second evening, we go to Tocqueville for their special holiday dinner with our daughter and son-in-law. The other evening, Michael and I go to another restaurant on our own for the regular menu (no long form tasting menus). Sadly, that’s not happening now. So, for the first time in many, many years, I’ll be preparing Rosh Hashanah dinner for two both nights at home in NJ. The first night, I’ll make a pot roast; the second night, chicken. A new deli/appetizing store recently opened nearby. They aren’t kosher, but they carry ma
  3. When the NoMad opened in 2012, there was rooftop dining that summer, and we had dinner. It was beautiful up there with wonderful city views, including the Empire State Building which was directly in front of our table. Will Guidara eventually told us that doing that rooftop dining was a total nightmare for them. Weather was a huge issue, especially since there was no overhead cover of any sort, so they only did it for that one summer. Now that Humm and Guidara are no longer involved, it appears from one photo on the website ( a table with a curtain arrangement) that the hotel's owners have
  4. Whenever we wait in one of the designated parking spaces for our no contact pick-up order at the ShopRite near our house in Marlboro, NJ (now a weekly event), we watch shoppers going in and coming out, and we’ve noticed that compliance with mask wearing is 100%!
  5. rozrapp

    Tom Seaver

    Estelle Getty also died of Lewy Body Dementia. (She was my cousin.)
  6. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Just to note that I took Jean Georges off our restaurant list 4 years ago.
  7. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    I don’t. So, can you please explain it for me?
  8. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Amen to both of you! We loved our one experience there. Delicious food, superb service (turned out we knew one of the captains who took care of us from his stints at other restaurants where we were regulars), and pleasant, comfortable ambiance. Also, we actually managed to not spend a fortune. We intended to go again; however, shortly thereafter, I took TAK off our restaurant list for political reasons.
  9. I just saw that Biden was born in 1942. Same as me! Definitely old!
  10. From my *very* limited experience getting Indian food take-out, I’ve found that Indian bread does not travel well (we ordered onion kulcha).
  11. rozrapp


    Closed permanently. https://njmonthly.com/articles/eat-drink/table-hopping/cucharamama-in-hoboken-closes-pandemic/
  12. rozrapp

    Super Duper

    I use “very” and “really” regularly. Rarely use “super” as a substitute.
  13. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Vaucluse (via Eater). One of our faves. Last time there, dinner on Feb. 28th. If/When we go back to dining out, it will be missed.
  14. rozrapp

    Carl Reiner

    My exact response when I saw the headline on the NY Magazine website a few moments ago.
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