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  1. From my *very* limited experience getting Indian food take-out, I’ve found that Indian bread does not travel well (we ordered onion kulcha).
  2. rozrapp


    Closed permanently. https://njmonthly.com/articles/eat-drink/table-hopping/cucharamama-in-hoboken-closes-pandemic/
  3. rozrapp

    Super Duper

    I use “very” and “really” regularly. Rarely use “super” as a substitute.
  4. rozrapp

    Death Pool

    Vaucluse (via Eater). One of our faves. Last time there, dinner on Feb. 28th. If/When we go back to dining out, it will be missed.
  5. rozrapp

    Carl Reiner

    My exact response when I saw the headline on the NY Magazine website a few moments ago.
  6. rozrapp


    So glad you recognized that grammatical error (says this former English teacher)!
  7. We will not do any restaurant dining until there is a safe vaccine.
  8. The Sundance Channel started airing the original Perry Mason series a few weeks ago. On every Monday starting at noon, with the number of episodes varying each week mostly two or three consecutively though next week, there will be five. There are commercials as there were when the series was originally broadcast. I DVR so I can ff them which, of course, is something we couldn’t do back in the day. (Note: Since each episode is independent, it doesn’t matter if you’ve missed the previous ones.) P.S. We don’t get HBO, so I won’t be able to see this new Perry Mason.
  9. When we did our NJ kitchen renovation 24 years ago, we put in a restaurant-style cooktop. We went to Bridge to get some new cookware and were waited on by Steve Bridge who recommended Sitram. Based oh his suggestions, we bought several of those pots and pans. He asked me what I was using at that point. When I told him Farberware, he told me not to get rid of it because the Farberware produced in 1968, which is when I bought it, (Farberware sets were the cookware to get when we got married) was far, far superior to what was being produced in 1976. I’ve been very pleased with the Sitram and continue to use the Farberware. But what’s really interesting is that I inherited several pots from my mother when she moved to Florida in ‘81. She had inherited them from one of my father’s aunts. That dates them to the 1930’s! They’re all-aluminum, not heavy, and do a great job.
  10. It’s either that, or more people going into the supermarkets to shop instead of getting delivery. In my NJ neighborhood, I can now get same day delivery from Whole Foods and Wegmans. Impossible a few weeks ago. Quite a change from no delivery times at all from WF and a week out for Wegmans which uses Instacart. We’ve been and will continue to be extra-cautious since we are in the most at risk category because of age and certain medical conditions. So, this major change is very welcome as we’ll be doing delivery and curbside no contact pick-up for the foreseeable future.
  11. I only very recently figured out from one of your posts that you’ve given up lawyering to become a freelance writer! Congratulations!
  12. I’ve most often seen schmaltz used in matzoh balls.
  13. Via the Google: farmboxdirect.com. If I didn’t already have excellent local (NJ) sources for vegetables and fruits, I’d be willing to give them a try since they deliver to my zip code.
  14. He never awarded 5 stars. So in actuality, it was a 4-star system.
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