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  1. rozrapp

    Le Pavillon

    Without any hints from the two of you, I found it fairly quickly by clicking “About” (though I first scrolled down the dots). Since the menu is the only thing there, why not use that word? In any case, we won’t be going because there is no outside space, and we’re not yet ready to dine indoors.
  2. Just looked at the website. Yes, they serve Nova (and cream cheese & bagels). Sarge’s serves a variety of appetizing: smoked fish and herring. In the before time, we had the “Pick Two Combo” platter (Nova, Sable + accompaniments, including bagels) at the restaurant and delivered. Actually, very good.
  3. Michael and I are now fully vaccinated! Getting here wasn’t easy. Details are in the latest post on my blog.
  4. I wasn’t seeing them on my iPad before, but now I do.
  5. For me, cooking two Seder meals at home (in NJ) for Michael and me has been a drastic change. We gave up doing Seders several years ago. Instead, we’ve stayed in our apartment and gone to restaurants serving Passover dinners (not Kosher): one night just the two of us, the other night with our daughter, son-in-law, his sister, and her husband.
  6. Horrible! And with regard to that one measly cold pack, disgraceful! Like you, I order regularly from D’Artagnan, and they always put in a boatload of cold packs irrespective of whether the items are vacuum packed fresh or frozen. Same goes for Lobel’s, who ship all their products vacuum packed fresh. As for what to do, to me, it’s a no brainer. Definitely not worth taking a chance on getting sick. So, toss it! And, it goes without saying, complain bitterly and get a refund.
  7. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Totally agree. Went only once. Poor BLT and awful egg cream.
  8. Re: HO. I’ve been a member since it started. The NJ board is the only one I read regularly and occasionally post on. It has always been very active and remains so despite the pandemic. Here, the NJ board is dead.
  9. One has to be a subscriber in order to read the entire article which I am not.
  10. Yes. I noticed it a few months ago. Edited to add: I see Sneakeater beat me to it and that he agrees with me about when it happened.
  11. rozrapp


    Thanks! I’ll make it for tonight’s supper.
  12. rozrapp


    I presume you liked it? Did you make it exactly as written? It’s on the Times site. I looked at the comments. As is usually the case with recipes there, some people made changes. Several added anchovies. One used green olives instead of black.
  13. I always make Rösti to go with our New Year’s Eve beef fondue, and it’s not anything like my potato latkes.
  14. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    We’ve seen shorts and flip-flops a EMP. The “dress code” is “comme vous voulez.” We’ve never been to 21.
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