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  1. rozrapp


    @voyager @wilfrid Cooking minds thinking alike! Polish kielbasa, red cabbage, and potato latkes. To start: root vegetable soup.
  2. rozrapp


    Last night, we celebrated Purim with this dinner: chicken soup with matzoh balls & noodles, stuffed cabbage, and hamantaschen. My blogpost has the details and photos. At Home 2023: Purim Dinner | The Wizard of Roz (wordpress.com)
  3. rozrapp


    Stretch Pizza’s website is “coming soon.” But there is an address: 331 Park Ave. S. That’s two blocks from our apartment!
  4. How about Union Square Cafe? We ate there twice last year (2022) in their very nice outdoor set-up. The food was delicious and service was, as always, excellent.
  5. rozrapp


    Our apartment is located between Gramercy Park and Murray Hill (sometimes called Rose Hill). Yes, M.H. is bar central along Third Avenue. However, a few of our favorite restaurants are on that stretch of Third: Turkish Kitchen, Eros Greek Taverna and, of course, Sarge’s.
  6. rozrapp

    Raquel Welch

    Michael reminded me that we saw her in “Woman of the Year” when she replaced Lauren Bacall. I have no memory at all of it.
  7. It’s Feb. 16th, and the outside temperature in Morganville, NJ., is — 70 degrees!
  8. rozrapp

    Cafe Boulud

    Cafe Boulud at Blantyre, in Lenox, MA, started as a pop-up in 2020, and became the regular restaurant there the next year. However, Googling reveals that it closed at the end of October 2021 for “renovations” with no announced date for re-opening. The executive chef there was Jerrod Zifchak, who was the e.c. at C.B. NYC before it closed. So, it’s quite possible he’ll return in that position. (Note: A long time prior to the pandemic, we stayed at Blantyre twice. While the food was very good, C.B. was definitely a major step up.)
  9. I, too, couldn’t see it on my iPad in your previous post. But this link works. (Not that I’ll be going there….)
  10. Since I’ve never heard of “fiasco” used that way, it got me curious, so I just Googled. Yes, indeed, a fiasco is an Italian style of bottle, round body and either partially or completely covered with a close-fitting straw basket.
  11. We usually have eggs for breakfast on Sunday. I had bought sliced Hebrew National salami for other purposes and had some left. So I made something I hadn’t made in ages: salami and eggs. Served with home fries and toasted rye bread.
  12. Michael never ordered a cocktail at Majorelle. He always paired a glass of wine with each course. Thanks for the info re: Katja’s outdoor dining situation!
  13. @joethefoodieI presume $34 was just for the duck plate? No denying that Majorelle is expensive, but it is luxurious and quiet which we really appreciate. We’ve not been to Katja. From their IG feed, it appears they have outdoor tables. If they still have them when the weather gets warm again, perhaps we’ll try it since even if the magret is not always on the menu, we both like that type of cuisine.
  14. For magret without risk, I highly recommend Majorelle, in the Lowell Hotel. I’ve ordered it there often, the last time in 2021 when they had outdoor dining. It’s always on the menu with seasonal accompaniments. I feel confident you won’t be disappointed. They offer a two-course or three-course prix-fixe.
  15. rozrapp


    @voyager, Having had fresh artichokes in restaurants, I’m aware there’s a huge difference from canned which I use for salads. (I’ve never bought frozen.) At this point in my life, I’m looking to cut back on a lot of things I’ve been doing and am not going to embark on learning to deal with fresh artichokes even if, as you say, it’s not taxing and as @joethefoodiesays, I’m missing out on the fun.
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