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  1. Hebrew National is the only brand I buy. However, I never get the ones in packages sold in supermarkets. Instead, I buy the ones on strings. I’ve never found them to be excessively salty. These days, our local deli, The Pickled Herring, carries them. Since they aren’t packaged, I can get as many as I need.
  2. I saw that yesterday on Eater. They were totally insane to even consider raising the cost of dinner to $425! As for getting cooks to work for such crappy wages, maybe there are cooks willing to do it for a short time just so they can put EMP on their resume?
  3. Only on MF can a discussion go from talking about lobster rolls to a reference to Hitler!
  4. Red Hook’s price listed on the website of $32 seems ridiculously high to me. For the past few years, we’ve been getting lobster rolls from the Cousins Maine Lobster truck stationed on Mondays in a shopping center not far from our house. They get the lobster directly from Maine. When we had them a few weeks ago, they were $20.50 each and, as you can see, they were loaded with lobster.
  5. When Red Hook had a location on Extra Pl., in the EV, we had lobster rolls there a few times. Always served on a toasted split top bun. In @Wilfrid’s case, I think the roll fell apart, which can sometime happen when overloaded with lobster, leading him to think it was just toasted bread.
  6. There are no stars because it was reviewed in 2021. Reading the review again, I’m guessing Wells would have awarded three.
  7. To me, you are not and never will be boring. And when you do reiterate an idea, you always find a way to rephrase it in an interesting way. What can I say? I’m a Sneakeater groupie.
  8. Exactly what occurred to me before you posted.
  9. I did not try searching the Times’ website. I Googled, “Ruth Reichl review Le Cirque.” When I clicked on the link, a small photo of the actual archived page appeared (showing ads and a $25 and Under column) with readable text below. A notation stated It was archived this way “before the start of online publication in 1996.”
  10. Via the Google: ***
  11. We had his lamb shank once when he was executive chef at Butterfield 81 on the UES (the only restaurant he’s helmed that we’ve been to). It will be interesting to see if he puts it on the menu here.
  12. I wish he’s go back and assign stars to EMP. Given his review, it’s a pretty sure bet Humm wouldn’t retain the four stars and probably not even get three stars which this food truck/trailer chef received.
  13. Indeed. And they have outdoor seating which can be reserved. It takes us at least an hour — and more if there is traffic — to get to Morristown. The current menu doesn’t make it worth the journey. Presuming Valenti does a complete revision, and it appeals to us, we’ll see about going there.
  14. According to Florence Fabricant (Off the Menu in The NY Times), next week, Chef Tom Valenti will take over as Jockey Hollow’s executive chef.
  15. I think that should be “former practicing lawyer.” Although you’re no longer working as a lawyer, you’re still a lawyer. (I presume you still have your license to practice.)
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