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  1. We ate at Fred’s at Barney’s in Midtown for the first time last year. We were surprised at how really good the food was. I remember having dinner at his Italian restaurant on E. 21st St. many years ago. The only-on-Sunday special was meatballs and spaghetti. He’s opening his eponymous restaurant in the A Voce space off Madison. It’s a few blocks from our apartment, but it will be a long time before we get a chance to try it.
  2. rozrapp


    Thanks for chiming in! Although most of my photos on Flickr were taken with my Sony camera, I sometimes used my iPhone. I’ve recently stopped using my Sony (for reasons I won’t get into here) and am now using only my phone. I’m on my iPad now but will try your suggestion.
  3. rozrapp


    @Daniel @voyager While I appreciate your trying to help me, I’m still at sea. But I don’t think it’s right for you to give me a tutorial here, so I’ll DM you.
  4. rozrapp


    My photos are on my Flickr. What’s the procedure for those?
  5. rozrapp


    That's exactly how we order pizza -- half plain, half sausage. Our favorite spot for pizza is Pete & Elda's, in Neptune, NJ. Theirs are very thin crust. We were last there in February. (If I knew how to post a photo, I'd put one in.)
  6. rozrapp


    Grub Street has now noticed, and Eater linked to that report.
  7. Was he cooking in front of an open flame? I’ve read that in that circumstance, wearing a mask is dangerous. I think you can figure out why. If that was not the case here, of course, he should have been wearing it. Edited to add: If there was an open flame, he probably shouldn’t have had it dangling around his neck either.
  8. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Daniel Humm announced on Instagram that he is closing fast casual Made Nice permanently.
  9. The McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish has always been square. Served on a round bun. (It’s been more than 40 years since I had it.)
  10. rozrapp


    Your scallion pancakes looked delicious, and your comment that there was no dough involved had me clicking the link. Delighted to find such an easy recipe. Made it for yesterday’s supper to go with a Chinese-style stir fry. They turned out great. Tasty dipping sauce as well. So, thanks for posting this!
  11. I never saw the need for a water dispenser in the door, but I do like the ice cube making feature. I don’t keep it running all the time. Once the box is fairly full, I shut the system off until there are hardly any cubes left. And we always shut it off when we go to our apartment.
  12. I guess that means you’ve been roughin’ it with old fashioned ice cube trays? (We have an ice cube maker in our house, but not in our apartment.)
  13. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    We’ve never been to Danji. But, yes, they are still open. The website says they’re doing outdoor dining, curbside pick-up, and local delivery. My guess is they feel that given the small space, indoor dining doesn’t make sense for them.
  14. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Hanjan. According to Eater, the lease was up. In our neighborhood, we ate there several times. Michael especially loved the Korean Spicy Ramyun (only served after 9 p.m.).
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