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  1. @Wilfrid We bought them at our Marlboro ShopRite (in the kosher section.)
  2. My Thanksgiving blogpost is up: https://thewizardofroz.wordpress.com/2022/11/27/at-home-2022-celebrating-thanksgiving/
  3. Ah! A corn pudding. @Sneakeater, Thanks for providing this recipe!
  4. I know what a soufflé is but have no idea what a soofle (soofley) is. Please enlighten me.
  5. Just the two of us at home. I’m cooking! There will be a blogpost with photos after.
  6. When I checked Vestry’s site, I saw that they received a Michelin star and Hergatt is the chef. So, it appears he’s cooking at both places or, at least, responsible for the menus at the spa’s dining options.
  7. For us, an embarrassment of deli riches as both are near our apartment. When we were eating at the restaurants, Sarge’s for their fatty pastrami, as well as for delivery since they have their own guys (we always order extra to take home to NJ); 2nd Ave. for knoblewurst (we occasionally buy half a ring to take back to NJ). We do have a good deli near our house, but the pastrami is Hebrew National first cut, i.e., no fat, so too dry. And they don’t have knoblewurst.
  8. 2nd Ave. Deli’s flagship is on 33rd off 3rd Ave. That’s Murray Hill, not Midtown. (It’s a short walk from our apartment a few blocks south.)
  9. Majorelle at the Lowell and Gabriel Kreuther (2021 - Outdoor dining) Koloman at the Ace (As of now, not going to happen as we are still not dining indoors.)
  10. rozrapp


    Putting off going there until they can serve their full menu makes sense. We’ll be waiting until next year when the weather warms up and we can dine on the outdoor terrace.
  11. rozrapp


    Of course, “for now” could mean staying open later, or adding lunch, or both. I guess we’ll eventually find out.
  12. rozrapp


    When I saw the hours in Eater’s article, I immediately thought of you and knew exactly what your reaction would be. I don’t know if you read Florence Fabricant’s blurb, but she does say that the current hours are “for now.” As for Lincoln, we had quite a few dinners there post-ABT (in the Before Time, of course), so they must have stayed open later than 10 p.m. One of the most memorable of those took place on the outdoor terrace though, iirc, they served an abbreviated menu there.
  13. rozrapp


    I somehow missed your post. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’m very grateful to have gotten to 80, still upright, and able to keep cooking. I sincerely hope you make it to your 9th decade in good health and walking around with hips that function well.
  14. rozrapp


    Thank you! Glad I’m in such such good astrological company!
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